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In an instant, the Demon Lair that had already been fused into the main city flew out from the black hill and once again transformed into a ray of light that entered Li Xiangs body.

Following that, he felt a loud bang in his mind as his consciousness directly arrived at a mysterious place.

In front of him, a ray of black light and a ray of white light were spinning and colliding with each other, fusing together.

The rotation was getting faster and faster, and finally, it turned into a gray vortex.

Not long after, a strange light was born in the vortex.

A huge palace appeared in his eyes.


[Mythical only talent, Demon Lair, and Mythical only talent, Tower of Light, merged and upgraded to divine grade talent, Starlight Shrine]

[Starlight Shrine (divine grade) only]: Consumes Soul Points, can recruit light and darkness, wind and thunder, water and fire, space and time, eight-elemental heroes and soldiers.

“Heroes and soldiers of the eight elements I thought that the fusion of light and darkness could evolve into all systems.

I didnt expect that there would only be eight elements.

Anyway, this is enough!”

Li Xiang was not greedy.

Moreover, he saw a hint of becoming a god from this talent.

Since it could be called a shrine, then it meant that there was a god in it.

And now that this shrine had become his own talent, then could he possibly become the God of Starlight in the future

If he could master enough laws, would he be able to become the Master of Stars, the God of Stars

“The shrine! This isnt something that can be called casually!”

Li Xiang was a little excited, but just as he was about to take out the temple and put it down, he realized that he couldnt do that.

It would only stay in his consciousness.


If he wanted to recruit heroes or soldiers, he could do that in the main city, as long as he had the talent with him and had enough Soul Points.

“Oh, this Starlight Shrine finally has a sense of talent in this way.

Otherwise, this talent would be a wonder! I cant believe that I have to take it out before I can use it!”

However, he didnt immediately start recruiting heroes and soldiers.

Instead, he planned to continue opening the remaining three mythical treasure chests.

Talent treasure chests were extremely rare, but mythical treasure chests were also very rare!

The last mythical treasure chest that he had opened was awarded to the first place on the Evernight Continents leaderboard.

From within, he obtained the mythical skill, high-rank damage reflection halo.

He did not know if he would be able to get another halo skill this time.

Even if there was just one, he would have made a huge profit.


The first mythical treasure chest was opened by him.


[Congratulations to the country lord of Kingdom of Dawn, Li Xiang, for obtaining the mythical treasure, the Starlight Fortune Pool.]

[Starlight Fortune Pool]

Grade: Mythical

Function: Gathers the power of the stars and forms the Starlight Divine Water.

The Starlight Divine Water has the power of fortune and can be used for planting top rank spiritual roots.

It can also be used to wash away filth and heal injuries.

It has endless uses.

Description: The Starlight Fortune Pool can condense a drop of Starlight Divine Water every day.

“Not bad! Good stuff!”

Li Xiang looked at the Starlight Fortune Pool in his hand, which seemed to be made of purple divine stones.

He was pleasantly surprised.

This Starlight Divine Water could be used to plant the mysterious seed that had just sprouted.

Perhaps it would have a better effect.

Compared to the water essence, the Starlight Divine Water was obviously of a higher rank.

It also contained more energy.

“The second one!”

Li Xiangs gaze landed on the second mythical treasure chest.

He could not help but pray again, hoping to obtain a halo skill.


The treasure chest was opened and inside was an extremely common-looking mask.

“What is this”

The moment the mask entered his hand, he immediately obtained the information of this mask.

[True Mask]

Grade: Mythical

Function: Can hide ones identity and information, and forge a brand new fake identity at any time.

Description: A must-have item for home travel.

“F*ck, theres actually such a thing.

Can this hide my identity And it is mythical”

Li Xiang covered the mask on his face.

In an instant, the mask directly merged into his body as if it was transparent.

Now, he could change his appearance at will and fix it, becoming a brand-new person with a brand-new identity.

If there were people who were proficient in insight or probing techniques to investigate his information, they could only see what he wanted others to see.

“Not bad! Although it wasnt very useful to me, it wasnt useless.

In order to gain more EXP, I did not increase my level.

With this, I can relax and increase my level.

When the time comes, no one would suspect me even if I show a fake information to others!”

However, he still had to carefully consider the matter of the fake identity information.

Even if it was fake information, he had to do it as if it was real.

Otherwise, it would be too ridiculous if someone could tell the truth at a glance.

Then, he looked at the last mythical treasure chest.

Without hesitation, he opened the chest.

With a flash of golden light, a diamond-shaped crystal shimmering with golden light was revealed.


He originally thought that there was no hope for halo skill stone after opening two mythical treasure chests.

He did not expect that there would be an unexpected surprise at the most unexpected moment.

“What a pity! The Infinity Mirror in my hand is only at the legendary level.

If it was at the mythical level, I would be able to duplicate this skill stone once more.

Wouldnt that mean that I would have two skill stones”

Some delusions rose in Li Xiangs heart, but his hand did not slow down in the slightest as he took the skill stone.

Click, learn.


[Congratulations to the country lord of Kingdom of Dawn, Li Xiang, for obtaining the high rank skill: Sacred Flame Halo ]

[Sacred Flame Halo]

Quality: Mythical

Level: 1

Description: All attacks from areas enveloped by the halo will be imbued with sacred flame attack.

Sacred flame attack will deal double damage to evil creatures.

The current ratio of sacred flame attack is 1% of attack power.

Li Xiang was stunned when he saw this skill.

He had a lot of demons under him.

Would this sacred flame halo burn these guys into ashes

Could it be that the demons attack could also carry sacred flames damage

Li Xiang estimated that when the demons under him saw that his attack carried the sacred flame, their worldview would collapse and they would doubt their life, right

Li Xiang immediately called over a demon guard.

This was a Flame Demon.

It was holding a huge axe that was as tall as a person.

It looked extremely ferocious.

“Your Highness!”

“Dont move.

Ill test out my skills! If you feel that something is wrong, speak up immediately and Ill stop!”

The flame warrior was not at the slightest bit of displease.

He nodded and said, “Yes, Your Highness!”

Li Xiang immediately activated the level 1 Sacred Flame Halo.

Instantly, a platinum halo appeared under the feet of the flame warrior.

However, this halo did not cause any damage to the flame warrior.

It did not even have a bad effect.

Seeing this, Li Xiang sent the demon guard away.

He did not think about why the demon could carry the Sacred Flame Halo.

After all, this skill was his own, and he had the rule that allies should avoid damage.

It was probably because of this that he did not cause any damage to the demon.

If this guy was not his subordinate, the halo skills would not be able to be used.


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