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“Although there arent many enemies, theyre not simple! Alicia, go all out this time and end the battle as quickly as possible! The same goes for you, Alice.

Dont hold anything back.

Kill as fast as you can!”

Li Xiang felt the threat of these monsters and immediately warned them carefully.

Although these monsters did not seem to be of high levels, their skills were very threatening.


Li Xiang had Qing Ying fly up and join the attack team.

At the same time, he took out Dragon Slaying Divine Bow and drew the bowstring.

He aimed at one of the mutated Heartless Demons.



The Heartless Demons head instantly exploded.

Almost at the same time, Alicia and Alice launched their attack as well.

Qing Ying, the phoenix, turned into a streak of fire and flew around Heartless Demons non-stop.

Streaks of golden-red phoenix flames landed on the demons bodies.

In fact, with the strength of Heartless Demons, a real close-range battle would definitely cause great trouble for Li Xiangs army.

But who knew that Li Xiang was so good at scouting information

He had seen the information of these Heartless Demons from far away, not giving them any chance to display their abilities.

With the cooperation of the three aerial units, these Heartless Demons were all killed in less than a minute.

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This made Li Xiang secretly sigh in relief.

At this moment, he was a little hesitant about whether he should increase his level.

He felt that level 50 was a little too dangerous on the second floor of Evernight Continent.

More than a dozen Heartless Demons were elite units, similar to small Bosses.

One could gain 30,000 EXP after killing each them.

With a four-fold increase, he would gain 120,000 EXP.

Apart from a few heroes, almost all of his subordinates had leveled up.

The highest among them had already reached level 100.


“This leveling speed is a little terrifying!”

“At this rate, my subordinates will be rushing towards level 150 in a few days.”

Li Xiang thought happily in his heart.

However, when he saw the large pile of charred corpses at the foot of the mountain, he felt an inexplicable sense of unease.

He had a feeling that if he grinded in one place for too long, an unpredictable danger would descend.

He trusted his intuition very much.

Even though he could not bear to part with such a good place like this stone mountain, he could not put all his eggs in one basket.

People are adaptable.

Since he felt that this place was not reliable, then he should quickly change places.

Once he had an idea, he immediately gave the order to carry it out.

This was the good thing about the demon underlings.

They would attack wherever they were pointed.

They never asked why when they carried out orders.

Once they received an order, they would be almost ready in a short while.

Just as they were about to leave, a system notification suddenly popped up in front of him.

[Ding! Due to the large number of monsters dying on Evernight Continent, it has attracted the attention of a certain existence.

The monsters on the first and the second floors are about to go crazy, forming a beast tide to cleanse the intruders.]

[During the monster riot, attack, defense, EXP reward, and the drop rate will be doubled.

All country lords, please do your best.]

“F*ck! Ive only killed a few, but now its going to be a beast tide”

Li Xiang was a little unwilling.

He only had four times the EXP boost for a short while, but the beast tide was going to erupt.

You must be kidding me!

He weighed in his heart if he could rely on the special terrain of this stone mountain to withstand the attack of the crazy monster army.

But after a little simulation, he couldnt help but sigh.

Perhaps, he could withstand the beast tide for a few minutes with the few heroes under him and the level of the demon soldiers.

Just for a few minutes.

When that time came, they would not even have the chance to pick up the spoils of war.

As for how many monsters they could kill and how much EXP they could gain, it would all depend on luck.

Fortunately, he had always been number one on the points rankings.

Even if he went back, he would be able to obtain a mythical-level item.

It would definitely not be a loss.

Thinking of this, he suddenly remembered that Zhou Yu Tong was also on Evernight Continent.

Thus, he hurriedly sent her a message.

This woman should not be so eager for revenge that she ignored everything and stay here to farm monsters.

That would really be courting death.

With her strength, she definitely would not be able to survive on the first level with just one charge.

“Zhou Yutong, have you received the system notification”

“Yes, I have received it.

I have returned to my territory! Hurry up and come back.

You cant stop it although you are strong.”

Li Xiang did not expect Zhou Yutong to be so decisive.

He was relieved.

“Li Xiang, how are things on your side”

“Dont worry, the beast tide has not erupted yet.

There is still time.”

Through his vision sharing with Eye Demon, Li Xiang had discovered that a large number of monsters were gathering around the stone mountain.

Moreover, looking at the berserk status, any foreign creature would be instantly torn apart.

Especially after the berserk buff, their attack and defense abilities would double.

This almost double their levels.

Who could withstand this

“What a pity! It seems that we have to be more careful next time in farming monsters, so as to avoid triggering another beast tide or something.

And that mysterious existence, I dont know what it is.

Could it really be some expert who has been sleeping for thousands of years”

Li Xiang summoned the teleportation portal and directly returned to Demon Castle with his subordinates.

In the hall of the castle, a figure that looked exactly like Li Xiang was sitting on the throne.

With a thought, Li Xiangs projection instantly disappeared.

He then sat on the throne.

“Its a pity that there are still too few people.

If I could bring more subordinates and build a defensive structure, I would be able to disperse the beast tide even if it erupts.”

Although he had yielded a lot in his trip to Evernight Continent this time, it was far from what he had expected.


if theres nothing else, all of you can go and farm monsters!”

Li Xiang stood up and walked to the back of the castle.

As the core of Demon Country, the Demon Castle was the place with the most abundant spiritual energy in the entire country.

He found an empty space at the back and dug a two-meter-deep pit with a shovel.

Then, he took out a seed and carefully placed it at the bottom of the pit.

This seed was the nameless seed that he got after killing the Soul-devouring Mother Tree.

He didnt know what it could grow.

But its mythical quality attribute still filled him with anticipation.

After filling up the soil again, he took out another bottle.

Inside was the water essence that he got from Lake of Tears.

Even if it was Lake of Tears, it only produced three to five drops of water essence per day.

“Gulp Gulp!”

Li Xiang poured the entire bottle of water essence in one go.

“I hope it works.

Whether it works or not will be up to this.”

Li Xiang felt that this was the best he could do now.

Abundant heaven and earth spiritual energy, nutrient-rich water essence, and light.

There were no other plants nearby to compete with it for the nutrients of the land.

If that was the case, the survival rate should be quite high!

Even though he was uncertain, there was no other way.

After planting the seed and waiting for a while, he did not see the legendary seed speak directly and even grow into a towering tree in an instant.

He could not help but feel a little disappointed.


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