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Jian Suyan: “Pay one million first, buy one-fifth of the information.”

Li Xiang replied:


“How do I give you the money”

Jian Suyan: “Find a gnome bank and have them transfer the money into the Wind Elf Kingdoms account.”

“Okay, wait a moment.”

Li Xiang turned off the main interface and pulled his consciousness back to reality.

He looked at Isabella, who was still unconscious in his arms.

After thinking for a moment, he turned around and left the water curtain room.

A figure flashed to the edge of the 500-square-meter pool at the edge of the castle.

The pool was as clear as a mirror.

It did not communicate with the water veins in the outside world, but it seemed to be extremely fresh.

This was pure water.

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It was where the pure water fairies rested.

And this was Isabellas bedroom.

Two low-rank pure water fairies came out of the pool.

Their rank was very low, and they did not have the ability to transform into human form.

There were only two human figures made of pure water.

Li Xiang half-squatted and put Isabella into the pool.

He ordered, “Take good care of her.”

The two pure water fairies bowed slightly.

Li Xiang waited until Isabella was completely transparent and disappeared into the pool before leaving.

The Flower Goblin Winery.

After Li Xiang came, he saw Gnome Pacu sitting on a high stool.

His entire being was dispirited.

It was obvious that the period of house arrest had made him restless.

And standing behind Pacu were two tall lizardmen.

Disciplinary army

Li Xiang swept his gaze and discovered that these two lizardmen were both B-Rank.

Guards of this level obviously couldnt be hired as thugs to collect debts.

It seemed that these two were the bodyguards that Pacu hired later on.

“Good afternoon, Pacu.

Your spirit isnt very good.”

Li Xiang laughed.

Pacu laughed dryly.

“Perhaps its because Ive changed to a new place, and Im not used to it!”

Then he asked, “Country Lord, I wonder when youre planning to sign the lease After all, the Gnome Country…”

Li Xiang nodded.

“We can sign it now, but you have to pay a million gold soli first.”

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“We usually pay monthly, but if its under the witness of the book of contracts, I think I can make the decision to pay a years rent first,” Pacu said.


Li Xiang nodded.

Soon, Li Xiang drew up a lease contract.

Under the cover of “The Brass Book of Herab”, the Flower Goblin Winery signed the names of both parties.

After Pacu wrote down the name, he asked, “Your Highness, do want to open an account in our bank to deposit this money, or to collect the gold soli If Its the gold soli, then it needs to walk quite a distance to come here.”

“Transfer it to the country lord of the Wind Elf Kingdom.”

Li Xiang said.

“Oh, alright!”

Pacus expression became even more unsightly.

It was unsure whether he was lamenting his tragic fate.

“Then, lets transfer the money first!”

Pacu jumped down from his high chair and hurriedly walked toward the small bank that had already been organized.

It was a small region consisting of a total of three rooms.

However, all the equipment and everything was complete.

It seemed that the Gnome Country had great confidence and determination to open a branch in the Demon Country.

After Pacu was busy for a while, he took out a very special piece of paper and handed it to Li Xiang.

“This is a transfer receipt.

Under normal circumstances, the other party can receive this money within seven days.

However, the receipt is the guarantee of our gnome bank.

Under normal circumstances, after the other party sees the receipt, he will acknowledge that the transaction is valid.”

Li Xiang looked at the receipt.

On it was written:

“Transfer receipt of Fennelanth Bank Pacu Branch.”

Below was the amount of one million gold soli, and the person in charge of the transfer: Pacu Singh.

In addition, Li Xiang also noticed that other than gold soli, there were also silver soli and copper soli.

In other words, this world had a very perfect monetary system.

Li Xiang fell into deep thought.

“Your Highness, theres something I dont know if I should say.” Gnome Pacu said.

Li Xiang looked at him in confusion.

After Pacu waved his hand to let the lizardmen bodyguard leave the room, he said in a low voice, “Your Highness, theThe Brass Book of Herab is a very rare wonder.

You should pay more attention to its source to avoid unnecessary enemies.”

“Thank you for the reminder.”

Li Xiang laughed and nodded thoughtfully.

He left the Flower Goblin Winery.

Li Xiang returned to the castle and opened the main interface.

He saw that the profile picture of Jian Suyan was still lit, so he sent a message:

“One million gold soli has been transferred.

I have the receipt.

Should I take a photo for you to see or wait for the remittance to arrive seven days later”

The systems mail had the function of exchanging photos.

The person in charge of the camera was the eyes of every country lord.

Very quickly, Jian Suyan replied:

“No need, Ive received it.”

“It seems that she has some say in the Gnome Countrys Fennelanth Bank.”

Li Xiang pondered for a moment.

At this moment, Jian Suyan sent a message:

“[Religion] isword of God,ways of God, andrule of God.”

“Thats it”

“Thats it.”

“I spent a million gold soli!”

Li Xiang took a deep breath.

He needed an explanation, not some babble.

He did not expect Jian Suyan to say, “These ten words occupy the core space.

You gained a huge advantage for the second time.

The first time was about the information aboutThe Brass Book of Herab.

You still havent paid the bill.”

Li Xiang looked embarrassed.

“Ahem, ahem, let me ask you another question.

Whats the use of the gold soli” Li Xiang asked.

In the trading hall, the system made a “general currency” system to facilitate transactions between country lords, so it didnt pay attention to the offline currency system at the beginning.

Even though he was the “King of the Region”, he was penniless.

“What do you think” Jian Suyan asked.

This question made Li Xiangs eyes freeze, and his fingers trembled slightly.

“Are you guys escaping the systems supervision”

“Youre very smart.”

Jian Suyan said.

Li Xiang knew that Jian Suyan complimented him not because Li Xiang had guessed the purpose, but because he had guessed “you guys”.

As for who was in this group, Li Xiang did not know.

But he knew that there were many people like Jian Suyan who wanted to escape from the systems “general currency” system, or else the system like gold soli would not be able to be established!

Very quickly, Jian Suyans profile picture turned gray again.

This meant that she once again blocked Li Xiang.

“So every time I want to look for her, I can only hang a sign in the [Auction House], right”

Li Xiang cursed in his heart.


Li Xiang called out.

Succubus Lilith walked out from the shadows and bowed, “How did the business district react to the announcement”

“60% of the merchants were very happy, 30% had some complaints, and the remaining 10% wanted to look for the Demon Lord to argue, but they were blocked outside the castle.”

“They requested that the handling fee can be increased, but it has to be written in the book of contracts.”

Succubus Lilith looked at the country lord carefully.

“They are daydreaming!”

Li Xiang laughed.

He knew clearly what these people were thinking.

Not to mention that the book of contracts could only write another three agreements.

Even if contracts could be written indefinitely, Li Xiang would not write such a self-binding contract.


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