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When the Lords of the Lin Feis Giant Beast Alliance saw this scene, they knew the time had come.

One after another, they immediately left the alliance.

[ Ding! ]

[ Your ally Fire Wolf Lord has left the alliance.


[ Ding! ]

[ Your ally Green Elephant Lord has left the alliance.


[ Ding! ]

[ Your ally Fire Leopard Lord has left the alliance.


[ Ding! ]

[ Your ally Cloud Mountain Lord has left the alliance.


Almost six to seven withdrawal notifications in a row shocked Lin Fei so much.

He instantly turned his head and saw that the lords in the alliance had already left and gathered far away, looking at him coldly.


“For power, you betrayed your race, yet you still ask such a stupid question.

I feel ashamed for you!” The Fire Wolf Lord said with a sneer.

“Why did I do this Isnt it for our alliance to rise in the human race You will also become an overlord in the entire human race when that time comes.

Whats wrong with that It is a world where the strong survive.

Do you think this is a game”

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“Shut up! Thats just your excuse! Throughout the history of the human race for tens of thousands of years, weve never seen anyone who betrayed us have a good ending.

Dont dream about letting us join you in your evil schemes!”

At this moment, on the battlefield, a portion of the troops left behind suddenly turned their guns and attacked the armies of the other lords nearby.

The Werewolf Lord cursed, “You made things worse.

Im leaving.”

Alicia, who was in the sky, had been looking at them coldly.

She had planned to start the attack immediately.

She didnt expect these lords to fight among themselves, making her pause for a moment.

Hearing the words of the human lords below, a hint of admiration flashed in her eyes.

At the same time, she reported the situation here to Li Xiang.

Li Xiang did not expect that there would be a Lord who was so righteous.

He said, “Since they decided to stay out of trouble, let them go.

They can leave.

Theres no need to chase after them! Kill the others without mercy!”


At this time, the Werewolf Lord had already summoned his teleportation array.

The few foreign lords who were able to come here all had teleportation arrays.

They were among the best among the foreign races.

Now that they could not do anything, they naturally did not want to stay and die.

The Blood Claw Lord was even more treacherous than the werewolves.

He dug a hole in the mountain top and drilled in before summoning the cross-boundary teleportation array.

The lords could adjust the cross-boundary teleportation according to the number of people.

On the contrary, it did not affect the arrival of the cross-boundary teleportation array.

Alicia sneered.

If these people escaped, Alice would ridicule her!

Alice was currently on the battlefield, killing the heroic units of the Alliance Army.

Her speed was breakneck.

If she could not even deal with these people and allowed the enemy to escape, how would she be able to have dignity in the future

She stretched out her slender hand and grabbed at the top of the mountain.


Berserk air currents exploded out, and an invisible force restrained the lords on the top of the mountain.

Skills: [ Hand of Despair ]

It consumed up Alicias mana in large amounts.

That was the first time she directly targeted 20 enemies, all lords with extraordinary strength.

Even though she was already over Level 130, it was still a little strenuous for her.

However, the 20 or so lords had already fallen into despair compared to her strenuous efforts.

They felt a tremendous force coming from outside, pressing down on their bodies.

Intense pain and despair filled their hearts.

The Werewolf Lord and the Blood Claw Lord didnt know if it was because of their constitution or their excellent equipment, but they could withstand the enormous pressure.

They activated the special skills on their equipment and suddenly escaped, thinking of running far away.

Alicias eyes turned cold.

She suddenly exerted force with her palm and turned the remaining human or foreign lords into meat paste.

The few lords who had betrayed the Giant Beast Alliance standing at the corner of the mountain looked defeated, and their bodies trembled slightly.

Before they entered the Myriad World Continent, they were just ordinary people.

Although they had already adapted to it for more than a month, they saw only the bloody battle between the summoned soldiers.

To them, these soldiers were like NPCs in the game, and they didnt care whether they lived or died.

But now, watching people like them die in front of their eyes, they all felt fear rising in them.

They didnt know how this angel would treat them.

They were just like lambs on the chopping board, shivering.

Unfortunately, Alicia ignored them.

She flapped her wings and drew a beautiful arc, instantly chasing after the Lord of the Blood Claw Race and the Lord of the Werewolf Race who had escaped.

When Alicia disappeared, these people let out a long sigh.

They felt as if they were detached from their bodies and sat on the ground.

Looking at the 20 lumps of rotten meat on the ground, their stomachs churned.

“F*ck, fortunately, we were quick to see the opportunity and made a decisive decision! Otherwise, we would be a lump of rotten meat now.”

“We are all wrong.

I just checked the information of that angel up close.

Although most of the information is discrete, do you know what level this angel is”

“I estimate it to be at least Level 100!”

“Heh, let me tell you, Level 133!”

When they talked about this, the few lords fear faded, and they all became curious and asked.

“The angel should be at SSS-Rank.

Level 130 Thats terrifying.

Even the highest level of the foreign race is less than Level 80.

That is the difference of 50 levels!”

“Were 100 levels difference from her!”

“No wonder! No wonder! A thousand, or maybe five hundred or even a hundred soldiers like that is enough to wipe out my country!”

“Quantity can no longer make up for quality before absolute strength.”

“I would like to train such an elite, but I cant afford to train them! A piece of C-Rank equipment can easily cost dozens of crystal coins.

My income is only a few crystal coins a day!”

“What should we do now Should we stay here and wait for the Demon Lord, Li Xiang, to come and receive us or let us leave”

One of the lords looked at the battlefield where the mindset of the soldiers had collapsed and harvested by the Demon Army.

Their armies were still standing in place due to their orders.

However, the Demon Army did not attack them.

“Dont think about it.

This is our last-minute counterattack to let this Demon Lord let us go.

Besides, dont you see what the name of his alliance is Are we worthy of joining”

“Harem Alliance.

This guy has great ambitions.”

“Whats the benefit of having more women Hell know that the more women there are, the harder life will be when he builds up his harem.”

“Bro, it sounds like you have been through this before!”

After a few country lords calmed down, they gathered their troops and returned to their territories.

They wanted to bid farewell to Li Xiang, but it was apparent that Li Xiang had no intention of meeting them.

So, they could only return home.


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