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“Void Assessment”

Li Xiang raised his eyebrows.

“This thing came at such a bad time.”

Being able to open and close the door by oneself meant that safety would be guaranteed to a certain extent.

As for Ye Fan, he might take this opportunity to send soldiers to attack him and make him suffer from enemies on both sides.

He opened the world channel to take a look.

He discovered that many people had expressed that they would close the void door once it was opened, to prevent the monsters from destroying the base.

However, several people were eager to give it a try.

They felt that this was the first mission, so it should not be too difficult.

At the very least, they could fight one or two waves and get some resources to sell.

Speaking of selling things, naturally, Li Xiang was mentioned.

They began to beg for weapons again.

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They wanted to obtain a few more superior weapons, or even excellent-grade weapons with characteristics, to equip their subordinates and increase their strength.

This was to deal with the waves of monsters in the void door and obtain more materials.

After that, they would exchange for better weapons with Li Xiang, creating a virtuous cycle.

And it was rare for Li Xiang to do as they requested.

There was no other reason.

He was lacking resources.

After the training field was built, he had to build proper defenses in the territorial regions outside the city.

Otherwise, the training field would be exposed to the enemy, and if it was destroyed, his heart would ache for a long time.

At this time, Tyler and Sally also heard the announcement and rushed over.

Li Xiang turned his head and looked at a huge blue-purple vortex that appeared at the foot of the Demon Lairs mountain peak.

He asked, “Has a void door appeared in your place”


Tyler and Sally shook their heads at the same time.

Li Xiang understood.

“Perhaps, the only void door that appeared will have three times the number of monsters because of the vassals.

Come and join the defense.”

“Yes, Boss!”

Tyler was eager to try.

He had just obtained the 5% quota resources from Li Xiang and successfully rebuilt the barracks.

Not only that, because he had given the core of the territory to Li Xiang, he had enjoyed the bonus of hundredfold soldier creation.

He had created several hundred Tauren units, and his strength was even better than before.

Unfortunately, his rank was a little low, and he had not been able to train in the training field.

His attributes were still a little inferior compared to the Black Wing Demons.

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However, Li Xiang did not mind them.

The most unique characteristic of the Tauren was that they had a skill called Shatter Strike.

It could ignore armor and cause real damage.

This damage was fixed and would increase as the level of the skill increased.

A Rank 1 Shatter Strike could cause a huge amount of damage of 1,000 points!

Moreover, it was area-of-effect damage, one hit after another!


When stacked in a group battle, this was even higher than the damage of the Black Wing Demons Light of Destruction!

If a row of Tauren stood together and trigger the skill at the same time, even an elite monster with 7,000 to 8,000 HP would be instantly killed.

The only drawback was that this skill had to be passively triggered through normal attacks.

The probability was 5%.


If ones luck was very bad, not to mention killing monsters, when they were killed, they might not even be able to trigger a Shatter Strike once.

Although it was said that way, it was still very useful.

The front row had to have a place for them.

Li Xiang then called the dwarves and Flower Goblins over.

The dwarves had now expanded to over a thousand people.

Moreover, everyone was equipped with superior weapons and armor.

Their attack and defense attributes were very high.


The giant hammer in the King of the Hills hand with the attribute effect was a great killing weapon.

It was the existence of a battlefield meat grinder.

Unfortunately, the dwarves armor was specially made by them and only suited their figures.

There was no way to improve it so that Li Xiang could equip it for other people.

Otherwise, the front row could be even bulkier.

It was unknown whether the other soldiers would be able to fend off the monsters in the void door other than them.

Currently, in the territory that could serve as the front row, other than the dwarves, there were only the Flower Goblins and barbarians.

The Flower Goblins had [Rosemary Pollen] to control the field, so they could resist for a long time.

However, the barbarians were an attack type.

They did not have armor to protect them.

If they were to fight in close combat against an attribute monster, they would definitely suffer great losses.

“How could deaths not occur during a war”

Li Xiang shook his head.

Losses were inevitable.

If he could not hold on any longer, he could just close the void door.

The Black Wing Demons could attack the ground from the air, so it was much safer.

As for the Vine Whisker Demons, a thousand of them had been sent to the Forest of Ice and Fire.

There were only a few hundred of them left in the base.

They had to act as control units and stand at the front and back so that they could avoid not being able to fill the front row when the defensive line collapsed.

Sallys beast-eared ladies had also expanded to a very large extent.

There were already close to a thousand cat-eared ladies in the stronghold.

They could form a circle at the back of the battle line to relieve the pressure of the front row.

The fox-eared ladies and the dog-eared ladies were useless.

They were naturally ignored by Li Xiang.

He could not let the fox-eared ladies negotiate with the monsters in the void door and let them stand still waiting for him to kill them.

This was not realistic.

“My greatest reliance is the three great demons.”

Li Xiang turned his gaze to the hunter and the others.

The combined skill of the succubus and the eye demon could be used as a trump card.

As for the hunter, there was no need to mention it.

He was a nearly perfect warrior.

There was no need to care about him.

He could just let this guy play among the monsters.

As long as the cat-eared ladies healing was in place, he would definitely be the one to kill the king.

Soon, under Li Xiangs command.

The Flower Goblins, Barbarians, demons, beast-eared ladies, Tauren, and dwarves had all arrived at their respective positions.

They surrounded the massive void door.

The battle formation was vast, and the battlefield was filled with killing intent.

A notification box appeared in Li Xiangs gaze as he looked at the void door.

[Do you wish to initiate the Void Assessment]

[Yes] [No]


Li Xiang clenched his fist without hesitation.

The strength of such a new mission would definitely not be weaker than the beast tide, right

Dong dong…

A dull sound came from the vortex.

It was as if it was pounding on everyones heart.

In the next moment.

The purplish-blue vortex dissipated bit by bit, and countless rays of light converged into the appearance of an ancient and simple door.


A soft sound rang out.

The door was cracked open.

The wild cries and roars of countless creatures could be heard from within.

A dark green figure appeared in Li Xiangs eyes.

[Human-Faced Frog] (Elite-Rank Unit)

Quality: B

Type: Demon Beast (All attributes increase by 50%)

Growth Rate: 5

Rank: 4

Attack: 230-370

Defense: 150

HP: 5,500

Skills —

[Shrill Laugh]: Able to activate strange laughter similar to a human child, stunning the enemy units, shaking their state of mind, reducing their attributes by 20%.

[Corrosive Venom]: The Human-Faced Frog has extremely corrosive venom.

It can spray the venom in a fan-shaped manner.

The poisoned person will lose 5% of their current HP every second.

Their armor will also be corroded, reducing their defense by 30% (Cannot be stacked).

[System Notification: The first wave of void monsters has arrived.

The current number is — 3,000.

Closing the void door will not allow the monsters that have appeared to return to the void.

Please guard carefully, Ruler.]


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