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“Dong! Dong! Dong…”

The arrows landed on Two-headed Cyclopes bodies and directly entered the flesh.


The Two-headed Cyclopes were more than ten meters tall and had thick skin and flesh.

Even if they did not wear armor, their defense was still extremely high.

Although the Purgatory Divine Crossbows arrow penetration was very strong, it was only a small injury to Two-headed Cyclopes that were more than ten meters tall.

They did not lose much HP.

It was just that their bodies were shot by the arrow, so it was naturally very painful.

Moreover, this was not a common arrow, but an arrow with hellfire attached to it.

In the middle, wisps of inferno fire instantly erupted.

Although the inferno fire did not spread under the strong defense, the pain it brought was multiplied.

One of the Two-headed Cyclopes single eye was bloodshot.

He suddenly squatted down and dug out a huge rock from the ground.

With just a slight movement, he threw it at Dread Fiend Cavalry in the distance.


The Two-headed Cyclops strength was extremely berserk.

The huge rock thrown was comparable to a cannonball.

Even Li Xiang, who was sitting further away, stood up in surprise.

He even felt a trace of worry in his heart.

It was because the power of this huge rock throwing was too strong.

Compared to the precise design of Purgatory Divine Crossbow, this huge rock posed a greater threat.

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If it really hit, even the level 80 or 90 Dread Fiend Cavalry would be injured.

Fortunately, these cavalry were sufficiently elite.

When the Two-headed Cyclopes squatted down to pick the huge rock up, the leader of Dread Fiend Cavalry immediately noticed that something was wrong.

He immediately put Purgatory Divine Crossbow away and roared, “Disperse and dodge!”


After the giant rock fell to the ground, it bounced for dozens of meters before it came to a stop.

The ground was in a mess.

Fortunately, the Dread Fiend Cavalry were elite enough to dodge the giant rock before it fell to the ground.

Even so, ten Dread Fiend Cavalry were still splashed with mud all over their heads and faces.

They looked very miserable.

The leader of the team had never encountered such a miserable situation.

He was furious and roared, “Move and shoot freely!”

As he said that, he commanded his nightmare warhorse to leap forward.

At the same time, Purgatory Divine Crossbow in his hand activated its shooting mode once again.

Li Xiang stood far away and watched the scene.

He shook his head helplessly.

These Bosses above level 70 were indeed difficult to deal with.

Even the Dread Fiend Cavalry with Purgatory Divine Crossbow in their hands could only cause very limited damage.

“Alice, Alicia, the two of you should make your move! Lets finish this quickly.

With such a big commotion, it might attract more monsters in a while.”

After entering the second floor, Li Xiang was obviously much more cautious.

He did not plan to push around like he did on the first floor.

Succubus Alice flew over.

First, she tied the flaming whip around the neck of a Two-headed Cyclops.

Then, she flashed past.

The cyclops two heads were chopped off by the huge black sickle, and its health bar was instantly emptied.


The Cyclops corpse fell to the ground, and the ground shook from the impact.

Alicias speed was also fast.

She didnt even use any skills.

She just used a charge from the sky, splitting the cyclops into two halves.

Then, she didnt stop but turned in the air, and arrived behind the third cyclops.

The battle sword flashed past, and a blood line appeared on the cyclops neck.

When Alicia returned to Li Xiangs side, then only the cyclops head slid down from its neck.

Almost at the same time, the kill notification rang in Li Xiangs mind.

Li Xiang smacked his lips.

He felt that these Bosses were not challenging at all.

Just as he was about to lead the team forward, an even more intense vibration came from the ground.

Eye Demon immediately said, “Master, there are a large number of Two-headed Cyclopes charging over.

There are about 300 of them, and they are coming from all directions!”


“Were actually surrounded.

Have we fallen into the nest of the Cyclopes”

Initially, he thought that since this was the second floor, so he had to be more cautious.

No matter how strong he was, he could not act recklessly.

However, the current situation was forcing him to be high-profile!

“Forget it.

Since theyre already here, how can we let them go back Turn them into EXP! Isabella, stay behind.

Everyone else, attack.

Finish this battle quickly.”


Li Xiang himself was around level 50, so he did not want to join in the fun.

It was enough for him to double the EXP.

However, he activated all the buffs on his equipment, allowing the strength of his subordinates to increase once again.

At the same time, he also took out Dragon Slaying Battle Bow, ready to support at any time.

“Boom! Boom! Boom…”

The earth trembled.

These Cyclopes were too tall and too big.

The huge force fell when they ran, and the ground shook violently.

More than 300 Cyclopes were running together.

One could imagine the scene.

Li Xiang and the others were like a group of ants.

They felt as if they were looking at a group of elephants running towards them.

With every step they took, they would move up and down.

“It would be great if these monsters could be subdued to be my subordinates.”

However, he was only thinking about it.

These chaotic monsters, which were obviously mutated by erosion, did not have much intelligence.

They acted on instinct and could not communicate at all, let alone subdue them.


Suddenly, a vine stretched out from the ground and instantly wrapped around the bare feet of a Cyclops.

However, the strength of this cyclops was too great and its speed was too fast.

A vine was broken almost without any effect.

However, a large number of vines stretched out from the ground then and wrapped around the bare feet of the Cyclopes that passed by.

In an instant, many cyclopes were affected.

The rhythm of their footsteps was disrupted and they lost their balance.

“Plop! Plop! Plop…”

Suddenly, some of the Cyclopes who were charging over with a berserk force suddenly fell down.

The Cyclopes behind them were also tripped by the sudden change and turned into calabashes rolling on the ground.

These Cyclopes were huge.

Once they fell down, the ground shook violently.

Then, a sword light flashed down from the sky and targeted those Cyclopes which fell down and killed them.

Wherever this figure passed by, the Cyclopes heads and bodies were immediately separated, and their blood splattered thirty feet.

The Cyclopes running in front suddenly slowed down when they noticed this, but their momentum directly became berserk.

The tallest Cyclops in the lead suddenly let out a berserk roar.


This roar directly burst out a circular sound wave that spread out.

Li Xiangs vision went black.

When he recovered, he realized that he had actually lost HP.

Although it wasnt much, the effect of this roar was somewhat surprising.

If these 300 Cyclopes erupted with a roar at the same time..

When Li Xiang thought of this scene, his heart couldnt help but tremble.

“Looks like I still underestimated the danger of the second level of Evernight Continent!”

Although Alice and Alicia killed these Cyclopes very quickly, other demons still appeared somewhat powerless facing these Cyclopes that were more than ten meters tall, even with their high levels.

Li Xiang also knew that if he was careless, it was not impossible for these Cyclopes to charge in.


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