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“Damn, am I seeing things There are weapons on sale in the trading zone People are selling these things now”

“These can only be obtained by attacking a neutral tribe, right The beast tide has just ended, how could there be enough soldiers and time to attack others!”

“Pay attention to the seller.

Its Boss Li Xiang!”

“Ah Its him, then its fine.”

“… I just flipped through the items.

Boss Li Xiang has a total of 50 pages of weapons, 100 pieces per page.

Im very curious where he got so many pieces of equipment.”

“A terrifying amount Whats terrifying is the quality! [Quenched Long Sword (Superior) Illustration Manual] look at this sword, darn it.

It has both power and agility, 35 points of maximum attack, and it also has a special effect, its simply superb!”


“What the hell.

It actually has such a high attack.

Its even higher than my two soldiers tied together.

If I had this sword during the beast tide, wouldnt I be able to kill it directly”

“But its so expensive.

This sword actually costs 4,000 units of wood or stones.

Who can afford it”

“Profiteer! Definitely a profiteer!”

“Boss Li Xiangs classic ten times the recommended price.

If you want to buy it, then buy it.

If you dont want to buy it, then forget it.”

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“Thats right.

If you have the ability, then sell it.

Im just afraid that you wont be able to bear to part with it!”

“Sigh, even the cheapest one costs a few hundred units.

How long will it take to save up the materials”

“I can also exchange it for other valuable items.

I got some special items from this beast tide.

The recommended price is more than a hundred units.

I feel like I can exchange it for a better weapon.”

“The ranking reward gave me an item that can sell for 1,000 units of stones at the recommended price! It said that it was some enchantment material.

Damn it, I thought it was useless at first, but now I can directly take off!”


“Im so envious.

Unlike me, I dont have anything… sigh.”


Soon, the sound of successful transactions rang in Li Xiangs mind one after another.

It seemed that many people had made a small fortune because of this beast tide.

However, in the end, all the profit went into his pocket.

The most valuable material at the moment was the enchantment material.

It was called an ice crystal ore.

It was a relatively rare treasure.

This material had been marked in the Elementary Enchantment Technique Illustration Manual.

It could be used to advance enchantment and improve the effects of ice-type enchantment.

Since it was not useful at the moment, he threw it into the warehouse!

Other than that, most of the items were not worth his attention.

He took them out from the system mailbox one by one and gave them to Sally to categorize.

Currently, there was no market for weapons.

When a weapon gets sold, there will be one less for sale.

Therefore, the notification of the successful transaction kept ringing.

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In the blink of an eye, less than half of the 5,000 weapons were left.

Most of them were common quality trash weapons.

Not only did they have low attacks, but their additional attributes were not high either.

Those who had the ability would look down on them, while those who did not have the ability would not be able to afford them.

However, Li Xiang had no intention of lowering the price.

Not being able to afford them was only temporary.

As long as these weapons were hung there, the rulers at the bottom would work hard to develop and buy one.

As time went by, it would add up.

He wanted to see the day when his own resource warehouse was filled to the brim.


[You have received a private message!]


Someone was looking for him

Li Xiang opened it and saw that it was a person with a wolf head.

The profile picture was linked to the initial soldier type.

Li Xiangs profile picture was a ball of purple gas.

It looked very chaotic and looked very evil.

It was not difficult to determine that the enemys soldier was a werewolf.

According to the legends, it was also a powerful race.

Its rank would not be lower than a B-Rank.

It should be a person with resources.

So Li Xiang looked at the message.

Werewolf King: “Brother Li Xiang, my initial soldier is an A-Rank, and I have a proposal where both of us can make money together.

I wonder if you are interested.”

Li Xiang: “Speak.”

His reply was straightforward and cold.

Werewolf King: “Well, I am currently fighting with a king with a Tauren army, but our strength is not that different, so I want to buy some weapons from you.”

Li Xiang: “What can you offer me”

Werewolf King: “After I take down that idiots territory, it will be split into 70/30.

You will take 70%, and I 30%, Ill help you collect the resources and send them over, how about that”

Li Xiang smiled.

The most important thing in a territory was the core.

He didnt mention a word about this, he was “sincere” indeed.

He replied immediately.

“Im not interested in his territory.

If you want weapons, you shall submit to me.”


I wont bend over or bend my knees for anyone.”


Li Xiang blacklisted him directly.

If he didnt agree, then forget it.

He wouldnt waste his time on such a person.

But not long after, he received another private message.

The avatar was a bulls head.

“It cant be such a coincidence, right”

Li Xiang laughed out loud.

Two rulers were fighting over there, and they came to him one after another to buy weapons and equipment

Then what was he

An arms dealer

He opened the message and saw that it was indeed the Tauren King who was fighting with the Werewolf King.

But the content was slightly different.

Tauren King: “Boss Li Xiang, Im being targeted by the Werewolf King next door.

Can you help provide me with a batch of weapons Ill return them to you when Im done.”

Li Xiang: “Do I know you well”

Tauren King: “Please, Boss, only you can help me now.

If I dont have this batch of weapons to support me, Ill definitely be exterminated by the werewolves!”

Li Xiang: “It has nothing to do with me.

Of course, if you really want a batch of weapons, its not impossible.

If you submit to me, you can get 500 excellent quality spears.”

Tauren King: “… Submit… This might not be possible.

How about this, Boss.

Ill cede a part of my territory to you.

Theres a wonder in there.

If I use this to exchange for weapons, you definitely wont be losing out.”

A wonder

Hearing this word, Li Xiangs eyebrows couldnt help but twitch.

At present, he knew very little about wonders.

But it wasnt difficult to learn from the various descriptions of the Ancient Well of Darkness.

Wonders were unique to the territory.

They had special effects.

They could be stacked.

The higher the grade, the stronger the effect.

Those above S-Rank were very rare.

There might not be many of them in the entire world.

To be honest, Li Xiang was tempted by this condition.



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