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Modo laughed and jumped up.

His sharp claws pierced the Cerberuss neck.

Blood that was so hot that it could melt rocks sprayed out.

Li Xiang watched from afar and shouted, “Yes!”.

Isabella stood behind him and watched as the four heroes besieged the Cerberus until it could not retaliate.

She couldnt help but be eager to give it a try.

“Do you want to go”

Isabella was not in a combat unit, but Li Xiang usually brought her along in battles.

The main reason was that this hero, who submitted to him, had extraordinary magic power and healing abilities.

“If you want to go, then go.

But you have to stay far away.

Dont put yourself in danger!”


Isabella was probably the lowest level among these heroes.

She was only a little above Level100.

Although she could gain some EXP by following behind the demons, the ratio would be low.

Recently, due to her low level, she had encountered a bottleneck in the potion preparation, which was why she desired to increase her level.

At this time, Cerberus finally recovered from the backlash just now.

A sea of flames suddenly erupted from its body, igniting the entire cave.

Li Xiang hurriedly retreated to the entrance of the cave to avoid getting burned by the Hellfire.

Isabellas figure leaped, and a levitation spell appeared in the air.

An exquisite blue crystal staff appeared in her hand.


“Ice Storm!”


The storm suddenly rose, bringing many snowflakes and hail that fell from the sky.

It affected the flames on Cerberuss body.

They dimmed a little, and its movements became stiff.

However, the ice storm did not affect Alice and the others.

“Hand of Despair!”

It fixed Cerberuss body on the ground.

Lys and Mordor immediately launched another attack.

Cerberuss HP dropped rapidly.

A magic light appeared in Isabellas hand again, forming into a blue ball.

The ball of light rapidly expanded and finally turned into a huge water ball with a radius of ten meters.

“Water Ball Spell!”


The water ball directly fell and hit Cerberuss body.

The huge crystal weighed at least a dozen tons.

Although the Cerberus was tall and strong, the water ball hit it so hard that it fell to the ground with a whimper.

At the same time, a large amount of water clashed with the flames on its body.

The water extinguished the flame, lowering the temperature.

The Cerberuss strength immediately dropped significantly, and it became weaker.

“Kill it!”

Alicia attacked with the Sword of Destruction.

She still struck the head in the middle.

This time, the sword shattered the head.

Under the combined attacks of the five heroes, the Cerberus had no way of resisting at all.

They killed it a few minutes later.


A large amount of light dropped on the ground.

At almost the same time, Isabellas body flashed a few rays of light consecutively, raising her level by six.

That was the result of the double EXP buff from the EXP halo.

The other demon heroes had also increased by one level.

Alicia was at Level 135.

Alice was at Level 134.

Demon Warlord, Lys, was at Level 128.

Demon Hunter Modo was at Level 131.

Flame Demon Commander Doron was at Level 130.

Black Wing Demon Commander Saros was at Level 132.

Isabella was at Level 112.

Only the Vine Whisker Demon Commander did not level up this time.

Li Xiang did not let him fight because the environment here was not suitable for him.

He was still only Level 128.

Alice quickly collected the dropped items.

She did not even let go of Cerberuss corpse.


After taking the items Alice handed over, Li Xiangs eyes lit up.

He saw two gold-colored diamond-shaped crystals among them.

“Two Two Halo Skills Hahaha!”

Even with Li Xiangs current achievements, he was so excited to see the two Halo Skills that he laughed heartily.

He didnt even look at the other items and kept them.

Then, he held the two Halo Skills stones in his hands.

The Halo Skills stones that dropped were not necessarily inheriting the skills of the original owner.

It was just that there was a chance.

However, these two Halo Skills stones were gold in color.

That meant that their quality was at least Legendary or even Mythical.

Even if they were garbage Halo Skills, they were still precious.

“Lets go back!”

He planned to put the remaining two Mythical creatures aside for now!

Although his subordinates were strong enough to kill them, it would still take a lot of time.

But he couldnt wait any longer.

The Halo Skills from the Halo Skills stones would be random.

So he had to go back and make preparations for it.

That was even more exciting than opening a treasure chest.

After returning to the castle, Li Xiang entered the bathroom after leveling up.

He took a shower and almost rubbed off a layer of his skin.

After that, he put his hands together and bowed in all directions.

Only then did he take out two Halo Skills stones.

“It depends on these stones on whether I am going to live a good life.

Having enough food to eat is great but having a harem is better.”


He directly opened the Halo Skills stone.

[ Ding! ]

[ Congratulations, you have obtained a Halo Skills: High-rank Splatter Halo ]


Li Xiang checked the description, and he was surprised.

[ Skills Description: The spatter damage will be proportional to the actual damage of all the skills used.

If you are in Level 1, the spatter range will increase by one meter.

For every 10 levels, the spatter range will increase by one meter.


“Good! This skill is more suitable for archers to use.

If there is an explosion halo, all attacks will be able to cause an explosion.

F*ck, this is great.”

However, he also knew that this was an extravagant hope.

He had never heard of such a halo before!

A High-rank Splatter Halo was already a pleasant surprise to him.

Even if the second Halo Skills stone could not be perfect, he would not be disappointed.

However, he continued to mumble when he activated the second skill stone.

After praying to the Gods, he opened the Halo Skills stone.

[ Ding! ]

[ Congratulations, you have obtained the skill: High-rank Explosive Halo ]

Li Xiang gasped.

He was shocked as he wondered.

“Could it be that today is my lucky day, and I can get anything I want”

“Or is it because God had blessed me because I look sad, and they were especially kind to me”

This explosive halo was even more ridiculous and abnormal than the splatter halo.

[ Skill description: All attack skills have explosive characteristics.

Explosive damage increases with level.

If you are currently in Level 1, it can cause 1% of real explosive damage.


Li Xiang looked at the skill description and immediately read the skill, afraid that everything in front of him was an illusion.

In an instant, two skills appeared on his skill list.

Then, he began to spend soul points to upgrade two skills.

Halo Skills always consumed plenty of soul points.

Low-rank consumed millions of his soul points to get to Level 100.

High-rank would probably need more.

Therefore, upgrading his skills to Level 100 could only be his future goal.

Currently, he planned to upgrade both skills to Level 20.


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