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The Purgatory Divine Crossbow was A-Rank excellence equipment.

That was the high-rank equipment that many lords would not be able to use.

The equipment grades from high to low were SSS Mythical Rank, SS Legendary Rank, S Epic Rank, A-Rank Perfect Rank, B-Rank Excellence Rank, C-Rank Rare Rank, D-Rank Superior Rank, E-Rank Common Rank, F-Rank Basic Rank.

A-Rank equipment was high-rank equipment.

Most equipment the Lords soldiers used was still of E-Rank or even F-Rank.

Only a few elite troops could use C-Rank and D-Rank equipment.

Therefore, even though the Winged-humans were very strong, the equipment used by their troops was only D-Rank.

They had no hope of winning, facing the barrage of A-Rank Purgatory Divine Crossbow.

Hence, a strange scene appeared in the sky.

One by one, the arrows pierced through the air shield and the Winged-humans.

At the same time, strands of purgatory flames spread throughout their bodies, turning into fireballs that descended from the sky.

Finally, when they landed on the ground, some burned into ashes, while the majority only had broken limbs left.

The Purgatory Divine Crossbow had 12 arrows in a quiver.

With the firing of nearly 30,000 people, one attack had taken away almost half of them.

With eight firing rounds, there were no more enemies in the sky.

In an instant, the sky was clear.

The Lord of the Winged-human race who saw this scene from afar was shocked.

He roared angrily, “Imperial guards, attack!”

This time, the Winged-human Race also brought 50,000 soldiers.

Among them, 20,000 were ordinary soldiers, and 30,000 were imperial guards.

The imperial guards were of a higher level and had better equipment.

The original plan was to wait until the ordinary soldiers were almost done fighting and then use the imperial guards to reap the last harvest to reduce casualties.

The Lord had never expected their enemy would be so powerful.

They had killed his common armies with only a few attacks of arrows.

The other kings, the foreign races or humans, were shocked when they saw this scene.

The Winged-humans strength was already the strongest among all of them.

Even the werewolves would have to pay a high price to win the 20,000 Winged-humans common army.

But now, the Demon Country had taken them down with ease.

“The enemys crossbow arrows are quite powerful! What kind of equipment are those”

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Without the equipment in their hands, they could not detect it.

They could only guess and feel uneasy.

When Lin Fei saw that the foreign race had suffered a setback, a mocking look appeared on his face.

Previously, he had told these people to be more cautious, but they did not listen to him.

They thought that with their strength, they could quickly obtain victory and looked down on the humans.

Now that they had lost, he immediately felt a sense of schadenfreude.

“Lord Lin Fei, this hunt for Li Xiang was your suggestion.

Are you just going to watch our troops charge” The werewolf lord turned his head coldly and questioned.

Lin Fei cleared his throat and said, “That hill is not big enough.

With so many troops charging forward, we wont be able to spread out.

The formation will be too dense.

We will suffer heavy casualties if the enemys crossbows shoot us.

Dont tell me that you dont know this”

Lord Chuan Sang said coldly, “Lin Fei, dont gloat over our misfortune.

If we lose, your situation will be even worse.

Li Xiang has a cross-region teleportation array.

He can enter your country at any time.”

Lin Feis expression turned cold.

He said indifferently, “Dont worry.

I will naturally not let Li Xiang return alive.”

Saying that, he beckoned and said, “Let the giant lizard army launch an attack!”

Li Xiang ignored the battle behind him in the air on the desolate hill.

He told Alice and Alicia, “You two bring 10,000 Black Wing Demons to help the people in the fairy castle.

You have to protect Zhou Yutong well.”

Alice smiled and said, “Well, well.

Lord, you are so kind.

You ignored us beautiful girls and came here only to help someone you just met.”

Li Xiang retorted, “Stop talking nonsense! Hurry up!”

Alicia chuckled.

Without saying anything more, she soared into the sky and flew towards the fairy castle.

At this moment, the fairy castles situation was not much better than before.

However, due to the impact of the battle here, the werewolves attack was slightly slower, but the situation was still precarious.

Fortunately, Li Xiang did not delay at all.

He sent Alice and Alicia, as well as 10,000 Black Wing Demons.

Black Wing Demons soldiers were the elites of the demons.

Although they had not reached Level 100, they were still above Level 90 after being trained and cleared out by Lys.

They were much stronger than the werewolves.

Most importantly, not only was their equipment good, but their levels were high as well.

They also had two halos on them.

In addition, Li Xiang had the armys Holy Shield and battle armor.

He killed the charging werewolf army with just a dive, making their blood flow like a river.

These werewolves were all tall and strong, and their movements were agile.

They could not use many methods against the sky-facing units and could only passively take the attacks.

Finally, they managed to attack the Black Wing Demons, but the Black Wing Demons were fine.

They only needed to retreat, but their reflection halo injured the werewolves.

Therefore, as soon as the Black Wing Demons descended, the situation immediately reversed.

Alicia and Alice did not fly up the city wall directly to help Zhou Yutong.

Instead, they flew together towards the six SS-Rank enemy heroes besieging the nine-tailed celestial fox.

These six SS-Rank enemy heroes were all subordinates of the human Lord, so that they might have gone all out.

However, although it looked like they had only differed one Rank, the nine-tailed celestial fox was much more powerful.

It could transform into a beast form to fight, and it could also transform into a human form to fight.

It had many strange methods.

Being able to hold her back barely was already her enemies limit.

They would require an even stronger external force to intervene if they wanted to kill her.

An even stronger external force intervened, but it was the nine-tailed foxs companion.

Alice and Alicia were a little depressed as they thought, “Arent we more beautiful than Zhao Yutong”

Although they had never considered seducing the Lord with their beauty, the Lord was indifferent to their beauty.

Turning a blind eye to it still filled their hearts with resentment.

They still had to help the Lords woman, and they were annoyed.

Naturally, they went all out when they were unhappy.

Lin Feis expression changed when he saw the situation from afar.

He quickly ordered the six heroes to retreat.

Unfortunately, by the time he realized what was happening, it was already too late to give the order.

Alice swung her Purgatory Whip and bound a strength-type Tauren hero.

Then, she flew to the Tauren here with a light pull like she was teleporting.

The shadow of the sickle flashed and disappeared.

She was already heading towards the next enemy hero.

Bai Ling, the nine-tailed celestial fox, had seen Li Xiang and his heroes before.

Now that she saw them arrive, she knew it was time to counterattack.

She was overjoyed.

Her nine tails shot out like a giant white spider, instantly tying up the other five enemy heroes.

If it werent for Alice and Alicia, she would only be able to tie up these heroes in one go.

Then, she would be in danger.

But at that moment, Alice killed one and then came close to the second hero, and with a slash from her sickle, the enemys head fell to the ground.


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