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Holy crap!

What a unique weapon!

Li Xiang was dumbfounded.

He could never have imagined that.

With the blueprint for making an excellent quality weapon and the dwarves craftsmanship, it could actually forge a Commanders Sword with such exaggerated attributes and additional abilities.

Not only did it have both strength and agility, but the attributes were also much more than what was written on the blueprint.

Just this alone provided about 20% of the attack power and movement speed of all the troops under his command.

Not to mention the two special abilities, [Personal Conqueror] and [Death Battle], which could bring huge improvements to the troops.

If it wasnt for the fact that it couldnt grow, its overall value would definitely surpass that of the legendary Flame Whip.

It would be best if he used this sword himself!

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Unfortunately, Li Xiang was still at Rank 1 and could not equip it.

“How should I level up”

As questions surfaced in his mind, the system answered in a timely manner.

[1: Kill the monsters personally.]

[2: Share the EXP gained with the soldiers (obtain 10%).]

[3: Build a training ground and let the units which are elite-ranked and above impart combat experience.]

[4: Devour the core of the other rulers territories.]


So thats how it was.

The first option was not very realistic.

Li Xiang had no combat ability at all.

It was already a little difficult for him to face the wild chickens of the Myriad World Continent alone.

In a sense, he was powerless.


Unless he could use the Commanders Sword right now.

The Poison Flame skill combined with the refinement effect, Kill, would be very powerful in a one-on-one fight.

The second option seemed okay, but it was a bit of a drain on his subordinates HP.

He had to activate it on his own, which would slow down the leveling speed of his soldiers.


The third option was not bad, but he did not have the time to construct this building at the moment, so he had to put it aside for now.

There was no need to consider the fourth option.


There was no other ruler in his territory besides Sally.

At the moment, only the second option was suitable.

Hence, Li Xiang chose to activate cancer mode.

As long as his soldiers killed any unit, 10% of the EXP would be given to him.

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However, leveling up here was not as simple as killing a few monsters in an online game.

Back then, the succubus had split half of the EXP from over a thousand goblins, but it did not level up to Rank 3.

This showed how difficult it was.

“I wonder if I can let my subordinates receive the buff from the Commanders Sword during the beast tide.”

Li Xiang naturally hoped that he could use this divine weapon as soon as possible.

However, the heavens didnt grant his wish.

It was already close to midnight, and the protective light was about to dissipate.

It was already too late to train at the last moment.

It was better to focus on dealing with the beast tide!

The city walls had already been built to a height of nearly seven meters, more than twice the height of the tall barbarians.

The progress was faster than expected.

It was just that the thickness was not enough.

If they were to encounter a huge buffalo, even the wall made of molten iron would be breached.

“It seems that we have to set up the barbarians at the back.”

Li Xiang was actually unwilling to choose to fight the monsters when his subordinates did not have armor and equipment.

However, there were no related blueprints in the trade area.

The beast tide was imminent, so he could only make this decision.

The barbarians would be the second line of defense behind the city wall.

If the city wall was broken, the Black Wing Demons could bring the Vine Whisker Demons and retreat safely.

They could then go behind them and defend for a second round.


Time passed bit by bit.

Sally had already distributed the eighth batch of weapons.

All the Black Wing Demons were equipped with long spears, and their attack power had greatly increased.

The remaining weapons, including those whose quality was below excellent, were handed over to the barbarians for temporary use.

At this time, even if they had a little more attributes, they would have a higher chance of winning against the beast tide.

The succubus and the eye demon guarded Li Xiangs left and right.

They looked at the golden light in the distance that was on the verge of collapse and was ready for a big battle.


It was like a roar from hell.

After this roar that was filled with the desire for flesh and blood, the golden light suddenly disappeared.

For a moment, the mountains and wilderness were filled with the sounds of response.

Countless rushing sounds were rapidly approaching the city wall in the darkness.

Soon, the first uninvited guest was revealed under the weak elemental light between heaven and earth.

It was a leopard that was four meters long.

Its body had patterns that were surging with flame light.

It seemed to have an attribute ability.

Following its appearance, more similar figures appeared in the forest behind him.

He did not know if the other three city walls were also dealing with such beasts.

Li Xiang raised his Commanders Sword high.

“Everyone, listen to my orders! Prepare to fight! Face the enemy!”

His voice reverberated in all directions.

Because his level was not high enough, it was very difficult for him to raise this sword.

But even so, Li Xiang still gritted his teeth and persevered, maintaining that moment of heroism.

The Black Wing Demons on the city wall spread their wings and raised their spears.

“For the glory of the Demon Lord!”


Thousands of barbarians roared in response.

“For the tribe!”




The Flame Leopards roared, and their small mountain-like bodies quickly approached the city wall.

The Black Wing Demons took advantage of their height to attack first.

The dark-red Light of Destruction transformed into deadly rays and accurately hit the Flame Leopards below.

At the same time, they threw out the spears in a gorgeous arc out of their hands, and it was pierced into the enemies bodies.

They were all equipped with the best spears, and their attack power was extremely high.

Even though they were only Rank 1, they still dealt a huge amount of damage to these wild beasts.

For a time, the Flame Leopards that had just come into contact with the city walls lost a lot of HP.

Some of them were unlucky enough to be targeted by the Black Wing Demons, and they were even instantly killed!

This damage was truly terrifying!

Li Xiang could already see that his EXP bar was slowly increasing.

However, these Flame Leopards were not characters that would not fight back after being hit.

They tried to use their jumping ability to reach the top of the city wall and engage in close combat with the Black Wing Demons.

However, as S-Rank soldiers, the Black Wing Demons were born with high intelligence.

They were very agile and dodged the pouncing attacks.

They allowed the Vine Whisker Demons at the back to use Furious Whip back at them.

Occasionally, there would be a Flame Leopard that managed to come up, but in the next second, it would be bound by the Vine Whisker Demon and be killed by them.

After that, the Vine Whisker Demons could also use their long vine whiskers to retrieve the spears that the Black Wing Demons had thrown out, allowing them to launch the second round of long-range attacks.

After rounds of attack, the Flame Leopards were completely restrained, and their numbers were rapidly reduced.

These creatures could also spit fireballs.

Unfortunately, an attack of this level was completely ineffective against an iron wall that was smelt during high temperatures.

However, this was a problem for the barbarians guarding the city gates.

The city gates that were constructed at the last minute were made of wood, and could not be watered with molten iron.


As a result, in the first wave, they encountered a leopard that possessed the fire attribute.

A few fireballs fell.

The city gates were burned, and there were large holes.

The following battle situation was somewhat tragic.

The barbarians were practically using their own lives to fill in the gaps.

This kind of creature with the strength attribute completely ignored the armor and damage reduction.

If they encountered it, they would be burned by the flames and would be seriously injured!


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