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Fortunately, there were not many places that the Hellhounds could come up to although there were many of them.

Allocating more subordinates would be able to take them down.

After all, these subordinates were much stronger than the Hellhounds.

It was only the difference in numbers that made them adopt a defensive strategy.


With a shrill howl, the leader of the mutated Hellhounds, which was hiding at the back, immediately activated its bloodthirsty, berserk, and highly toxic halos.

Many of the mutated monsters that had been blocking at the foot of the mountain earlier had not been completely killed yet.

However, the Hellhounds could not wait at all and directly launched a berserk attack regardless of whether it was friend or foe.

Li Xiang could not help but feel a little creeped out when he saw the frenzied appearance of these Hellhounds.

This was especially so when these Hellhounds were surrounded by circular halos under their feet.

Even if they couldnt immediately get close to the demon soldiers, a poisonous force would still permeate through the ground and cause a certain amount of damage to the soldiers.

Although this damage didnt seem to be worth mentioning to the demon soldiers, the effect would definitely be very terrifying if it was prolonged in addition to the increasing number of Hellhounds.

Fortunately, at this time, the young phoenix had already launched an attack.


A large wave of golden-red flames descended.

Dozens of Hellhound leader guards immediately transformed into fireballs and let out miserable cries.

Although the Hellhound leader had three great halo skills, it was not good at defense.

At this time, its HP was also greatly reduced by the flames.

However, it was still a Boss after all.

Compared to common mutated monsters, its intelligence was naturally higher and its reaction speed was faster.

It began to summon its underlings to protect it.

However, the attack came from the air.

No matter what kind of reaction it made, it was useless.

Alice and Alicia, who were following behind, did not give the Hellhound leader any chance at all.

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Alice swung her long whip and rolled the Hellhound Boss, throwing it into the air skillfully.

Alicias figure appeared.

With a flash of sword light, the Hellhound leaders head was directly chopped off.

Although the monsters in Myriad World Continent all had HP, they did not have to wait until their HP was exhausted before they could be killed.

Instead, they could be killed after their vital points were hit.

However, it was too difficult for a common country lords to seize such an opportunity.

Li Xiang was able to do it because his own strength was really much stronger than the mutated Hellhounds.

His pet and a few heroes were also top-ranked, so it was very easy for him to do it.

If it was someone else, it would be as difficult as ascending to the heaven.

The subordinates that were summoned back by the leader of Hellhounds had gone completely crazy.

Other than their own kind, they attacked everything.

However, the leader was already dead.

The amplification halo on his body had disappeared, and his strength had fallen.

Under the full-force attack of Fire Phoenix Qing Ying, Alice, and Alicia, they did not have the slightest ability to resist.

In less than twenty minutes, they were completely killed.

At this time, the ground was filled with black charred corpses.

There was even a stench coming from them.

Occasionally, one could see some items that were shimmering with a special light drop beside these charred corpses.

Seeing that this wave of monsters had been completely wiped out, Li Xiang heaved a sigh of relief.

At the same time, these successive waves of monsters had delivered themselves to his doorstep.

With the triple EXP buff, the levels of his subordinates had soared once again.

Not long after, Alice returned with the spoils of war that she had collected.

“Your Highness, this was found under the corpse of the leader of Hellhounds.”

Li Xiangs eyes lit up when he saw a golden rhombus-shaped stone in Alices hand.

[Halo Skill Stone]: After using it, you will immediately obtain a halo skill.

“It really dropped Only one”

Alice nodded and said, “Ive checked the surroundings carefully.

Theres only one.”

Li Xiang felt a little regretful.

There were not many halo monsters like this.

Every one of them had a chance of dropping halo skills.

But in reality, the chance of obtaining such halo skills was even lower than he had imagined.

“Use it!”

The skill stone instantly turned into a ray of golden light and landed on Li Xiangs body.

Li Xiang opened his attributes panel again and immediately saw that he had an additional halo skill.

[Low-rank EXP Halo ]

Level: 1

Description: The EXP gained from killing an enemy is increased by 1%.

Note: To level up your halo skills, you need to consume Soul Points.

The highest level of low-rank EXP halo can be reached up to level 100.

Li Xiangs eyes lit up.

This was an EXP gain.

Although it was only rank 1, he did not lack Soul Points at the moment.

He immediately used up his Soul Points to level up to level 100.

However, at this moment, he realized that he did not have much Soul Points left.

He remembered that he had tens of millions of Soul Points before, and it was gone just like that

Li Xiangs eyes widened in disbelief.

He had used up all his Soul Points in excitement just now.

Now, he only had less than 100,000 Soul Points left.


This skill used up too many Soul Points.

It was only level 100.

[Low-rank EXP Halo ]

Level: 100

Description: The EXP gained from killing an enemy has increased by 100% .

Note: Maximum level.

Skills can be upgraded through the fusion of skill advancement stones or two skill stones of the same level.

Li Xiang looked at the skill information.

His heart was filled with mixed joy and worry.

The joy was that with this skill, it was equivalent to doubling the EXP acquisition speed.

The worry was that whether it was skill advancement stones or halo skill stones of the same level, they were all rare items.

They were extremely rare, and it would be difficult to upgrade then.

Halo skills were considered extremely rare skills in the entire Myriad World Continent.

In fact, many of the country lords awakened innate skills were halo skills.

Even if he managed to obtain other halo skill stones, he would not be willing to use two to level up one.

“Forget it.

I dont want to think about it anymore.

Ill continue killing monsters and speed up my leveling speed.”

Right now, killing monsters here was equivalent to four times the EXP, which filled his heart with anticipation.

He did not plan to move his camp now.

There was simply no way to kill all the monsters here.

At the very least, after resting here for a while, the monsters would come to them.

Sure enough, Eye Demon reported that there were monsters appearing not long after.

[Mutated Heartless Demon]

Level: 80

HP: 30,000

Attack: 3,500

Defense: 1,500

Agility: 2,500

Skill 1: Heart-piercing Demon Claw

Skill 2: Deaths Gaze

Skill 3: The Sound of Chaos

Skill 4: Unintentional Death

The number of monsters this time was not as many as the hundreds or thousands before.

It looked like there were only a dozen or so of them.

However, the pressure and aura that these monsters gave off made no one dare to underestimate them.

Even Alicia, who was already level 130, was on alert.

From this, it could be seen how terrifying these monsters were.

The Heartless Demons skin was dark green and humanoid.

Its claws and nails were longer than its palms, almost dragging the ground.

Its mouth was full of fangs, but its eyeballs were a strange dark green color.

Its pupils were white, and it looked abnormally terrifying.

“Woo woo…”


Before the dozen or so monsters had arrived, waves of low voices that made people feel frustrated started to appear in their ears.

[Sound of Chaos]

Li Xiang immediately recognized that this was one of the Heartless Demons skills– the sound of chaos.

After being affected by this kind of sound, one would lose their mind.

Everything in the vicinity would be seriously affected.

Fortunately, Li Xiang was equipped with luxurious equipment and his subordinates had a huge level advantage.

That was why they were immune to the sound of chaos.


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