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After Sally agreed, Li Xiang received the corresponding notification.

When he looked at Sally again, there was an additional panel in front of him, which recorded the various resources and production capacity of Sallys beast-eared lady tribe.


They were all zero at the moment.

The personnel was also zero.


It seemed that he had to divide a region in the territory and let her develop.

This was a good thing.

Li Xiang currently had two pieces of territory in his hands.

Together with the goblins mine that he had just taken down, that was three pieces.

Once it was connected to the area of the Ancient Well of Darkness, that would be four pieces.

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As the size of the territory increased, it became more difficult to defend.

With the current number of soldiers, Li Xiang couldnt defend himself fully.

Once the novice protection period was over and there were foreign invaders, these territories would be easily taken away by others.


It was better to let Sally be responsible for a region.

This way, he only needed to send soldiers to defend.

As for how to defend, he would leave it to Sally to worry about.

It was equivalent to the feudal system in ancient times.

Sally was the city lord who had military power.


As the king, Li Xiang didnt need to think about how to govern the city; he only needed to manage these city lords.

However, Li Xiang wasnt able to implement this plan at the moment.

The number of soldiers he could use was too little.

Including the group of silly barbarians, there were only 12 people.

The demon races manufacturing conditions were too harsh.

A soldier cost 3,000 Soul Points, which was an astronomical figure in the early stages.

He didnt know how many Soul Points he would gain from killing over a thousand goblins in this battle.

After he returned, the first thing he would do was to create soldiers!

He would be like Sally, creating soldiers without restrictions!

She was doing it to establish relations, while Li Xiang was doing it to protect his territory!

But now, there was a more important thing waiting for him to do.

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Devour the goblins core territory!

Bring this territory into the territory of the demons!

This thing was usually in the tribes residence.

At this moment, Li Xiang led the succubus and Sally along the cave, searching deeper.

Along the way, they obtained many spoils of war.

Among them were a large number of defensive equipment and weapons.

Most of them were simple and crude, and their craftsmanship was about the same as that of the barbarian tribes.

After going through them one by one, they accidentally found a few well-made pieces of equipment, which had special effects just like the net that could trap the succubus.

[Wolf Armor]

Grade: Superior

Defense: 30

Power: 7

Vitality: 5

Equip Level: 5

Enchantment: Able to resist the impact of water-type energy to a certain extent.

The armor was pretty decent.

Due to the high equip level of the armor, the additional attributes were even half of that of the Flame Whip.

Li Xiang casually threw it to Carl.

“Put this on.

It will make you stronger.”

“Thank you for your gift, my Lord!”

Carl had no clothes to wear, so he put them on.

Sure enough, he felt a power coming from this armor, which made him feel like he had to get it out of his chest.

Most importantly, this equipment also had an enchantment ability.

In the future, if he faced water-type units, not to mention the stats on the attack panel, Carl would be more useful than the succubus, who was restrained by attributes.

This was definitely not something that goblins could make!

Li Xiang was more concerned about this.

If he could obtain this kind of manufacturing technology, then wouldnt the demon army be invincible in the future

“Eye demon, didnt you call yourself a scholar Come and see what kind of technology this is made of.”

“Hehe! Demon Lord, this is my specialty!”

The eye demon started to speak obscenities and walked forward eagerly.

After a simple glance, he said with certainty, “This is the craft of the dwarves!”

“Dwarves” Li Xiang recalled for a moment.

The region of the fog of war that the small eye demons had explored did not seem to have any traces of the dwarves.

“The dwarves seem to be nearby.” Sally suddenly said, “But I cant remember where it is.

It should be near my original territory.”

“It doesnt matter.”

Li Xiang said indifferently, “It seems that the goblin tribe has a deal with the dwarven tribe.

When the dwarves come to trade again, we will know where they live.”

Then, he pointed to the deeper part of the cave.

“Lets continue.”

“Yes!” Sally nodded.

The group continued to walk inside.

Finally, at the deepest part of the cave, they found the core of the goblins territory.

Li Xiang started to use his talents power.

Not long after, the system sent a notification.

[Ding! Congratulations, ruler.

You have successfully obtained an enemy territory.

Your original ability, Reproduction Machine (C), has been upgraded to Military Expansion (S)!]


[Reproduction Machine (C)]: Increase the willingness to reproduce.


[Military Expansion (S)]: Within the territory, the number of soldiers will automatically increase by 100 times for every new type of soldier.


Li Xiangs eyes lit up.

Just now, he was worried that the territory was too big and that there would be no soldiers to guard it.

Now, this solved the problem.


The demon race did not need to consume food to survive, nor did they need any housing, and they could survive as long as they were in the Demon Lair.

The effect of [Military Expansion] did not pose any burden to him at all!

Using it to play with the flow of soldier creations was the best.

After doing all of this, Li Xiang immediately got Carl to temporarily guard the entrance of the cave and brought the others back to the Demon Lair.

The barbarians at home had already completed their mission.

Ten wooden houses were completed easily.

In fact, in a day, they even built a small palace for Li Xiang.

The scale of the palace was dozens of times larger than the wooden house they lived in!

As expected of an S-Rank construction project, its efficiency was simply unrivaled.

Li Xiang was not stingy with his compliments and rewarded them with two units of beef for them to eat and drink as they pleased.

When the barbarian tribe started the bonfire banquet, Li Xiang also went to the Demon Lair to check his Soul Points.

[Demon Lair]

Current Soul Points: 63920!



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