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“Li Xiang, you are a despicable person who doesnt dare to fight head-on!”

Wang Heng roared furiously, his heart bleeding at the same time.

His Red Flame Nation only had a total of 25 units of flame demon soldiers, and this flood had directly caused him to lose two-thirds of them.

Li Xiang suddenly rushed up with the demon soldiers and shouted coldly, “You want to fight head-on, right Come, Ill accompany you!”


The demon soldiers whose morale had skyrocketed roared loudly as they charged toward the flame demon soldiers of the Red Flame Nation.

“Blazing Fire Prairie.”

Wang Hengs expression was fierce, but there was not the slightest hint of despair in his eyes.

Although there were only five flame demon soldiers left, in this special terrain, there was a flood below the valley, but the two banks were covered in flames.

Li Xiangs demon army was also suffering from the flames.

In the blink of an eye, they suffered quite a bit of damage, and a small portion of the demons was directly burned to death by the flames.

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However, this was already a good outcome for him.

Otherwise, if there was no special terrain and they clashed head-on, victory would naturally be obtained, but the losses would be much greater.

However, the number of flame demon soldiers was still too small.

They could only temporarily control the two sides of the valley.

Before long, after the magic power was exhausted, they would be killed by the enemy.

Wang Heng raised his head, sneered, and said loudly, “Li Xiang, do you think youve won Ill show you what despair is! Violent Earth Bear, come out!”


On the two sides of the valley, the ground bulged, and seven to eight meters tall khaki-colored figures crawled out from the ground.


With a roar, ten huge Violent Earth Bears appeared in front of everyones eyes.

Li Xiangs pupils contracted slightly.

He knew that these Violent Earth Bears had extremely powerful defense and even possessed berserk power.

Skills like Stomp and Gravity Domain would give anyone who came into contact with them a headache for a long time.

“Hahaha, Li Xiang, are you surprised Isnt it unexpected Kill them!”

The ten Violent Earth Bears did not slow down.

After receiving the order, they immediately charged at Li Xiangs demon army.

Li Xiangs eyes flickered.

As a Huaxia citizen, he had an extremely deep understanding of the principles of the five elements, and he immediately gave the order, “Mobilize all the Vine Whisker Demons.

I dont expect them to kill these Violent Earth Bears.

Just control them!”

As the saying goes, earth restrains water, wood restrains earth, and water creates wood.

It was the right time.

The Vine Whisker Demons appeared one after another and sank into the ground.

Vines extended from the ground and directly coiled around the Violent Earth Bears.

The Violent Earth Bears were trapped on the spot by these vines.

They were extremely furious.

An earthy yellow light appeared on their bodies, and a gravitational halo flickered under their feet.

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However, faced with the green vines that were like thin needles, it broke the earth elemental barrier around the Violent Earth Bears and pierced into their muscles.

It spread and wrapped around them.

“Roar roar roar…”

At this moment, the Violent Earth Bears roar was no longer ferocious and overbearing.

Instead, it carried a hint of a miserable scream.

When Wang Heng saw this scene, he was dumbfounded.

“It could be done like this”

Looking at the remaining five flame demon soldiers, he gritted his teeth and hardened his heart.

He took out five medicine and injected them.

Although the Cherry Blossom Country Lord said that these five gene medicines were very powerful after being injected, the side effects were not minor either.

At this time, it was already a critical moment.

He couldnt care too much anymore.

He had to survive first.

After the gene medicines were injected, the blood vessels on the bodies of the five flame demon soldiers started to bulge.

Their bodies started to expand, and the berserk flames started to expand uncontrollably.


Flames that blotted out the sky and covered the earth spread out.

The vines that were firmly controlling the Violent Earth Bears instantly withered and broke under the burning flames.

Even the Vine Whisker Demons could no longer stay underground, sinking deeper into the ground to absorb water.

At this moment, the power unleashed by these five flame demon soldiers caused even Li Xiang to cast a sidelong glance.

“Damn, they really prepared quite a number of backups to deal with me!”

Li Xiang frowned slightly.

Even he would feel a little troublesome in such a situation.

Fortunately, there were only five flame demon soldiers, and they didnt seem to be in very good status.

He thought of something and waved his hand, “Crossbowmen, kill these five flame demon soldiers for me.”


A large number of crossbow bolts instantly flew over.

Although the number couldnt be compared to when they were dealing with the Black Dragon Country, their accuracy had been greatly improved.

When Wang Heng saw this scene, a look of disdain appeared on his face.

At the instant the crossbow bolts fell, the bodies of these flame demon soldiers suddenly revealed pieces of exquisite silver-white battle armor.

The battle armor flickered with light and directly blocked or even rebounded the arrows, causing no damage at all.

“Good, good, good!”

Li Xiang saw that his crossbow bolts attack had also lost its effect.

This was the response that they had toward him and the Demon Country after intense research.

If it wasnt for this meticulous planning and the lack of sufficient financial resources and support, Wang Heng definitely wouldnt have possessed equipment of this level.

From this, it could be seen how much attention and hostility the forces behind Wang Heng had towards him.

After the Violent Earth Bears were freed from their restraints, they instantly charged into the demon army, causing quite a bit of damage to the demon army.

However, a turn of events happened unintentionally.

A few minutes after the five flame demon soldiers unleashed their divine might, they started to wobble, and the flames on their bodies started to become unstable.

When Wang Heng saw this scene, his heart instantly tightened.

Back then, when the Cherry Blossom Country Lord had given him the gene medicine, he had said that this gene medicine was still a half-finished product, and it had a strong side effect.

It could only be used at a crucial moment to turn the tide of the battle and would not last for long.

He had been so excited just now that he had almost forgotten about this matter.

“This wont do.

I cant stay here, and the Violent Earth Bears are being restrained.

As long as I escape back to the country, I will still have the strength to fight.

There will still be a chance.”

Thinking of this, he did not say anything else and immediately turned around to run.

High in the sky, Li Xiang was standing on the back of a Black Wing Demon.

When he saw that Wang Heng had escaped alone, he chuckled.

“Boom Boom Boom…”

Suddenly, the five flame demon soldiers below self-detonated, creating five huge pits dozens of feet deep in the ground.

Even the three Violent Earth Bears that were slightly closer were heavily injured.

The flames gradually extinguished, and the Vine Whisker Demons appeared once again, controlling the Violent Earth Bears and instantly reversing the situation.

At this time, Wang Heng had already run further and further away.

Until he came to the depths of a dark forest.

Wang Heng pushed aside the bushes and looked at the scorching hot spring in front of him.

Under the hot spring was the secret that Wang Heng had been hiding and had never told anyone else: [Wonder: Flame Burst Spring]

In order to hide this secret, Wang Heng did not even control it to avoid the systems announcement to all the country lords.

“Damn it.

I have a self-destruct wonder in my hands.

Today it will be a life and death struggle!”


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