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“Forget it, I still have a treasure chest to open!”

Li Xiang returned to his room, went to the deck chair on the balcony, and laid down.

He opened the system panel.

On the panel, behind the first place on the leaderboard, a golden treasure chest was beating.

Click to receive it.


A golden treasure chest that was one foot square appeared in front of him.

Li Xiang rubbed his hands and silently prayed to the Gods and Buddhas one by one before opening the treasure chest.

A streak of golden light flashed out, gentle but not dazzling.

A spiritual stone that was shimmering with golden light appeared in front of his eyes.

Li Xiangs eyes lit up, revealing a pleasantly surprised expression.

“Is this a skill stone”

He quickly took it in his hand and took a look.

An even bigger surprise came to him.

[High Rank Reflect Damage Skill Stone]

Quality: Mythical

Level: 1

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com) to read, pls!

Description: After receiving an attack, reflect real damage to the enemy under the effect of the halo.

Current reflect rate: 10% .



Li Xiang laughed out loud.

This was too pleasant a surprise.

If he reached level 100, wouldnt he be able to reflect 10 times the damage In that case, he would be able to kill the enemy without even moving.

Li Xiang was a little too excited to enjoy this.

He couldnt wait to use this priceless halo skill stone.

Then, he immediately began to level up his halo skill.


[Insufficient Soul Points.

Unable to continue leveling!]

[Current skill level: Level 8.

80% damage reflection ratio.

Please continue to work hard and accumulate more Soul Points!]


Li Xiang was dumbfounded when he saw the system notification.

“F*ck, even though I only have 100,000 or so Soul Points left, I shouldnt have reached only level 8, should I”

However, after double check, he realized that the consumption of high rank and low rank skills had increased by hundreds of times.

It was already good enough to reach level 8.


Li Xiang was very regretful now.

If he had known earlier, he would have left behind some Soul Points no matter what!

Previously, he had directly raised the EXP halo to level 100…

“Forget it.

I can still earn some Soul Points later.

With skills in hand, there will always be a chance to level them up.”

Li Xiangs eyes were filled with fighting spirit once again.

With the high rank reflect damage halo skill, Li Xiang had more confidence in his own safety.

He thought that if he entered Evernight Continent again, he would be able to withstand the beast tides crazy attack even if he brought fewer underlings.

When the Soul Points he harvested were added up and the reflect damage ratio exceeded 100%, what other monsters would be his opponent

Roar! Roar!

“Eh Somethings wrong!”

Li Xiang suddenly thought that when the enemy attacked him, it had to be within the range that he could withstand so that he can cause reflect damage.

If it directly killed him, then what was the point of the reflect damage skill

So, what was his current HP

Li Xiang opened his attribute panel to check.

[Country Lord: Li Xiang]

Level: 50

[Talent: Demon Lair (SSS, the only one), Territory Devour (able to grow, currently S rank)]

[Strength: 650 (affects soldiers attack)]

[Agility: 450 (affects soldiers attack speed, movement speed, and critical rate)]

[Intelligence: 400 (affects soldiers skill release efficiency and power)]

[Vitality: 300 (affects soldiers defense and HP)]

[Skill 1: Low rank EXP Halo, max level, EXP 100%]

[Skill 2: High rank reflect damage halo, level 8, reflect damage ratio 80%]

[Strength: Silver transcendence]

[Country level: Primitive tribe]

[Countrys core military branch: Demons]

[Country buildings: Demon Castle, Ancient Well of Darkness, Lake of Tears, Book of Herab Brass, Flame Burst Spring, Magic Tower]

[Special building] : Cross-border teleportation portal (3)

[Pet] : Fire Phoenix Qing Ying, level: 103

[Equipment: Legion Holy Shield (Legend) , Magnificent Armor (Legend) , Dragon Slaying Bow (Legend)]

[Resources: Inferno Iron, Moon Shadow Water]

Li Xiangs gaze fell on his own stamina.

The conversion ratio between stamina and HP was 1:10.

In other words, his current HP was only 3,000 points.

Of course, this did not include the equipment.

If he included all the equipment on him, his HP had already reached more than 18,000 points.

“This HP is still too little.

Common monsters are fine, but powerful Bosses are not.

It is not uncommon for them to instantly cause me to lose 10,000 to 20,000 HP, or even kill me in an instant!”

Li Xiang held his chin and thought, “The Demon Country is now strong enough, and the foundation has begun to accumulate.

The subordinates are also very powerful.

As long as they continue to train, they will definitely be extreme experts.

Only I have become a weak point now.”

“But if I increase my level, it will affect the efficiency of killing monsters, and also the acquisition of Soul Points.

The gains do not make up for the losses.”

“Then the best way is to train myself into a physical shield”

“No, no, I can train my physical, but I cannot become a shield! I am the country lord, not a miserable shield warrior.”

“HP can be increased through equipment.

When the time comes, I can collect a set of equipment that all increases HP.

I will wear it during the battle.


Li Xiang thought of some strange scenes.

The more the enemy attacked him, the more serious the enemys injuries would be.

On the other hand, he would be fine.

That would be interesting.

At this time, Demon Warlord, Lys, finally came to report his work.

“Your Highness, weve cleared out eight monster lairs these few days.

This are the profits.”

Lys handed over an interspatial ring.

Interspatial rings were extremely rare on the market.

As long as they appeared, they would be instantly bought.

They were considered extremely rare equipment.

However, not only did every demon hero in Demon Country have an exclusive interspatial equipment, but there were also many different levels of interspatial equipment that were dropped from killing all sorts of monsters.

At the very least, there were more than a dozen interspatial equipment lying in the warehouse that were covered in dust.

Li Xiang took the interspatial ring.

Other than a few pieces of S-rank equipment that were still worth a bit of money, the rest of the items inside were not worth his attention.

However, he now owned a country with a large family and business.

He was not the kind of person who would waste money, so he kept them.

“Have you settled the matters that I assigned previously”

“Yes, Your Highness! The construction of a human city in the north has already begun.

The population can reach over 200,000.

There are even quite a few lords that have participated in the construction.

They are very motivated!”

Li Xiang nodded, looking forward to this.

No matter how these former country lords, now as the subordinate lords of Demon Country, struggled, they were humans after all.

They naturally liked to interact with humans.

Now that a human city that could accommodate 200,000 people had appeared, this would definitely attract them.

“The raising of the earth-digging bugs was given to Vine Whisker Demon.

However, Your Highness said that there was no need to raise them on a large scale, so he only raised about 100 of them.

With Vine Whisker Demon controlling them underground, these earth-digging bugs are very well-behaved.”

“What about the trading zone”

“The construction of the trading zone has also started.

Its just that there arent enough people, and the progress is relatively slow!”


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