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“Do I still need to spend money given our relationship”


Li Xiang saw that she didnt seem want to continue chatting.

He hurriedly sent a picture of the Magic Crystal Cannon over and said, “Can I use this to exchange with you You definitely wont suffer a loss!”

“Magic Crystal Cannon! This is a good thing! Ok, deal.

What do you want”

“You should speed up the mining of crystal mines and make more reserves.

Every shot of Magic Crystal Cannon worth a huge amount of crystal coins! Just give me more purple jade mines.

Forget about crystal mines!”

Yang Mi didnt insist and said directly, “I want twelve Magic Crystal Cannons.

Yutong, Xiaoyue and I have three each.

It should be barely enough, right”


“Twelve! Okay, Ill mail them to you after theyre done!”

After the two ended the conversation, Li Xiang couldnt help but scratch his head.

The maximum output of his Magic Crystal Cannons was only twenty, and now he had to give away twelve of them.

This could be considered a blissful trouble!

It seemed that twenty of them werent enough!

At this time, Eye Demons voice sounded again, “Your Highness, a crystal mine has been discovered.


Li Xiang heard this and heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

He immediately said, “Tell Alice to put other things away first.

Ask her to gather people and do your best to mine the crystal ore mine.”


Following that, Li Xiang summoned ten Demon Mages and said, “Ten of you go to the Sky Workshop to help to carve magic arrays in the production of Magic Crystal Cannons.”


These Demon Mages were all wearing black hooded mage robes.

They were all silent.

Under their hoods, there was only a shadow.

It was impossible to see their faces clearly.

Li Xiang did not think about peeping at the appearance of these Demon Mages.

After arranging the work, he was still thinking about how to get a few more purgatory furnaces or similar items.

Fortunately, since Kingdom of Dawn had just expanded, there were only three cities in the entire kingdom.

Otherwise, it would be troublesome to set up Magic Crystal Cannons in every city.

Moreover, it was not cheap to make Magic Crystal Cannons.

Not only were the materials used very rare, but it also took up a lot of manpower and resources.

The Sky Workshop was focusing on making Magic Crystal Cannons.

That meant the other equipment and weapons could not be made now.

He opened the trade channel and searched for “furnace” in the search bar.


A light flashed, and a page of items appeared.

However, there were only three items on it.

[Earthfire Furnace], [Purgatory Furnace], [Skyfire Furnace].

Their qualities corresponded to B, A, and S levels respectively.

However, the selling prices were really high.

The price of Earthfire Furnace was fifty thousand crystal coins.

Almost no one could afford this price, and even those who could afford it wouldnt be interested in it.

As for the Purgatory Furnace, it was sold for one hundred thousand crystal coins.

To be honest, for a perfect grade A special equipment, this price was ridiculously high.

As for the final Skyfire Furnace, it was directly marked as wanting to exchange for an SS legendary-grade weapon.

“These guys must be crazy poor, right”

When Li Xiang first saw that there were three special furnaces for sale, he was pleasantly surprised.

However, he could not help but ridicule when he saw the terrible price.

It was not that Li Xiang did not have other furnaces in his hands.

However, these furnaces were all below C grade, so they were not worth to be put in Sky Workshop.

He opened the auction house interface again and searched for the furnaces.

Immediately, two furnace auction items appeared.

[Heavenly Fire Furnace].

The current bid had already reached 350,000 crystal coins, but there hadnt been any activity for half an hour.

This was probably the limit of this high-grade items value.

However, it wasnt much to Li Xiang.

Crystal coins were just numbers to him now.

Hence, he casually entered a value of 500,000 crystal coins.

The second item was an SSS-Rank furnace.

[Sun Furnace]

The auction price had already reached 1,500,000 crystal coins.

However, the price was still constantly changing.

Although the price did not increase much, it would increase by 1,000 crystal coins in a short while, and still continuously increasing.

At the bottom of this item, there was the sellers mark.

If there was a weapon of the same quality, it could be exchanged directly.

Li Xiang shook his head.

He did not even have a mythical-level weapon, so how could he exchange it

The Commanders Sword in his hand was only at the legendary-level.

There were many mythical-level monsters that had died in his hands, but he had never obtained a mythical-level weapon.

Only the Dragon Slaying Divine Bow, which he had used special materials to level up to mythical-level.

From this, it could be seen how precious and rare mythical-level weapons were.

Even as one of the most powerful country lords, Li Xiang only had a set of legendary-level equipment on him, but not a single piece of mythical-level equipment had appeared.

However, this sun furnace was really too rare, and it was also very precious.

It would bring a huge upgrade to Sky Workshop.

Therefore, he directly entered a price of two million crystal coins into the auction price.

This price was definitely the best in the current Myriad World Continent.

Other than Li Xiang, there were almost no other country lords who could use so much money.

As for certain forces, it might not be easy for them to transfer so many crystal coins.

As Li Xiang placed a new price on the two auction items, the country lords who participated in the auction, as well as those who were watching the show, instantly had different reactions.

“Where the f*ck did this person come from Raising 500,000 crystal coins in one bid, could it be that his crystal coins were picked up for nothing Such a squandering”

“Look clearly, the other party didnt just add 500,000 on the first item, but also added 500,000 on the other item.

Adding the two items together, its three million crystal coins!”

“Hiss! Isnt this thirty billion gold coins Did the f*cking gold coins depreciate or did he dig into a crystal ore mine”

“Now that youve said that, I have a vague guess in my heart!”

“Haha, I have also guessed it! In terms of financial resources, that person is definitely the best in the continent! A mere 3 million crystal coins is not worth mentioning to him at all!”

Li Xiangs face darkened slightly when he saw the discussion on the chat channel.

If it was not for the urgent need, he really did not want to fork out this three million crystal coins.

Although he had more than 50 million crystal coins, which was more than enough, this amount of money still might not be a lot if he really wanted to spend it.

If he didnt have Infinity Mirror, then he might not be willing to pay such a high price to buy these two treasures.

However, Infinity Mirror was only at the legendary level.

It couldnt duplicate a mythical level treasure.

This was the biggest regret.

Moreover, the treasures that had been duplicated once and the duplicated treasures could not be duplicated again.

After that, he went back to the search interface and bought the Earthfire Furnace and the Purgatory Furnace.

As for the remaining Heavenly Fire Furnace, he could only give it up.

He was still using a legendary-level weapon.

This guy actually wanted to exchange for a mythical-level weapon directly.

It was definitely a huge demand.

However, he had no interest or time to bargain with the other party.

He had four furnaces at hand, and that was enough.


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