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This characteristic had a 20% increase in attack power.

Together with the additional 22 points of power from this sword, it directly increased the attack power of everyone present by nearly half!

Originally, the Black Wing Demons could only deal single-digit damage by throwing their spears, which only counted the attack power of their weapons.

But now, it had risen to three digits, which could greatly break through their defenses.

The Light of Destruction caused them to suffer even more, and they fell like wheat getting harvested.

With enough damage dealt from the back row, the losses in the front row became very low.

The Flower Goblins and the Vine Whisker Demons that were immune to the poison would not be instantly killed by the ghouls.

Sometimes, they would receive damage once or twice, but the lost HP would quickly recover under the cat-eared ladies healing light.

The line of defense instantly became indestructible.

The succubuss skills cooldown was a little long, but she relied on her high attributes to charge into the ghouls with low HP.

She could take down one of them with a whip.

He won!

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Li Xiangs lips curled up into a faint smile.

The Commanders Sword was very crucial.

If he hadnt reached Rank 5 by now, the ghouls would only need to kill the Flower Goblins and Vine Whisker Demons to recover their HP.

In this way, the succubus and the eye demons skills wouldnt be of much use.

Although the succubus was strong, she couldnt kill all the ghouls in one go.

Moreover, her rank was not high.

If she fell into the elite-ranked Dark Ghoul horde, she would be in danger.

However, everything was over now!

The last wave of the beast tide had become the target of torture.

Hundreds of ghouls had lost more than half of their members in a short period of time.

Just as Li Xiang was considering whether to change the defensive line and crush them, the ghouls suddenly stopped attacking and turned around to escape.

At the same time, the system issued a notification.


[Congratulations to all rulers who can still hear the broadcast.

You have successfully withstood the initial beast tide.

In a while, you will be rewarded according to the number of points you have obtained.

The more points you have, the better! In the future, you will still be facing unknown threats.

Please be on guard at all times and maintain full vigilance so that you can walk further and further in this world.]

[System Notification: Congratulations, Ruler Li Xiang.

You are ranked first on the Resisting the Beast Tides World Ranking Board.

You have received a reward of 3 ranks and 3 ranks for all soldier units.

Due to your outstanding performance, you have received an additional reward, Legion Magic Shield (Unique).

Congratulations on being ranked first in the regions resisting the beast tides ranking board.

You have received a reward of 2 ranks and 2 ranks for all soldier units.

Due to your outstanding performance, you have received an additional reward of 80% resurrection for all soldier units that have died!]



Soldiers recovery

These were not important!

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Li Xiang immediately opened the Legion Magic Shields equipment panel.

This was the best item!

[Legion Magic Shield]

Grade: Unique

Defense: 270

Power: 35

Vitality: 21

Equip Level: 10

Characteristics: [Party Protection] — The wielder will increase the armor defense of all ally units in a certain area by 30% and provide an additional 10% damage immunity.

Special Effect: [Demonic Aura Protection] — Summons a demonic aura to protect oneself.

The toughness is related to the number and quality of ally units nearby.

Additional Effect: Increases the wielders defense by 35%.

Additional Effect: Increases the wielders attack by 30%.

This attribute was really overbearing!

It was a shield that could both attack and defend.

The best part of the unique equipment was the large increase in attributes.

After equipping such a level 10 shield and adding the additional attribute points that came along with the level 5 system reward, after adding all of their strength, it directly provided a 90% increase in attack power for everyone.

It was 90%!

And not 9%!

When he looked at the panel, the succubuss attack power was almost over 7,000!

It was only the third day!

Countless soldiers had difficulty even breaking through 100 attack points.

He already had a subordinate with an attack power of 7,000

How terrifying!

Li Xiang was a little carried away.

He began to consider whether he should take a stroll on the land outside of Region 0042.

However, now was not the time to go out and explore.

He still had to repair the damaged city walls.

At the same time, he would make more weapons and strive to equip everyone.

The whole day went by.

Sally had accumulated a lot of points because her cat-eared ladies never stopped healing.

She was ranked second in Region 0042.

The reward she got was not bad.

It was a large number of basic resources.

She could make a lot of soldiers and continue to develop.

Li Xiang got a lot for free.

First, the dwarf tribe needed to expand.

Second, the goblins needed a lot of manpower.

The more mines there were, the faster weapons could be built.

Only then could the requirements of the hundredfold soldier creation be met.

As the population increased, the food supply became a problem.

Fortunately, there was a lot of meat to be recycled in this beast tide.

Otherwise, this problem would not be able to solve in a short time.

But this was not a long-term solution.

The most important thing was to let the Flower Goblins farm.

It was nighttime.

Li Xiangs territory was 10 km x 10 km, and the city had just begun to take shape.

There were already close to 60,000 people living there.


Among them, 20,000 were Barbarians.

They were the core of the construction.

The city walls, houses, workshops, and so on.

All of these had to be done by these people.


10,000 Flower Goblins were in charge of collecting seeds, farming, and expanding the variety of food.

The 10,000 Dwarves were used to create equipment for the frontline combat personnel.


The 10,000 Goblins dug in the mines day and night, providing raw iron ore for the dwarves.

The rest were Li Xiangs own demon soldiers and Sallys beast-eared ladies tribe, which added up to less than 10,000 people.

In fact, after such a battle, the Demon Lair had already accumulated over 870,000 Soul Points.

If he wanted to increase his soldiers, he could summon tens of thousands of them at any time.

However, he did not do so.

Li Xiang felt that the Black Wing Demons and the Vine Whisker Demons could not be used as main combat soldiers, so there was no need to recruit more.

As long as it was enough for the time being.

It would not be too late to use the Soul Points until there were new soldiers.

“Sally, hows the situation with the weapons”

Li Xiang opened a private chat and asked.

Sally had already brought the beast-eared ladies to change their jobs to classify the weapons for the dwarves.

During this time, there were a few more unique weapons, but the effects were all individual buffs.

There was no special effect like the Commanders Sword.

Such weapons were naturally handed over to Carl and Sally to use.

“Boss, currently more than 60% of the people are now equipped with weapons of excellent quality and above.

Currently, there are 5,000 defective weapons accumulated in the warehouse.

Do you want to trade them”

“Yes, bring them over.”


Not long after, Sally rushed over with over 1,000 beast-eared ladies.

Common and superior quality weapons were piled on the ground.

Li Xiang put all of these weapons up for sale.

The price was still 10 times the recommended price.

For a moment, the world channel was in an uproar.


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