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Chapter 46: The Battle Begins! The losing battle

This was the first ruler-to-ruler war in the world.

It was significant at a time when many people are still struggling with how the future will unfold.

The first shot of resource plundering has been fired.

This means faster access to resources for rulers.

It was completely imaginable.

After today, there would be a declaration of war every day around the world.

In order for them to develop faster.

It was also because of this that Ye Fans declaration of war against Li Xiang gained the attention of rulers from all over the world.

And on everyones system panel, there was a burning symbol.

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Clicking on it leads to the war declaration page.

On it was a notification that the battlefield was under construction.

Next to it was an option to watch the battle.

As long as they paid a little bit of resources, they could enter the battlefield and witness the battle from a spectators point of view.

For the ruler, this was a very cost-effective deal.

No one was stingy with this bit of resources.

The number of people watching the preliminaries rose over time.

It didnt take long for it to break through a billion.

It was worth mentioning that the final winner of this battle would not only receive the collateral resources of the defeated party, but also half of the viewing fee.

It was equivalent to the higher the popularity, the higher the final profit.

When Li Xiang saw that the number of people who signed up to watch the battle was as high as four billion, he was a little dumbfounded.

What kind of joke was this

So many people wanted to watch the battle

If that was the case, even if they could only get half of the ticket price, the final victor would still earn much more than the resources pledged this time.

Of course, only in terms of value.

Quality would definitely be far inferior.

After all, the SS grade Wonder Lake of Tears was priceless.

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It couldnt be bought even if they wanted to.

And these basic resources only needed time to be accumulated endlessly.

In the world, those were inexhaustible.

It didnt take long for the battlefield construction to be completed, and the system began to prompt Li Xiang to deploy troops into battle.

He began to mobilize his own troops.

Those who were sent to the Forest of Ice and Fire could not be used.

They could only choose those in the territory of the military branch.

In terms of levels, it was because of the training field that they caught up a little.

Although not as elite as those sent to the Forest of Ice and Fire, they had the advantage in numbers.

Without a word, he threw in all his forces and troops!

Li Xiang believed he could defeat Ye Fan with the three great demons at his disposal!


After making his decision, a huge teleportation portal suddenly appeared in front of him.

Li Xiang held the commanders sword in his hand and strode up.

Sophie and the other Boss-level demons followed closely behind him, followed by Sally and Tyler, the two defected rulers.

Carl put his arm around King of the Hills shoulder.

They seemed to be on good terms.

He smiled and said that he would drink all the wine brewed by the treants when he returned from this battle.

Tens of thousands of troops followed behind him, looking majestic.

After they all stood up, the teleportation portal lit up with a dazzling light.

A few seconds later, they appeared on an unfamiliar land.

[ You have entered the declared war location.

The ratio of land and water region is 7:3.

Please explore the unknown location on your own.


[ Conditions for a victory: ]

[1: Eliminate more than 90% of the enemy units, and have more than twice as many troops as your opponent]

[2: A certain number of hubs are automatically created on the map, and a certain number of points will be awarded every minute they are occupied.

The side with the most points wins at the end of the three-day duel.


[3: The other party surrenders.


[ Ruler, do your best! Fight for a better tomorrow! ]

Very good, its starting!

It seemed like this was a battle of wits and courage.

Just as Li Xiang had expected, it was indeed a map of waters.

He had fallen into a very disadvantageous situation since the start.


Of the three ways to win, only the first two were useful.

But to him, it was even more disadvantageous.

Ye Fans hands were full of aquatic race soldiers, so his ability in the water was uniquely capable.

As long as Ye Fan hid wholeheartedly, Li Xiang would not have too many chances to kill.

Moreover, due to the characteristics of the map, more hub buildings would be formed in the region with water.

This was also bad news for Li Xiang.

“Looks like I have to make good use of the characteristics of the black wing demons ability to fly.”

Li Xiang swept his gaze across the area and had all the black wing demons lurk in the nearby forest.

They would only take action at night.

If they flew during the day, it would be easy for the water fairy in the sea to see them and expose their tactics in advance.

In any case, the battle would last for three days, so it didnt matter if Ye Fan had this half a day worth of head start.

As for the rest of the land forces, they began to scatter and search for the hub buildings on land.

The rulers spectating the battle had a broader perspective.

They could move the view and observe any corner of the map at any time.

Then, they saw this strange scene.

One after another, they typed on the public screen.

“What is Big Brother Li Xiang trying to do”

“I dont understand.

He has so many troops hes not utilising.

Isnt he letting Ye Fan get points for free”

“I thought I would see a big scene with thousands of people fighting, but this is it F * ck, Im not watching anymore! Refund!”

“Dont even think about getting a refund.

The system charged for the tickets, who are you going to go to for the refund”

“The battle will last for three days.

Take your time to watch.”

“Eh, Ye fan has already moved! Wow, he has taken over three hubs.

So fast.”

“After all, he is a soldier of the aquatic race.

This kind of map is tailor-made for him.”

“When all hubs in the water area have been taken over, even if Li Xiang wants to attack, it will be difficult.”

“Yeah, this map is too disgusting.

There arent even small islands.

The land and sea areas are side by side.

When the time comes, Ye Fan can move his troops to the coastline after capturing the hub building to establish a defence line.

Even if he doesnt fight, he can win just by stalling for time..”

Everyone was not optimistic about Li Xiang.

After all, although he had a lot of troops on his side, the overall quality was low and the strength was uneven.

Moreover, this map was tailor-made for ye fan.

Water Fairy could display even more powerful combat abilities, so it was understandable to say that she was an SSS class soldier.

In comparison, Li Xiangs defeat seemed to have been decided when the battle began.

[ System announcement: the battle between Li Xiang and Ye Fan has begun.

All spectators will be able to pledge their resources on the more likely winner and will be rewarded with odds related rewards when the final result is out!]

A stone that caused a thousand ripples.

The billions of spectators were all excited!


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