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“For these ten thousand people, there will be five thousand in Emperor City and Business City each.

You can train respectively as a comparison.

Those who do well will be rewarded, while those who do poorly will be punished!”

After speaking, Li Xiang gave each of them an interspatial ring, which contained a large amount of resources and cultivation methods.

These cultivation methods were all accumulated by Li Xiang from the exchange market and the auction house.

This was a world where myriad races competed.

Naturally, there was no lack of resources.

However, Li Xiang did not give any high-rank resources or cultivation methods this time.

He only took out the low-rank basic cultivation methods to give them a test.

After sending the two away, Li Xiang went to the backyard and looked at the World Tree that had grown to the height of a person.

His heart was filled with anticipation, but also somewhat helpless.

Even with Divine Starlight Water watering it every day, the World Tree once again fell into silence after a period of rapid growth.

However, it was normal.

This was a World Tree after all.

Although the Divine Starlight Water was not bad, its effects were definitely very limited.

It was impossible for it to directly stimulate the World Tree to grow.

Fortunately, although the World Tree was still far from growing, it actually benefited City of Dawn.

The biggest benefit was that the entire City of Dawn was shrouded in a wonderful light, and the spiritual energy was extremely dense.

“Your Highness! A mythical-grade metal line has been discovered!”

Eye Demons voice sounded in his mind.

Eye Demons only mission during this period of time was to find the three mythical-grade mineral lines and a high-rank crystal mine.

Those were Li Xiangs rewards by the system after the world announcement.

However, these four ore lines appeared randomly.

So it would take some time to find them.

“Oh What kind of metal is it”

“Purple Thunder Black Iron!”

Li Xiangs eyes instantly lit up.

D*mn, this was a top-grade material for forging weapons! Especially weapons that were used to target evil creatures.

It had an extraordinary thunder attack bonus.

“Good! Immediately send a message to Alice, tell her… No, this Purple Thunder Black Iron is not suitable for demons to mine.

Tell her to arrange for Orcs to mine!”


“Continue to search for the other mineral lines, the sooner the better!”


Eye Demon could be said to be the most trouble-free hero among Li Xiangs subordinates.

He rarely spoke and did not have any objections to most things.

As long as Li Xiang gave the order, he could complete it very well.

As Eye Demon leveled up to level 120, the number of clones that he could summon had increased from one thousand to three thousand.

However, compared to the 1.5 million square kilometers of land now, it was difficult for a mere three thousand Eye Demon clones to quickly find the remaining three mineral lines.

Li Xiang did not give an absolute order to Eye Demon.

In any case, he was not in a hurry.

After all, even if the mineral lines were discovered, it would still take a long process for them to officially start mining and then smelt into metal before they could be forged into equipment.

And there was less than half a month left until the arrival of Evernight.

Therefore, even if these mineral lines were found, it would only be useful after the arrival of Evernight Continent.

“It would be great if I can mine enough crystal ores before the arrival of Evernight Continent!”

He had already planned to send Demon Mages to reinforce the city walls of Emperor City and Business City with magic.

And using magic naturally required energy.

And the most basic and purest energy was crystals.

Crystal coins were refined from crystals.

They were both money and energy.

Whether as money or energy, crystal coins and crystals were one of the most important resources known.

Therefore, the value of a high-rank crystal ore mine was simply immeasurable.

If it were not for the fact that Kingdom of Dawn was too powerful and had a formidable battle record, the jealous forces and countries would have already invaded the kingdom.

He believed that with Eye Demons ability, he would be able to find all the remaining mineral lines in a few days.

It was fine for the three mythical-level mineral lines, but for the high-rank crystal ore mine, it needed to be mined immediately if possible.

It could be used to strengthen the defense of Emperor City and Business City.

“Oh right, I think I still have the blueprint of Magic Crystal Cannon.

Its energy can be replaced by crystals.

If I can use it during the battle with Evernight monsters…”

When Li Xiang thought of this, his heart immediately burned with passion.

Thinking of this, Li Xiang immediately went to the Sky Workshop.

After Sky Workshop was upgraded, it now occupied quite a large area.

Hundreds of people were busy inside, and the tinkling sounds could be heard from far away.

Especially since Li Xiang had integrated two purgatory furnaces into it, the quality of the equipment produced was higher and the speed was faster now.

The chief craftsman of Sky Workshop immediately put down the work in his hands and respectfully greeted Li Xiang.

“Your Highness!”

“All right! I have an item here.

See if you can forge it, how long will it take, and how is the output.”

Li Xiang did not waste any time.

He went straight to the point and handed over a blueprint.

The chief craftsman took a look at the blueprint.

His glasses that were flickering with flames instantly narrowed slightly.

After studying it carefully, he said, “Your Highness, this Magic Crystal Cannon can be forged here.

The materials are sufficient, but it needs to be engraved with magic arrays, so the speed will be much slower!”

“Its good that it can be made.

Tell me how many Magic Crystal Cannons can be made in half a month!”

The chief craftsman thought carefully for a moment and said, “Twelve cannons in half a month.

This is the fastest speed.”

“Is there any way to increase the output”

The chief craftsman said, “Unless there are mages involved, or to increase the number of purgatory furnaces.

Only then the speed can be increased!”

Li Xiang nodded and said, “How many mages do you need here”

“Ten is more than enough!”

“Okay, ten Demon Mages will come and report in a while.

Theres no additional purgatory furnace.

If thats the case, how much can the production increase”

“In half a month, we can produce eighteen Magic Crystal Cannons!”

“Eighteen, thats still a bit too little.

But thats it for now! You can start preparing now.

In half a month, I want to see eighteen Magic Crystal Cannons!”


Li Xiang knew that these craftsmen were keeping their words to themselves.

If things went smoothly, receiving twenty Magic Crystal Cannons in half a month shouldnt be a problem.

Now, all that was left was the crystal ore mine.

At this moment, Yang Mi sent a message.

“Li Xiang, I found a small crystal ore mine in my territory.

Ive already sent people to start mining.”

“Your luck is quite good, isnt it I havent found the crystal ore line rewarded by my system, yet youve started mining”

Yang Mi smiled happily and said, “My good luck is indeed unstoppable.

I also found a large purple jade ore mine in the western mountain forest yesterday.

If you need it, just tell me.

Ill sell it to you at a cheaper price!”


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