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[Congratulations, ruler.

You have obtained the achievement of the number one “Business Overlord” in the regional business rankings.

You are hereby rewarded with a weapon that adapts to your soldiers, and your soldiers ability will be strengthened once!]


The sun rose.

When Li Xiang woke up, he heard such a joyous piece of good news.

He was instantly energized.

“What a good start!”

It was the second day of the novice protection period, and it was also the penultimate day.

With such a reward, the Six-Winged Succubus would be able to increase its chances of fighting against the beast tide.

Without saying a word, he used it!

[Congratulations, you have obtained the Six-Winged Succubuss exclusive weapon — Flame Whip!]


[Please choose the ability that the Six-Winged Succubus needs to level up!]

[Kiss of Appeasement], [Whip of Excruciating Pain], [Invert All Living Things], [Invisibility]!

“Enhance Whip of Excruciating Pain!”

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Li Xiang was resolute.

As the succubus only attack method, what else could be evolved other than this

[Hint]: [Whip of Excruciating Pain] has been upgraded to [Flame Flogging].

The target that is hit will receive additional continuous burning damage.

“It actually has additional attribute damage”

Li Xiang was surprised.

This was definitely a huge increase for the succubus.

Then, he looked at the attributes of the weapon.

[Flame Whip] (exclusive to Six-Winged Succubus)

Grade: Legendary

Attack: 200-350

Power: 13

Agility: 10

Equip Level: 1

Characteristics: It has the fire attribute ability.

It can greatly increase the killing effect of the same attribute.

Additional Effect: Attributes can grow with the users rank

Exclusive Characteristics: When used by the Six-Winged Succubus, it can gain an additional 30% attack power bonus.


Li Xiang was already numb to it.

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In terms of equipment grade, according to the system notification, from low to high were common, superior, excellent, perfect, master, unique, legendary, and ancient.

Above that, there were even godly weapons that only gods could control!

Although the Flame Whip was only a piece of legendary equipment, with its additional effect growth characteristics, it would definitely not be weaker than some ancient equipment in the future.


Just this Rank 1 initial weapon would probably be able to suppress the attributes of an A-Rank soldier.

The Six-Winged Succubus was indeed worthy of being an SSS-Rank boss.

It was indeed extraordinary.

“Looks like the development of the territory can be put on the agenda.”

He held his chin and pondered.

The attributes of the Six-Winged Succubus were too perverse.

After equipping a weapon, its maximum attack power was close to 2,000.

The original tyrant in the territory, the giant buffalo, had been taken away by her two skills from before, not to mention that she now had a weapon after being enhanced.


The main reason was that there was no water in the territory, and wood and stones were pitifully scarce.


To build a city-state, these two kinds of resources were indispensable.

“I cant just rely on trading to obtain these things.

The lifeline of the resources must be in my hands.”

Li Xiang felt that since he had such a good start, he should take a more comprehensive route.

A new day should start with new actions.


Li Xiang did not hesitate any longer and brought the succubus to search for a water source.

At the same time, he inspected the territory to see if there were any other threats.

The territory was 10 km x 10 km.

It was not considered big, and they quickly circled around and walked to the border.


The border was protected by a golden barrier, and the creatures outside did not dare to invade.

They walked along the border of their territory and found a water source after walking half round.

Unfortunately, this source of water happened to be outside of Li Xiangs territory.

Li Xiang took a deep breath.

“Succubus, should we go out”

The tragic state of the Murloc King was still vivid in his mind.

The succubuss expression was firm.

“No matter what dangers we encounter, Demon Lord, I will always be by your side.”


“Alright! Lets go!”


Li Xiang took a step forward and crossed the protective barrier.

To be honest, he did not feel anything else when he came to a land that did not belong to him.

The air was not fresher, nor did the scenery look better.


“If I want to claim this piece of land for myself, I should chase the original ruler out or eliminate him, right” Li Xiang said uncertainly.


It was the second day of the “game” of the competition for the hegemony of the myriad worlds.

No one knew how to expand territory.

Everything had to be explored by himself.


The unknown was often the most dangerous.

“Damn it, I have a succubus by my side.

Whats there to be afraid of!”


Li Xiang began to cheer himself up.

Taking a deep breath, he began to walk deeper into the unfamiliar territory.

Along the way, they met some wild beasts, but they were all killed by the succubus with one whip.

While he had obtained a lot of food, it also made Li Xiang feel much more confident.

The places outside the territory were not as terrifying as he had imagined.

Soon, they passed through the forest and arrived at an open grassland.

In the center, there was a campsite.

“Cam! You idiot, I told you not to bring food into the tent to eat.

This would attract those dirty rats!”

A muscular humanoid creature walked out, gave a tight slap to another person of the same size beside the pile of rocks, and said in a muffled voice, “Do you want their feces mixed in those delicious raisins!”

The person who was slapped touched the back of his head and whispered, “Oh, Jed, its not my fault, its the glutton in my stomach.”

“Dont do this next time!”

“Got it…”

Li Xiang observed everything.

“So its the barbarians…”

The system automatically translated the language he couldnt understand.

This was a tribe with well-developed limbs and a simple mind.

Their strength was due to their innate divine strength.

Other than the ancient titan tribe, no one was their match in terms of strength.

And their weakness was also very obvious.

They had cognitive inflexibility.


Li Xiang pondered for a moment.

Should he think of a way to trick them into moving

After thinking about it, he decided to forget about it.

The barbarians were stubborn.

They would not leave the place left behind by their ancestors even if they were beaten to death.

It was better to suppress them by force.

This world did not need mercy.

Killing all of them would be simple and straightforward!


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