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“Take revenge”

“Yes! After descending to Myriad World Continent, I met a good friend called Qi Xiaoyun.

Sister Mi, you know that I was anxious when I first came here.

Having a companion would naturally make me feel much more at ease.”

“Yeah! Could it be that Qi Xiaoyun betrayed you She wasnt an insider back then, was she”

“She was a model back then, and a lot of her work was introduced through my connections! But I never thought that she would betray me to a few other people for her own sake, causing one of my heroes to die in battle and most of my troops to be wiped out.

If I wasnt lucky enough to escape, I dont know what would have happened to me now!”

“Then youre really unlucky! Are you saying that Li Xiang agreed to it”

“No! He only said that he was willing to help me increase my strength and let me take revenge on my own.

I think that he must be very strong to be able to obtain so many points in such a short period of time.

Theres hope for me to take revenge.

After all, after Qi Xiaoyun failed to frame me, she fell into the arms of those evil people.

Not only did her strength increase greatly, but her faction also became stronger.”

At this time, Yang Mi finally understood how Zhou Yutong joined Li Xiangs harem.

Her bad mood also calmed down.

Wandering the same degradation, why should we meet acquaintance

Now that they were fated to know each other, so they could naturally help each other.

“Since thats the case, then you should be more stable.

With Li Xiang backing you up, theres nothing to be afraid of.

You should first increase your strength.

Once you have enough confidence, you can take revenge once and for all.

Oh ya, Li Xiang has three cross-regional teleportation arrays.

They dont cross small regions, but large regions.

No matter how far away the other party is, one can still directly descend to the place.”

Zhou Yutong asked in surprise, “Cross-regional teleportation arrays Theres actually such a thing!”

“Hmph, that guy has a lot of treasures.

The warehouse was empty before you joined.

Now that youre here, the warehouse has been filled up.

Tell me how much this scumbag values you!”

How could Zhou Yutong not notice the jealousy in Yang Mis words She hurriedly explained, “Sister Mi, he said that he wanted to give me equipment to improve my strength, thus he filled the warehouse.

It has nothing to do with me!”

Even though Yang Mi knew the truth, she still felt uncomfortable in her heart.

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“Let me ask you something.”

“Sister Mi, please ask!”

“How did you get the quota to enter Evernight Continent”

“Oh, this was dropped after I killed a wild monster.

However, that wild monster was very powerful.

I led my hero and army to fight with it for four hours before I barely managed to kill it.”

“I see! Okay, I got it.

Since we are all sisters of the alliance, dont stand on ceremony in the future.

When you come back, lets find a chance to have a good reunion.”

“Okay, Sister Mi!”

On the second level of Evernight continent, on a black stone mountain, in a temporary camp.

Li Xiang sat on the high peak of the mountain.

The only path leading to the peak was at the foot of the mountain.

There were hundreds of mutated monsters charging crazily.

Li Xiang had his heroes and other soldiers take turns to guard the place and kill more and more monsters.

In just half a day, his subordinates had leveled up by two or three levels.

This place was a holy land for killing monsters.

Although it was a little dangerous, as long as one had enough strength and could stand firm, the monsters would come to him without him having to look for them.

At this time, the young phoenix, Qing Ying, finally reached level 100; Alicia reached level 120; and Alice reached level 118.

Among the other heroes, Isabella was only level 105; Demon Hunter, Eye Demon, and a few demon commanders were all above level 110.

“Master, theres a large group of wild monsters charging over.

Theyre around level 70, at least thousands of them!”

This was the second floor of Evernight.

Since there were over one thousand level 70 monsters, there would definitely a Boss among them.

At this moment, Li Xiang was secretly glad that he had found such a stone mountain as a base.

Otherwise, he would really be tired of running for his life if he ran around randomly and was surrounded by countless monsters.

“Theres always a solution to a problem.

Get Alicia and Alice Ready.

When they find the leader of the enemy, they dont need to ask for permission but can kill him directly!”

Not long after, a black tide surged over.

When they got closer, Li Xiang realized that it was actually a group of mutated dogs.

Some of these hellhounds had two heads or three heads, some had six legs, and some had a few extra tails.

Each of them was strangely shaped and extremely ugly.

Even those with three heads were far from the real three-headed hellhounds.

The two extra heads looked like they were not fully developed.

They did not look intelligent at all.

Instead, they looked very evil.

Among the thousands of mutant dogs, one of them was extremely tall and normal.

It attracted Li Xiangs attention.

[Mutant Hellhound Leader]

Quality: Legendary

Level: 73

HP: 10,000

Attack: 3,000

Defense: 1,000

Agility: 3,000

Skill 1: Bloodthirsty Halo

Skill 2: Berserk Halo

Skill 3: Toxic Halo

Skill 4: Death Halo

After seeing the Boss skills, Li Xiang was stunned for a long time before he could not help but shout, “Good Lord! It actually has three halo skills.

What a waste!”


Bloodthirsty, Berserk, Toxic.

Each of these three halo skills was very powerful.

If it fell into his hands…

Li Xiang couldnt help but enjoy it.

“I wonder if killing this monster will drop any halo skills!”

In reality, killing wild monsters in Myriad World Continent had a chance of dropping skills.

However, the chance of dropping skills was very low.

It would attract a huge amount of attention every time it appeared.

The price was high, and there was even no market for it.

Those were still common skills.

For a mutated Hellhound with three halo skills, there was a high chance that it would drop skills after killing it.

Li Xiang could not help but rub his hands.

He said to Alice, “You and Alicia… forget it.

A phoenix does not fall into a land without treasures.

I think the young phoenixs luck is very good.

Therefore, just let the young phoenix be the main attacker and you two assist!”

Alice was speechless and her face was even more expressionless.

However, it was obvious that she disapproved with Li Xiangs arrangement.

Alicia did not really care, but her gaze lingered on young phoenix for a few moments.

Li Xiang tapped on young phoenixs forehead and said, “Qing Ying, go!”

The young phoenix was very active during this period of time.

Now that there was work to be done, it could not wait to fly down the mountain.

Alice and Alicia followed closely behind.

The mutated Hellhounds in the distance also rushed to the foot of the mountain.

Without any pause, they directly launched an attack.

These mutated Hellhounds were extremely crazy.

Their movements were light and swift.

They could actually jump up to many places where other monsters could not reach.


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