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However, if one wanted to get close to the cave, one would first have to face all kinds of wild dogs and monsters.

There were at least tens of thousands of wild monsters, ranging from the lowest level wild dogs around Level 30 to the highest level two-headed Cerberus that could reach Level 70.

Li Xiang stopped a few hundred meters away from Stone Mountain.

After the Demon Army arrived and took a rest, he beckoned and said, “Go! Kill all the monsters here! Leave all the useful materials for me.

You can eat them!”


“Brothers, its time to have some dog meat!” Lys drew the weapon in his hand and pointed at Stone Mountain.

The Demon Army behind immediately roared and charged.

There was no need for any strategy or tactics to kill these common monsters.

They swarmed and fought head-on.

Whoever got them would get to eat them.

Li Xiang immediately activated two halo skills and buffed his army.

Their speed of killing increased by a large margin.

The army cleared the wild monsters in the mountains and plains in two hours.

The Demon Armys level had increased by one level.

After killing those common wild monsters, Li Xiang could no longer use the Demon Army.

After all, the space in the canyon was not large.

The ten thousand Demon Army couldnt attack feely when they were in the small space.

Hence, Li Xiang left the ten thousand Demon Army outside and brought Alicia and the other demon heroes into the canyon.

A strong smell of sulfur filled the canyon, making Li Xiang uncomfortable.

There were even poisonous gases.

Li Xiang survived because his level was high, and his strength had reached the transcendent level.

When they arrived at the cave entrance, more than ten two-headed Purgatory Mongrels dashed out.


There was no need for Li Xiang to make a move.

Alice and the others killed them within seconds.

After taking back the spoils of war, Li Xiang found an exciting item among them.

It was an unusual treasure.

[ Purgatory Furnace ]

Quality: A

Function: Smelting

Description: This is a furnace from purgatory.

It can communicate with the purgatory fire to smelting items.

“I can give this to the Sky Workshop.

But one is not enough.”

He did have another rare treasure, the Infinity Mirror, which could duplicate items.

He didnt know if it could duplicate rare gems.

He took out the Infinity Mirror and placed the Purgatory Furnace in front of the mirror.

[ Ding! ]

[ It will cost 10,000 crystal coins to duplicate this item.

Do you want to proceed ]

Li Xiangs eyes lit up.

A rare treasure was something that could only be found by chance.

Although the cost was a bit high, the value was higher!


In an instant, 10,000 crystal coins disappeared from Li Xiangs account.

At the same time, a ray of light shot out from the infinite treasure mirror and landed on the rare treasure model of the Purgatory Furnace.

It seemed to be testing and duplicating at the same time.

A dozen seconds later, another ray of light shot out from the north side of the mirror.

Then, the figure of the same Purgatory Furnace gradually appeared, and in the end, it became real.

A dozen seconds later, a brand-new Purgatory Furnace appeared on the other side.

Holding it in his hand, he saw that the attributes were the same.

“Tsk, good stuff! Its just that these 10,000 crystal coins are a little expensive.

But, its worth it.”

He had about 500,000 crystal coins in his hands now.

Li Xiang obtained most of them from the battle not long ago.

It was enough to duplicate a few Purgatory Furnaces.

“Come on.

Lets continue!”

He kept the other spoils of war and led everyone into the cave.

The cave was vast, but the hot aura made them feel uncomfortable.

They cleared three more groups of monsters along the way.

The highest level had reached Level 70.

Soon, they came to a lake of lava.

A huge monster was lying on top of a huge crimson rock in the middle of the lake.

Strands of purgatory flames were flickering on its body, and its dark red skin emitted a temperature like lava.

As everyone arrived, the Cerberus on the huge rock suddenly opened its eyes.

There seemed to be flames burning in its crimson eyes.

[ Cerberus ]

Quality: Mythical

Level: 100

HP: 200,000

Vitality: 2,000

Strength: 2,000

Agility: 2,500

Defense: 3,000

Skills: High-rank Blazing Halo

Skills: High-rank Vampiric Halo

Skills: High-rank Evasive Halo

Skills: Purgatory Sea

Skills: Soul-splitting Howl

Skills: Bloodthirsty Bite

“Wow! Six skills and three of them are halo skills!”

Li Xiang had just finished checking the attributes of Cerberus when Cerberus stood up.

Cerberus was more than ten meters long.

When it stood up, it was five to six meters tall.

It was a giant, as expected from a Mythical boss.

“Ill leave it to you!”


Cerberuss intelligence was much higher than common monsters.

Although Li Xiang was weak, each of his subordinates was stronger than the other.

There was suppression from a higher level, making it feel a huge threat.

Therefore, as soon as it woke up, it immediately launched an attack.

The first attack was Soul-splitting Howl.

Li Xiang felt a little dizzy, but he recovered soon.

Meanwhile, the Cerberus suddenly raised its three giant heads after using one of its skills to attack.

Flames sprayed out, and simultaneously, a series of huge damage values floated from the top of its head.

“Hehe, double reflect damage.

There are so many of us.

It is going to suffer.”


Alice, Alicia, Lys, and Modo were the main four heroes.

Alice and Alicia attacked from the air, while Lys and Modo attacked from the ground.

Although lava was a harsh environment, it did not have much of an impact on the demons.


Alices flame lashed down from the sky, turning into whip shadows that landed on the gigantic Cerberus.


A layer of stone armor, still glowing red after the lava solidified fell from the Cerberuss body.

Alicia attacked with a sword of destruction, aiming for the head in the middle.

Lys was fast.

With a flash, he appeared behind Cerberus.

The sharp blade in his hand went straight for the critical point, and his attack was vicious.

Modo appeared under Cerberus, and the sharp blade in his hand went straight for Cerberuss neck.

Affected by the double reflect damage of its skills, Soul-splitting Howl, even the Cerberus could not recover freely in a short time despise had three heads.

Facing the attacks of the four of them, even though it tried its best to dodge, its reaction was still a little slow.


Alicias sword of destruction attacked the central head in the middle.

The berserk destructive energy blew the entire head.

Although dogs had tough heads, under the attack of the Sword of Destruction, the Cerberus still received a huge amount of damage and let out shrill screams.

The two dog heads on the side cried frenziedly and spat out streams of flames in an attempt to make Alicia retreat.

However, before it could attack Alicia, a sharp pain suddenly came from its back.

The pain was so intense, causing his body to stiffen momentarily.


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