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“What Youre not here to attack me Dont tell me that youre not planning to take over my country This wont do! Im already prepared to surrender.

What can I do if youre not coming”

Li Xiangs face instantly darkened.

Why did he feel that the more he spoke, the more he felt that something was wrong The feeling was strange.

When Yang Mi heard this, she was so happy that her entire body trembled.

“Shut up!”

“Uh!” Wang Tao was stunned.

What was going on Was it even over to surrender now

Li Xiang took a deep breath and said, “Im here to discuss the matter of exchanging territories with you.

Are you willing”

“Exchanging territories”

“Thats right! I have a friend in Area B5.

She is often harassed there and is very restless, so I want to give her a new place.

If you are willing, you can exchange with her.

I will include you in her territory exchange application.

You dont have to pay for it.

Besides the territory, you can take all the things you want!”

Wang Tao was stunned.

Was there actually such a good thing

Who wouldnt have any ambition after coming to Myriad World Continent and understanding this place

However, ambition also depended on strength and opportunities.

Just like his territory, he had no hope at all in facing a powerful enemy like Li Xiang although he had the resources of warhorses.

No matter how ambitious he was, it would be in vain.

But now, if he could complete the territory exchange, he would not put any other enemies in his eyes other than a freak like Li Xiang.

Moreover, Li Xiang did not set any harsh conditions.

He could totally go to another place to develop, and it was not to start all over again.

How could he not seize such an opportunity immediately

“Okay, I agree.

I can complete the territory exchange right now!”

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Li Xiang nodded and turned around to glance at Zhou Yutong.

Zhou Yutong understood and nodded.

She immediately began to apply for the territory exchange.

As an applicant for the territory exchange, one had to pay a huge processing fee.

The fee of one thousand crystal coins was a price that was enough to cost an arm and a leg of most country lords.

However, it was nothing to Zhou Yutong.

After all, she was a strong woman who had entered Evernight Continent.

During this period of time, her strength had soared with the help of the equipment that Li Xiang had placed in the warehouse of the alliance.

Naturally, the wealth, resources, and equipment that she had obtained had also soared.

One thousand crystal coins was really nothing to her.


[ Area B5 Region 0042 country lord, Zhou Yutong, has submitted a territory exchange request to you.

Do you agree The service fee of 1,000 crystal coins has been settled by the other party.]

“Hiss! Good Lord! Just the service fee is already one thousand crystal coins.

She is so f*cking rich!”

He sighed in his heart, but his actions were not slow at all.

He immediately clickedagree.


[The application has been approved.

The territory exchange will begin in 30 minutes! Please get ready! ]

Wang Taos heart was filled with joy.

He looked at Li Xiang and cupped his hands, “Brother Li is so generous.

I hope we can meet and work together again in the future.

I have to go back and tidy up now.


“Go ahead!”

Li Xiang had no intention to keep him.

He watched Wang Tao leave with the army and said, “It seems that the territory exchange is not difficult!”

Behind him, Zhou Yutong and Yang Mi were speechless.

“Look at how much you have forced them.

Who would let go of a chance to exchange territory”

Ning Xiaoyue asked curiously, “Sister Yutong, dont you need to go back to the territory to prepare for the exchange”

Zhou Yutong said, “Everything that needs to be prepared has already done.

After the exchange begins, Wang Tao, his army, his castle, and everything other than the territory will be immediately sent to my territory.

And everything of mine will naturally be sent here as well.

As for myself, since Im already here, I definitely wont be sent again!”

After the territory exchange application was submitted, she would immediately knew these things clearly.

Naturally, she wasnt worried.

Half an hour later, the entire world seemed to blur for a moment.

Then, the original Wang Taos Shinme Country Castle in the distance directly became Zhou Yutongs Fairy Castle.

The only change was the surrounding environment.

“Yutong, the changes in the environment have a great impact on the fairies under your command, right”

Zhou Yutong looked at the seemingly endless grassland.

She nodded and said, “Thats true! But the fairies are all proficient in planting plants.

As long as there is sufficient water, it wont take long for this place to turn into a lush forest.”

“Isnt that a bit of a pity Such a large grassland will become a forest, so we cant raise warhorses!”

Ning Xiaoyue had some expectations for warhorses.

How she wished that she could change to this territory since raising horses would be pretty good.

Zhou Yutong rolled her eyes and said, “Who said that we have to turn the entire grassland into a forest Its enough as long as the castle is surrounded by forest.

The fairies have peaceful personalities and dont compete with the world.

As long as theres enough living environment, they wont be bothered to expand! We can still raise warhorses in the extra space!”

At this time, Li Xiang interrupted the conversation between them.

“Alright, lets talk about it later.

Yutong, go back and take care of the fairies who have just changed their environment.

Ill take the others to the next place and help Xiaoyue to change her territory!”

“Alright! Ill go back and take a look.

Ill be there in a while!”

Zhou Yutong led Bai Ling and galloped into her own castle while Li Xiang took the others and galloped in another direction.

When they were discussing the territory change, Yang Mi and the other two suggested that they would choose two neighboring territories.

However, Li Xiang had a different opinion.

He thought that this was a chance to strengthen the alliance and the three of them.

There was no need for the three of them to connect their territories right now.

They could completely occupy one territory each and form a triangular formation.

After they took down the surrounding territories, the three territories would be connected.

This way, their territory would expand a lot.

Their foundation and strength would also soar.

The three women did not agree to this suggestion at the beginning.

They did not like fighting.

However, Li Xiang insisted and planned to do all the operations by himself, which dispelled their worries.

Therefore, Li Xiang wasnt going to the territory of Yang Mi and Zhou Yutong, but to another place.

Even Zhou Yutong and Yang Mi were separated by a large area of uninhabited territory.

Li Xiang and his group passed through several countries consecutively, which immediately alarmed the nearby country lords.

The situation of these country lords was very similar to Wang Taos.

When they saw such a group of people passing through the national borders, they all thought that they were enemies and became nervous.

However, Wang Taos message was transmitted over very soon, letting everyone know that the person who came was actually Li Xiang, and it was actually for the territory exchange.

This news immediately caused chaos among the country lords in District 0032.


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