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“Why arent they here yet”

Li Xiang looked at the sky getting brighter and couldnt help but show a suspicious expression.

Could it be that it was the last wave

Suddenly, the succubus stood in front of him to his left and said softly.

“Demon Lord, a very evil power is approaching us.”


A strange sound came from the tall grass.

Li Xiang focused his eyes and saw a group of creatures crawling on all fours with an extremely high degree of decomposition.

As his rank increased, he could already read the targets attributes.

[Dark Ghoul] (Elite-Rank Unit)

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Quality: A

Race: Dark Type Ghoul

Growth Rate: 7

Rank: 8

Attack: 360-820

Defense: 240

HP: 7,200

Skills: [Gnaw] [Frenzy] [Corruption Plague]

[System Notification: Due to a large number of corpses in your territory, you have successfully attracted the invasion of dark-type otherworld creatures.

Please be prepared!]

Hearing the notification sound.

Li Xiang almost jumped up and cursed.

The beast tide was not coming, but the invasion of otherworld creatures

And it was a Rank 8 elite-ranked unit

What kind of joke was this

This attack was almost on par with a Rank 1 succubus!

Looking at the group of Rank 4 demon soldiers and barbarians.

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Li Xiang wanted to cry but had no tears.

A double level difference would probably bring about a 30% hidden attribute suppression.

How could he block them!

However, when all of them rushed out of the forest and arrived at the foot of the city wall, he heaved a sigh of relief.

There were not many Dark Ghouls.

There were only about 100 of them on one side of the city wall.

It was not impossible for 500 to 600 of them to appear in one wave.

The Vine Whisker Demons had already begun to restrict their movements.

However, due to their low ranks, the effects of their skills were greatly weakened.

After the Dark Ghouls were confined for a few seconds, a hint of blood appeared on its body.

It had gone into a frenzy.

All of its attributes increased.

With a swipe of its claw, the vine whiskers were instantly torn apart.

After a few rounds of attacks, the city wall was on the verge of collapsing.


Li Xiang no longer intended to defend to the last.

Without the city wall as support, close combat would definitely cause the death and injury of those low-ranked barbarians.

He had to reassemble his forces.

After sending a private message to Sally, Li Xiang informed the other tribes through the small eye demons to return to the mountain where the Demon Lair was located.

The dwarves and flower goblins rushed over one after another.

They suffered heavy casualties.

Especially the dwarf tribe.

There were originally hundreds of people, but now there were only about twenty of them.

The King of the Hill was injured, and it looked like he didnt have any combat ability anymore.

“My Lord, those ghouls are too strong.

The city wall has fallen.” He and Carl, who were defending together, looked ashamed.

“Its not your fault, as long as theyre okay.”

Li Xiang patted their shoulders, and he turned his gaze to the Flower Goblin tribe.

Originally, there were 4,000 Dark Flower Goblins, but now, there were only 1,000 survivors.

They didnt have the ability to attack, but after experiencing ten waves of beast tides, they could still maintain a quarter of their survival rate, which was already very good.

This was thanks to the control effect of [Rosemary Pollen], which provided a large amount of buffer time for the battle line.


“Get in formation!”

Li Xiang pointed at the ghouls that had broken through the city wall and were charging towards them.

“The Flower Goblin tribe and the Vine Whisker Demons will defend at the outermost perimeter.

Use your skills to restrict them.

Every second counts! The barbarian tribe and the dwarf tribe should try their best not to get close to them.

Their bodies are infected by the plague.

If you were wounded by them, you will get infected! The Black Wing Demons will pay attention to the ghouls closest to them.

You have to focus on firing at the ghouls so that their numbers could quickly reduce, or else the front row would not be able to hold on! The cat-eared ladies healing should not stop.

No matter how tired, you must persevere.

It will be the last battle!”


The response shook the heavens.

Not long after, the ghoul tide arrived!

The strange thing was that each of them was carrying a beast corpse on their back.

“What is it used for” Li Xiang could not figure out the reason.

After a round of attacks, the ghouls used their actions to tell him the answer.

They grabbed the corpses on their backs to their mouths and used their gnawing skills to devour them wantonly.

Their HP instantly increased by more than 1,000 points per second.

This was too shameless!

They could not be killed at all!

Immediately after that, the ghouls that followed after the ghoul broke free and charged forward.

They could usually take the life of a Flower Goblin with just a few claws.

Within a short period of time, the battle line was on the verge of collapse.

“Succubus, Eye Demon, attack together!”

Li Xiang couldnt sit still anymore.

He had survived the first nine waves.

He couldnt possibly fall at this last moment!

The succubus and eye demon understood.

Having worked together once before, they released Flame Flogging and Fission Rebound skills with ease.

This time, it triggered a threefold increase!


With a loud boom, this skill, which could be considered a forbidden spell, covered all the Dark Ghouls present.

The blazing flames even melted the iron sheet covering the city wall in the distance, revealing the stone that was being burnt red-hot inside.

The ghouls at the center of the skill lost 80% of their extremely long HP in an instant.

Moreover, they were continuously reduced by the sequent burning effect.

Li Xiang thought that if it werent for the small eye demons constantly deflecting the heat energy around them, they might have been wiped out by this skill.

The succubuss attack power was no joke.

Now that she was Rank 4, she had over 2,000 basic attack power with her weapon.

Compared to when she was Rank 1, her attack power had more than doubled.

Adding in the 30% attack power bonus and the increased damage from the eye demons skill, she had almost killed the frenzied Dark Ghouls that were at full HP.

Although it did not die, the corpse of the beast that was used to recover its HP had already turned into ashes in the high temperature.

For the Black Wing Demons, dealing with the ghouls with low HP was very easy.

A round of Light of Destruction shot down.

The dozens of ghouls at the front fell one after another, turning into a large amount of EXP points and Soul Points.


[Congratulations, ruler, for successfully reaching Rank 5!]

Killing monsters of different levels gave him a lot of EXP.

Most importantly, he could now equip the Commanders Sword!

Without saying anything, Li Xiang grabbed the unique weapon with a flip of his hand.

Immediately, a majestic power was transferred from the sword, giving him a feeling that he had to spit it out.

He couldnt help but shout.


Golden light spread out from the sword and spread across the entire area.

The soldiers who were hit by the light were greatly energized as if a special power had awakened from their bodies.

The effect of [Personal Conqueror] was activated!



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