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“So ruthless”

Zhou Yutong nodded and said, “Its more ruthless than you think! I heard that in order to obtain this halo skill stone, dozens of countries joined in.

Even I was affected and almost got involved!”

Yang Mi also asked curiously, “Shouldnt he learn the skill immediately after he had gotten the treasure Why did he wait for others to snatch it”

“Sister Mi, do you think everyone is a pervert like Li Xiang Everyones skills were limited! Furthermore, halo skills were naturally one level higher than other skills.

Therefore, even if it was the worst low-rank halo skill, one had to reach at least transcendent silver-rank! This wasnt the level which could be achieved as long as one had enough EXP, but one actually had to have enough battle records to qualify for it!”

Yang Mi opened her attribute panel curiously and looked at it.

She was a little embarrassed.

Her level had reached level 35, but her strength was only transcendent bronze-rank, which was a level lower than transcendent silver-rank.

“How can I increase this strength rating”

“Participate in the battles, of course!”

Ning Xiaoyue asked curiously, “Then whats your strength rating, Sister Yutong”

Zhou Yutong smiled and said, “I happen to be an extraordinary silver-rank, and this was only achieved after I participated in killing a lot of monsters after entering Evernight Continent!”

In fact, Li Xiang did not notice that there was actually a limit to the learning of halo skill stone.

Only then did he notice that his strength rating was extraordinary gold-rank.

Above extraordinary gold-rank was master, then grandmaster, legend, and finally myth.

As for whether there was a rating above transcendent king, he didnt know.

But from the looks of it, it would probably take a long time to be promoted to transcendent king.

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He even suspected that above transcendent king, there should be a “God”.

But that was a long time later.

Now that he knew this restriction, he definitely had to help Yang Mi and Ning Xiaoyue to raise their ratings.

“You guys choose one first.

Yutong can learn first.

Then, Ill arrange for you to participate in a few battles.

You should be able to raise your ratings to silver.

Of course, just participating in the battles isnt enough.

Your own strength will definitely have to be raised.

You already have the equipment.

Youll need to go all out in the using your skills and commanding your troops.”

Ning Xiaoyue was more dependent on Li Xiang.

She asked nervously, “Li Xiang, will you take us with you”

“I cant take you with me! If I go with you, I will be the one leading the battle, and it will affect your strength greatly! I cant even send my own heroes!”

Seeing the troubled look on Yang Mi and Ning Xiaoyues faces, he said with a smile, “But dont worry.

Although I cant send heroes, I can send common soldiers! With Yutong around.

you can reduce your danger to the minimum.”

“Thats more like it!”

Li Xiang felt that the troops sent to Yang Mis side should be changed.

Although Yang Mi hadnt stopped sending troops to clear the wild monsters in the territory, their leveling speed had still been seriously affected.

This was due to the low level of the wild monsters here compared to the top rank wild monsters in Kingdom of Dawn.

Therefore, he had sent a message to ask Lys to send a new team of troops that had reached level 100 and above.

This group of level 80 and 90 would return to the country to level up and increase their strength.

At this time, an elven warrior came in to report that there were other country lords nearby who had come to pledge their allegiance, hoping to have a meet.

Ning Xiaoyue didnt know anything about this kind of thing, so she could only look at Li Xiang with a confused face.

Li Xiang naturally didnt care about this.

It was just a matter of a few words.

“Let them in!”

Then, more than a dozen country lords who had seen him before, and a few who hadnt, all walked into the hall.

Seeing Li Xiang sitting in the main seat of the hall, everyone was not surprised at all.

Their eyes were even filled with envy.

“F*ck, if I had such strength, I would definitely be able to enjoy such top rank treatment.

Letting my own woman dominate a region while I hide behind the scenes to control.

Its simply too awesome.”

“Greetings, Brother Li!”

These country lords were very polite and even respectful.

After entering, they cupped their hands and saluted.

Li Xiang waved his hand and said, “I know what you all are thinking.

You all want to set off as soon as possible.

After snatching the territories, you can complete the territory exchange before starting to develop properly.”

“However, I dont advise you to be in such a rush!”

“Why is that”

One of the country lords who had been feeling a little anxious, directly asked.

Li Xiang said indifferently, “You should know that in less than a months time, Evernight Continent will descend.

Do you think that if you go to other places, you can use a months time to raise your strength”

Everyone looked at each other.

They naturally knew about Evernight Continents events.

But what did this have to do with them swapping territories Wasnt it the same for them to participate in this event at another place

Li Xiang could tell at a glance that these people did not know the terror of Evernight Continent.

“It seems that everyone does not understand the terror of Evernight Continent!”

A quick-witted country lord immediately caught the main point of Li Xiangs words.

“Terror If even a genius like Li Xiang thinks that Evernight Continent is terrifying, do they still have a way to live”

Li Xiang saw that many of the peoples expressions had changed slightly.

He knew that they were not really stupid.

They just did not know the specific information about Evernight Continent.

“Ive been to Evernight Continent before.

How should I put it The monsters on the first floor are on average around level 40, whereas those on the second floor are already level 70.

Ive never been to the third floor.

However, even with my strength, I almost cant persist on the second floor.

You all can see how terrifying Evernight Continent is.

You have to know that there are many floors on Evernight Continent.

If I cant even persist on the second floor, thats enough to explain a lot of problems.”


“So scary”

“Are they trying to kill us all”

“What was Brother Lis strength at that time”

Li Xiang said calmly, “I was level 50 at that time.

I brought one hundred people into Evernight Continent.

These one hundred heroes were all around level 70 or 80.”

He did not reveal all of his previous strength.

But even so, he still gave everyone a shock.

D*mn it! Li Xiangs heroes had already reached level 70 to 80 not long ago.

Then, wouldnt they be level 80 to 90 by now

With such strength, if he could not even persist on the second level of Evernight Continent, then what were they playing for They had to die as soon as possible!

“What should we do then If its so difficult with Brother Lis strength, wont we all be wiped out”

Li Xiang said, “So if you all rush to other regions now, even if you manage to seize the territory and successfully replace it, its still unknown if you can stop the monsters that descended from Evernight Continent in the end.

And replacing the territory requires one thousand crystal coins.

With this money, why dont you all buy some equipment to increase your strength and increase your chances of survival”


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