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Upgrading the skills from Level 1 to Level 10 consumed 100,000 of his soul points, and leveling up from Level 11 to Level 20 used up 300,000 of his soul points.

He had spent a total of 800,000 soul points.

[ High-rank Splatter Halo, Level 20, spatter range 2 meters and 20% of the skills damage.


[ High-rank Explosive Halo, Level 20, the explosive damage is 20% of skills damage.


“20% of skills damage ratio is a little low, but I can only afford this for the time being.

I destroyed a Mythical beasts lair, killed tens of thousands of wild monsters, and obtained less than 200,000 soul points.

Its still not enough to level up a single skill!”

Li Xiang began to level up the castle.

This time, the crystal coins he had spent had already reached 100,000, other than the requirements he had met.

[ Ding! ]

[ The castle has met the requirements for leveling up.

Do you want to level up ]

“Level up!”


The leveling up this time was different from the previous levels.

The castle walls that high suddenly became stronger.

Many well-planned streets began to appear within the castle.

It placed each notable building in the places they could benefit from.

Some facilities that Li Xiang had not built before also appeared from nowhere.

There were even many shops on the streets.

Some even had shop owners and employees.

Li Xiang was shocked.

He knew that the upgrade had upgraded the castle into a city.

The city wall changed from the original stone wall to a magic city wall that flickered with magic light.

It was a hundred feet tall, three times higher than the initial ten meters.


Two magic crystal cannons shining with light appeared each on the four walls.

The arrow towers on the four corners seemed to have evolved, becoming three-story arrow towers.

There were two automatic crossbow arrows in each of the three directions.

At the same time, the citys wonders, treasures, buildings, and other things had upgraded, and there were massive changes.

It was just that there were many changes and information Li Xiang could not fully adapt for a while.

[ Ding! Congratulations to the Lord of the Demon country, Li Xiang, for being the first to upgrade the main city to Level 5.

Your territory area is 90,000 square kilometers.

You have the right to establish your country.

Please name your country! ]


It shocked Li Xiang.

He was the first to upgrade the main city to Level 5.

However, he immediately reacted.

Not many could kill a Mythical Level Boss at the current stage, and there were also not many who had enough territory area.

To upgrade a country to Level 5 was difficult.

“So only when the main city reaches Level 5 can a country be truly established.

Before this, it was just a title.

Only after reaching Level 5 can one have the right to name their country!”

“Its not suitable to call it Demon Country anymore! Yet I cant call it Emperor City or Great Xia.

After all, its not proper to have a bunch of demons in the name of my motherland.”


Li Xiang fell into deep thought.

He used demons as the core soldier because the gifted soldiers were the demon lair.

Its quality was high enough, and its potential was great.

However, if he could obtain other talents in the future, it would not be appropriate to name it after a demon.

He could not casually change the name of the country.

So he had to be careful when he named it.

“Moreover, I dont just need to build a common country.

What I want to build is a divine country that can exist eternally.

In the end, I will step onto the path of becoming a god.”

“This is related to my potential after becoming a god.

The Demon God doesnt sound powerful enough, and there will be very few rules I can control.

But it will immediately make me sound mightier if its the God of Darkness.”

“But as a transmigrator, how can I be limited to one attribute Only without weakness can one have enough potential!”

Li Xiangs eyes flickered, and all thoughts rose and fell in his mind.

“Light and darkness are opposites, but neither light nor darkness can exist alone.

Therefore, I must also dabble in the light attribute.

The two exist side by side, restraining each other.

Therefore, I must control the light!”

“Light and darkness represent Yin and Yang while Yin and Yang represent the sun and moon, and the sun and moon are light.

Do I have to call it Great Ming That wont do! It will be plagiarism!”

“Forget it! Lets call it the Kingdom of Dawn! It represents the first ray of light between Heaven and Earth!”

After that, he entered the name he had set into the system.

[ Ding! The name of the country is the Kingdom of Dawn.

You cannot change it once you set it.

Are you sure ]


[ Ding! System announcement! ]

[ Congratulations to the Lord of the Kingdom of Dawn, Li Xiang, for upgrading his main city to Level 5 and establishing the Kingdom of Dawn.

The reward is three Mythical treasure chests, 100,000 merit points, one million crystal coins, and other rewards! ]

[ Congratulations to the Lord of the Kingdom of Dawn, Li Xiang, for upgrading his main city to Level 5 and establishing the Kingdom of Dawn.

The reward is three Mythical treasure chests, 100,000 merit points, one million crystal coins, and other rewards! ]

The three consecutive system announcements stunned all the lords in the Myriad World Continent.

The world was in an uproar at this moment.

Both the non-humans and humans began to inquire about the Kingdom of Dawn.

The rulers of Zone C were very familiar with the name Li Xiang, but they didnt know anything about the Kingdom of Dawn.

So, they didnt know what connections the two of them had.

The messages on the Myriad World Continents chat channel started to pop out crazily.

Everyone on the world chat channel only had one chance to speak daily.

After that, every time they posted, they had to spend 100 crystal coins, which was one million gold coins to be able to talk once.

Countless people posted messages here, asking for information about Li Xiang.

“Who the f*ck knows who this Li Xiang is Why is his name so strange”

“It seems to be a humans name.

Could it be a human”


Humans are only fit to be our food!”

“F*ck, those bastards who said that! Dont let me see you, or else Ill f*cking stew you into soup!”

“Li Xiang is human based on his name, but who knows where Im offering a reward of 10,000 crystal coins.

I can pay in advance.

You only have to sign a contract with the system!”

“Human I didnt expect the human race to get there first.

We, the wolf race, will catch up soon! Im also offering a reward of 20,000 crystal coins for Li Xiangs location!”

The news stunned many major regions where the human race gathered.

“How on earth did this guy upgrade the main city to Level 5 It took me so much time and effort to upgrade to Level 2!”

“This guy seems to be a lord in Zone C.

He was the one who killed the hundreds of lords! I have an impression of him! I thought it was fake data, but now it seems that Im ignorant!”

“There is a bounty on Li Xiangs location on the world channel.

Does anyone want to make a fortune”

“Humph, this is a genius of the human race.

Foreign races would look down upon the entire human race if they killed him.

I am not taking this mission!”

“What genius He is just lucky and got a heaven-defying talent.

If it were anyone else who got such a talent, they would be able to reach this step! I am not convinced.

Im taking this mission!”


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