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“Since even Brother Li thinks that its terrifying, Im afraid it wont be of much use even if we go all out to prepare in such a short time, right”

“How can it be of no use” Li Xiang smiled and shook his head, “The reason why Im telling you all this isnt to scare you, but to tell you that before the activity of Evernight Continent ends, its not appropriate to spend too much money and energy to seek for other territories.

You should calm down and increase your strength instead.”

“Of course, the most important thing is that after Evernight Continent descends, the situation would also be different from mine.

At that time, I was facing the monsters of the entire second level alone.

But this time when Evernight Continent descends, everyone will be facing the monsters together.

As long as the mysterious existence didnt intentionally let everyone die, he wouldnt release monsters that far exceeded our abilities.

Do you understand what I mean now So, you still have a chance, and its a very big chance!”

Hearing this, everyone secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

But then, they realized some of the hidden information in these words.

“Hiss! This guy actually brought only one hundred people to face the monsters on the second level of Evernight Continent.

No wonder he was untenable.

He actually wanted to go against the nature!”

“We cant compare with this guy.

Now that we know how powerful Evernight Continent is, so we should calm down and prepare well.

I reckon that Li Xiang and his women wont cause any trouble during this period of time.

We can develop in peace for the time being.

After we survive the crisis of Evernight Continent, we can think about where to develop later!”

Everyones minds were still clear.

After figuring out Li Xiangs stance, they stood up one by one and left in a hurry to make preparations.

After these people left, Li Xiang and the three ladies had a meal in the castle.

After discussing the plan for the next upgrade, they were ready to leave.

In fact, Li Xiang didnt have anything important to do.

However, he couldnt touch the three women beside him who were as beautiful as the roses.

He could only stay here and look at them.

That kind of torture was really unbearable.

If the three of them werent grouped together, he had the confidence to directly take them down.

But now the difficulty had increased exponentially when they were together.

Since he didnt have the chance for the time being, he might as well go back and develop his territory.

At this time, in another place very far away from Li Xiang, dozens of foreign race leaders had gathered together through a strange treasure.

The hot topic during this period of time was that a human elite had killed all the foreign race leaders who had invaded.

Not a single one of them escaped.

The Winged-human Race, Werewolf Race, Rat-human Race, and Blood Claw Race, with a total of more than three hundred thousand troops, were completely wiped out in the human territory.

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These foreign races naturally knew this news.

Therefore, after a series of connections, they gathered together through a strange treasure today.

“Everyone, I reckon that you all have understood the purpose of todays gathering.

Please share your thoughts!”

The organizer of this event was not the strongest Winged-human Race.

Instead, it was the Blood Claw Race, who had always kept a low profile.

The Blood Claw Race branch leader, Bingfeng Blood Claw, was a burly middle-aged man with a single blood-red horn on his head.

His appearance was 60-70% similar to that of a human.

He wore a pair of black metal finger gloves on his hands, which gave off a cold and murderous aura.

The leader of Winged-human Race said calmly, “The idea is very simple.

Since the human race has killed our people, we will take revenge and destroy their countries!”

The leader of Rat-human Race chuckled and said, “The Rat-human Race has nothing but a lot of people.

Now that the population of every territory has skyrocketed.

Its a good opportunity to clean up a part of them and let them live in the territory of the human race!”

The branch leader of Werewolf Race was a silver-haired middle-aged man who looked no different from a normal human, “The human race is the top-rank race in all the worlds.

However, everyone knows that although the force of the human race is not small, the ordinary human race is very weak.

If we can kill more humans and seize their territories and resources, it will be beneficial to our respective races! Therefore, we Werewolves Race will definitely support this idea!”

At this moment, a hoarse voice suddenly sounded, “This human genius, Li Xiang, is very spooky.

Dont underestimate him!”

Bingfeng Blood Claw turned his head around and saw a figure covered by a black hood sitting in a corner of the room.

With a thought, he knew the background of this person.

He smiled faintly and said, “I didnt expect that the high priest of the Undead would also come.

I didnt notice just now.

Please forgive me!”

“No worries!”

He remembered that he had indeed sent an invitation to this high priest, but he had never thought that he would come.

However, this high priest actually came this time.

“Could it be that the human genius, Li Xiang, is really so powerful that he has already attracted the higher-ups of the Undeads attention”

With a slight thought in his heart, he immediately asked, “High priest, do you know more information about this Li Xiang”

The high priest calmly replied, “This Li Xiang and another human genius that we support are close neighbors.

There was even a conflict that broke out a month ago.

There were over one million Undead army gathered by all the country lords of the six small districts.

Almost all of them were wiped out by him in one battle.

Now you see how powerful this Li Xiang is!”


“One million Undead army was defeated by this Li Xiang one month ago Is he really that strong”

The high priest once again revealed, “More than half a month ago, hundreds of human country lords invade his Demon Country together.

But in the end, they were defeated.

Out of the three to four hundred country lords, only less than a hundred escaped.

The rest were all wiped out, and even their Lords Imprint were lost.

It was precisely because of this that Demon Countrys territory expanded by several times, and became the foundation to establish Kingdom of Dawn today!”

Hearing this, the expressions of the dozens of foreign race leaders in the hall changed slightly.

The Blood Claw Race leader, Bingfeng Blood Claw, said in bewilderment, “A month ago, everyones strength was still hovering around level 20.

I think that Li Xiang must have some great weapons in his hands to be able to defeat the Undead.

Otherwise, with the foundations of the various countries at that time, the quantitative change was enough to trigger a qualitative change.

It would be very difficult for him to defeat the Undead army!”

The high priest nodded slightly and said, “Thats right! Li Xiang has a top-rank battle bow in his hands.

Its at least of S-Rank quality, or very likely SS-Rank.

He only obtained victory after killing the top-rank soldiers of the Undead.”

“Then whats Li Xiangs strength now Are those hundreds of country lords all trash So many people invaded and yet they were defeated.

Its simply unimaginable!”

“Indeed, these invading country lords only thought that Li Xiang was leading the army outside.

So, they wanted to take advantage of the situation when the country was empty.

They were all trash country lords with low strength.

But hundreds of country lords also led a lot of army in total.

Everyone should understand the principle of many hands make light work.

But in the end, Li Xiang still won.

This shows that Li Xiangs army is very strong!”


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