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Li Xiang felt a little strange.

The Flower Goblins who had the [Planting] skill would not make a mistake at the first step.

Could it be that there was something wrong with the land itself

The Flower Goblin Mother Tree led Li Xiang to the land that originally belonged to her.

Looking at the area that had already been cultivated, Li Xiang opened up the system panel and immediately understood.

[Demons Land]: Land contaminated with the demons aura, all living things will be affected and gradually demonized.

So that was the reason.

No wonder it couldnt be planted.

If normal crops wanted to take root and sprout on this land, they would first have to undergo the process of demonization.

After that, they would turn into demon-type crops.

Naturally, the crops could only be eaten by demons.

However, who knew how long this process would take.

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If he could not obtain the efficiency bonus from the Abundant Harvest skill, the transformation period might be even longer than the growth period!


Li Xiang suddenly had a flash of inspiration.

Didnt the Ancient Well of Darkness that he possessed have the ability of [Dark Corruption]

That thing could even convert soldiers into dark type, not to mention a few small seeds!

Without saying a word, he immediately experimented!

The Flower Goblin Mother Tree knew the location of the Ancient Well of Darkness and immediately volunteered to go on Li Xiangs behalf.

When she returned with a large bag of successfully converted seeds, Li Xiang knew that his idea was completely feasible.

“Lets start sowing.”

He couldnt wait to see the crops all over the mountains and plains ripen!

The remaining Flower Goblins moved one after another.

Everyone was given a large handful of seeds.

Not long after.

When they planted the tenth seed, the first seed had sprouted a tender shoot!

This efficiency was indeed fast!

Li Xiang felt a huge burden lifted from his heart.

In the future, he didnt have to worry about food issues, and he could develop his military to his hearts content!

Not long after, the eye demon sent a message saying that a big fish had appeared.

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“Lets go back!”

Li Xiang wanted to see who else in the nearby area had soldiers that were S-Rank or above.

On the screen, the Mermaid King had arrived on land.

Not far away was a lake with many water elemental creatures around it.

Thats right, it was water element creatures.

It was a pure life form formed from water.

Looking through the system panel, he saw that it was actually an SS-Rank soldier.

[Water Fairy] (Elite-Rank Unit)

Quality: SS

Race: Aquatic Race — Fairy

Growth Rate: 9

Rank: 8

Magic Attack: 620-1044


Defense: 480

HP: 13,500

Skills —

[Surge]: Controls the water element, causing a huge amount of damage to the target.

[Flood Beast]: Different Water Fairies can summon different water-type giant beasts.

As the rank increases, the rank of the beasts will also increase.

[Water Incarnation]: The Water Fairies have a body of extreme yin.

They can turn their bodies into liquid form.

When in that state, they are unable to receive any physical attacks.


A terrifying four-digit attack power!

It was actually twice as strong as the mermaids!

It was not much weaker than the Black Wing Demons!

This was an attack that Li Xiang could only achieve with the power of the Commanders Sword and the Legion Magic Shield!

Most importantly, this was a magic attack!

One must know that defense could not reduce magic damage.

Magic defense could only reduce the final damage by providing magic defense through equipment.

Currently, Li Xiang only had weapons in his hands.

He did not have any defensive equipment!


This meant that once the battle started, the demon soldiers would receive a full amount of damage.

However, the attacks they launched would be greatly reduced by that terrifying 480 defense points.

The [Water Incarnation] skill was even more insane.

It was directly immune to physical attacks!

It was very obvious that the soldiers in Li Xiangs hands would be completely destroyed.

Whether it was in terms of soldiers data or skills, they were all crushed by the Water Fairies.

However, he did not care about that.

He turned his gaze slightly and focused on something else.

“This lake is also a wonder”

[Lake of Tears (SS)]

Type: Wonder

Status: Effective, the area of water covered is 300 km x 300 km!

Wonders Effect —

[Descending of the Water Realm]: Able to recharge water-type soldiers and greatly increase their combat ability.

[Lake Treasure]: Legend has it that the Lake of Tears once bore the love of an ancient goddess.

At the bottom of the lake, the most precious thing in her life was buried.

An SS-Rank wonder!

It was even stronger than the Ancient Well of Darkness!

“Looks like this Water Fairy King is the number one on the culture rankings, that guy called Ye Fan.”

Li Xiang narrowed his eyes.

It was indeed enemies on a narrow road.

The Water Fairy King stole his first place wonders bonus in culture rankings, and now hes actually the boss behind the Mermaid King

Good! Very good!

It would be fine if he dealt with the Mermaid King.

If he wanted to find trouble with him, then they shall settle the old scores together!

Although Li Xiangs current soldiers were not as strong as the other party, they had the advantage in numbers.

In addition, the succubus was a Boss-Rank killer weapon that could control fire.

It was not as if he did not have the ability to fight.

In the small eye demons line of sight, Ye Fan was leading the Water Fairies to explore the Lake of Tears.

It seemed like they were looking for the treasure mentioned in the wonders effect.

Unfortunately, after some trouble, the Water Fairies returned, indicating that the water pressure below was too strong.

Even they could not dive to the bottom of the lake.

“In that case, lets wait for you to level up.”

Ye Fan was also a straightforward person.

If he couldnt do it, he wouldnt bother.

He turned to look at the Mermaid King, who had a gloomy expression.

“Jason, why didnt you stay in your territory Why did you come to my place And how did you end up like this”

Jason knelt on the ground with a thud.

His voice was filled with sobs as he narrated exaggeratedly.

“Brother Ye, I didnt want to do it either! Its just that Li Xiang had gone too far.

He looked down on you, and directly sent soldiers to destroy my Mermaid City!”

“Theres such a thing”


Ye Fan frowned slightly.


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