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Li Xiang and Zhao Yutong entered the castle and sat in a hall.

“Have a seat here.

Ill go prepare food for you!”

Zhou Yutong didnt join Li Xiang.

She asked someone to bring Li Xiang some signature fruits of the Fairy Country, then turned around and left.

Bai Ling also left with her.

Li Xiang had no idea why Bai Ling was going to the kitchen.

Li Xiang was looking forward to it.

He did not know how good Zhou Yutongs cooking was.

He grabbed a strange blue fruit from the coffee table and took a bite.

It was soft, fragrant, sweet, and incredibly delicious.

“Its delicious! You guys try it too!”

Li Xiang motioned for Alice and Alicia to eat.

The two girls didnt stand at the ceremony, and each picked a fruit to eat.

The delicious taste surprised the two of them.

That was Alice and Alicia.

If it were other demons, they wouldnt be interested in this kind of fruit at all.

They were only interested in flesh and blood.

Before they finished eating one fruit, they heard hurried footsteps from outside.

Turning around, they saw Yang Mi and Ning Xiaoyue walking into the room with their heroes.

“Li Xiang!”

Ning Xiaoyue shouted and ran over to sit next to Li Xiang.

“Your battle has been trending on the chat channel.

Many people admire you for killing so many foreign country lords alone!”

Li Xiang looked indifferent and didnt care about the discussion on the chat channel.

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“Hows the development of your territory Is it alright for you to just come over like this”

“Of course its alright Ive also built an army of 10,000 people.

Although their levels arent high, their equipment isnt bad.

I have to thank you for this! Aileen has the best equipment.

She could kill monsters fast and safely.

The leveling speed of the army is also much faster.

Everything is developing in a better direction.”

After Yang Mi entered the room, she did not see Zhou Yutong.

For some reason, she secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Her gaze turned and landed on Li Xiang.

She asked calmly, “Why dont I see Yutong Did you take over her place”

Li Xiang looked at Yang Mi, pretending to be calm, and snickered.

He was a little happy and teased, “Sister Mi, you rushed here in such a hurry.

Are you worried that I will fall in love with someone else”

“What… what… fall in love with someone else What nonsense are you talking about”

Yang Mis pretty face instantly blushed.

Her eyes flickered, and she did not dare to look at Li Xiang.

However, she immediately realized that she could not do that.

Her gaze immediately became fierce, and she looked at Li Xiang.

Li Xiang laughed and walked to her side.

His face was close to her.

He looked straight into Yang Mis eyes and asked with a smile, “Really”

She was so close to him that she could smell his breath.

Yang Mis heartbeat quickened, and her pupils dilated.

She became nervous.

“What… what does he want to do If he kisses me suddenly, should I dodge or resist”

Li Xiang looked at Yang Mis panicked eyes, and passion surged in him.

He reached out and grabbed Yang Mis slim waist, pulling her into his arms.

A pleasant fragrance assailed his nostrils, and he lowered his head to kiss her soft lips.


Yang Mis beautiful eyes instantly widened, and she looked at Li Xiang in disbelief.

Thoughts filled her mind, “This bastard kissed me How dare he Should I resist”

However, just as this thought surfaced in her mind, she felt her teeth pried open and a slippery tongue sticking in.


Her mind went blank, and her arms could not help but hook onto Li Xiangs neck.

She could not help but stand on her tiptoes and instantly lost herself in that intoxicating gentleness.

Ning Xiaoyue, who was sitting on the sofa, was stunned.

She did not expect these two people to kiss each other before everyone brazenly.

She was speechless.

Unprepared, Ning Xiaoyue, who had to see this, had a complicated expression on her face.

There was happiness, disappointment, excitement, and anticipation.

At this moment, Zhou Yutong, who had just left, walked in with a plate.

Just as she was about to speak, she saw Li Xiang and Yang Mi hugging each other tightly in the room and kissing each other as if no one was around.

The pastries would have spilled all over the floor if she hadnt snapped out of shock.

Her beautiful eyes filled with disbelief.

Then, she felt that it was natural for them to kiss.

“As expected, there is an affair between them.

Then what does that make me A mistress”

Zhou Yutong was angry, anticipating, and unwilling about it.

After a long time, Li Xiang lifted his head, and a strand of saliva drew between their lips.

Yang Mi finally came back to her senses.

She saw the others in the room looking at her like they were watching a good show, instantly embarrassed.

Fortunately, she was a woman with years of life experience.

She was not as shy as a young girl.

She only gave Li Xiang a flirtatious look and said, “Now you have what you wanted.

Are you happy you have embarrassed me before others”

Li Xiang looked at Yang Mis exquisite face.

He had wanted to say a few romantic words but was interrupted.

Then, he remembered that they were still in someone elses home, and there were many “outsiders” in the room.

“Ahem! Were all family.

Why would anyone laugh at you”

“So were all family Then what am I”

“Youre my wife!”

“Pfft! Honey-tongued.”

“Dont you know if it tastes sweet after the kiss just now”

As he spoke, Li Xiang lowered his head and kissed her again.

Yang Mi wanted to reject him, but she couldnt resist Li Xiangs overbearing attitude.

He kissed her again forcibly before he let her go.

This time, Ning Xiaoyue finally said, “Save the queen!”

“Li Xiang, thats enough! There are so many people in this room! Isnt making us look at you guys kiss once enough Why are you kissing again”

As Ning Xiaoyu spoke, she rushed up and pulled Yang Mi out of Li Xiangs arms, looking dissatisfied and angry.

Zhou Yutong, standing at the door, also snapped out from her daze.

She cleared her throat and said, “I went to prepare pastries for you, but you guys make me see this.

Who did I offend”

Yang Mis face flushed red.

At this time, even someone like her felt embarrassed.

However, Li Xiang was thick-skinned enough.

After feeling a little embarrassed, he said thoughtfully, “Were all family.

Youll have a chance to kiss me in the future!”


The three women stared at him with anger.

Li Xiang chuckled and said, “If you cant wait any longer, I dont mind bringing the schedule forward!”

“You wish!”

“In Your Dreams!”

“B*stard! Scumbag!”

Li Xiang was directly immune to these words.

He reached out to take the pastry plate from Zhou Yutongs hand and put a pastry into his mouth.

“Let me see, whats the difference between Yutongs pastry and Sister Mis pastry!”

Yang Mi stared at Li Xiang.

If Li Xiang dared to say anything that made her unhappy, she would flare up.

Zhou Yutong looked at Li Xiang, waiting for his compliment.


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