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Yang Mi, Zhou Yutong, and Ning Xiaoyue froze when they saw this.

The results of the previous battle had surprised the three of them.

They killed 20,000 to 30,000 of the enemys men in one shot.

This way, they could kill the enemys million men in 40 to 50 shots.

Of course, that would be impossible.

No matter how stupid the enemy was, they would not let their army die like this.

The soldiers would disagree even if the other lords wanted to do this.

“Sister Mi, the enemy is using their trump card, right”

Although Zhou Yutongs expression was solemn, she was confident.

Yang Mis crossed her arms before her chest as she looked up at the dense silver light.

She could vaguely see a huge and terrifying figure gradually appearing inside.

“This should be a summoning token.

From the aura that it released, it should be at least a legendary Boss.

Ruth, Bai Ling, Aileen, can the three of you handle that”

Ruth smiled at the other two heroes and said, “Leave this Boss to me! I can take it down by myself!”

Bai Ling and Aileen nodded as well.

A legendary Boss might look powerful, but it was only one level away from a Mythical Boss.

Naturally, its strength was not on the same level.

At the same time, they had to consider the attributes and levels of this Boss.

If its level were not high and the attributes were opposite of them, it would have no advantage over common monsters other than having stronger HP.


It was a mammoth covered in snow-white fur.

Its body was more than ten meters tall, and its two long tusks were curved and sharp, looking extremely ferocious.

Zhou Yutongs expression changed as she said, “Its a monster like the mammoth.

Its skin and flesh are thick, and its strength is wild and fierce.

This creature is tough to deal with!”

Yang Mi and Ning Xiaoyue had participated in many battles recently, and they could recognize more stuff.

With just a glance, they could estimate that it would be difficult to withstand the impact of the mammoth with the current castle walls alone.

On the other side, the eyes of the foreign race lords lit up when they saw this.

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“It randomly picked the mammoth.

Even if its only a legendary level, its enough to break through the walls.

I want to see what the weak archers they have can do!”

“Prepare the army to charge.

Dont hesitate.

Its best to kill the enemy in one go! Of course, keep those women on the walls alive!”

The foreign country lords were excited at this moment, and the foreign country allied army behind them was also excited.

With a Boss like the mammoth leading the charge, they had nothing to fear.

Their bloodthirstys eyes instantly turned red, and their blood began to boil in excitement.

On the city wall, Zhou Yu Tong frowned slightly.

Looking at Ruth, she asked, “Are you confident in defeating this mammoth”

Ruth had not expected to meet such a difficult target.

She had wanted to show off her strength.

However, she was an SS-Rank hero, and her equipment was top-rank.

She had also reached Level 100.

As long as she had enough time, it would not be difficult for her to kill this mammoth.

The problem now was that the distance was close, and danger was imminent.

As an archer, she could not unleash much of her power without keeping a distance from the enemy.

That was embarrassing.

“The three of you attack together.

We must kill this mammoth as quickly as possible! We will command the army to attack the forces behind it!”

Zhou Yutong immediately gave the order.

Yang Mi and Ning Xiaoyue felt there was no other way, and they didnt have time to think about it.

After the light on the mammoths body faded, it turned its head to the city wall and let out a provocative roar.


Then, it slowly moved its body.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

With each step it took, the ground seemed to tremble.

Bai Ling, Ruth, and Aileen looked at each other.

Bai Ling said, “Ill attract the attention of this Boss, you two attack with full force!”

“Okay! Be careful of the sneak attack from the enemys hero!”

“Got it!”

After upgrading to a nine-tailed celestial fox, Bai Lings attribute reached the SSS-Rank Mythical, and her level was over 100.

She was not afraid of the Level 60 mammoth at all.

The only challenging part was the Mammoths defense was strong, and its HP was high.

It was difficult to kill.


Bai Ling flew down from the city wall, and a crystal ball appeared in her hand.

That was her weapon, an SS-Rank Legendary equipment, the Exquisite Crystal Ball.

She leaped onto the back of the mammoth.

It was a risky move.

When the foreign country lords on the hill saw that the enemy hero had finally made its move, they immediately smiled.

“Go! Send our hero battle team and assist the mammoth to surround and kill them!”


Everyone was excited.


A long trunk almost left an afterimage as it whipped towards Bai Ling at a breakneck speed.

Bai Ling had already expected this.

Her body turned gracefully in the air, and the Exquisite Crystal Ball in her hand suddenly turned into white light as it descended.


The mammoths huge head suddenly shook, and a white light spread from the top of its head.

That was a magic attack from the exquisite crystal ball and had a stun effect.

As for Bai Ling, while dodging the whip from the elephants trunk, it landed perfectly on the back of the mammoth.

Almost at the same time, two arrows shot down from the city wall.

One of the arrows flickered with a faint green light, while the other flickered with a silver light.

Almost all of the arrows instantly shot into the mammoths huge eyes.


These two arrows were accurate, and their damage to the mammoth was great.

[ Mammoth, Legendary ]

Rank: SS

Level: 60

HP: 300,000

Defense: 20,000

Attack: 10,000

Agility: 1,000

Skills: Stomp

Skills: Fearless Charge

Skills: Intimidating Roar

Skills: Berserk Charge

At this moment, the 300,000 HP of the mammoth had been reduced by 50,000 HP.

Furthermore, because it had lost its vision, the mammoth was staggering backward under Bai Lings guidance.

“This is bad! Quickly stop that woman! If the mammoth were to be guided backward by her, it would cause huge casualties to us!”

“Why do we need to care about casualties If we cant take advantage of this opportunity to let the army charge forward, the consequences wont be about how many casualties there are.

Whats left is not injuries, only death!”

“Thats right! Let the army charge!”

The lords also reacted.

If the mammoth elephant charged backward, no one would be able to attract the enemys firepower.

Then, the arrows would rain down, and they wouldnt be able to get close at all.

Thus, under the orders of the lords, the million-strong army formed a line and charged toward the elf castle.

Zhou Yutongs expression was cold.

She raised her arm and coldly ordered, “Archers, get ready!”


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