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In the face of life and death, most people would choose to be vassals of the experts.

In the two days before the start of the regional war, Li Xiang basically had no time to sleep.

He spent most of his time dealing with the issue of the ownership of the various regions, and the rest of his time was to mobilize troops and create soldiers like crazy.

12 hours before the start of the war, in the entire Region 0042, Li Xiangs regional occupation rate had actually reached a terrifying 74.9%, leaving only a quarter of the territory that had not submitted.

And the various military forces within his territory had increased to a terrifying 50 million.

Although the majority of the military forces were those E-Rank to B-class cannon fodder soldiers, Li Xiang believed that in the face of so many military forces, even if there was a sea of people, he would still win this war.

Due to the previous life and death battle with the top leader of Region 0041, Ye Fan, the top combat forces of Region 0041 were not enough, so Li Xiang diverted most of his attention to the border of Region 0043.

In the face of a regional war, the three forces used their own methods of spying and anti-reconnaissance.

Although the war had yet to officially start, the three forces had exchanged information dozens of times.

“Country Lord, 100 kilometers around the teleportation point at the border have basically been scouted.

As for the other party, they are now almost on guard every ten steps, so it is very difficult to detect information.”

Looking at the extremely tired Eye Demon, Li Xiang nodded his head in satisfaction.

He went forward and patted his “shoulder” to comfort him, “It has been hard on you these two days.”

After being comforted, the Eye Demons eyes blurred.

He was so touched that he was about to cry.

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“Its my honor to be able to serve the Country Lord.” The Eye Demon held his head high and puffed out his chest.

He transformed into a huge mirror, and a miniature panoramic map appeared in the mirror.

“Although there is a blockade line at the border of Region 0041, the majority of the blockade soldiers are E-Rank plant elves.

These elves have very strong concealment abilities, but their combat strength is very poor.

Moreover, their movement speed is very slow.

They are purely cannon fodder.”


Pulling the map, a huge fortress appeared on the map.

“This is the only way to the interior of Region 0041, and this fortress was built a day ago.

My clone had investigated it at close range.

The fortress is made of metal, and all kinds of defensive equipment are in place.

Moreover, from the spies hidden in Region 0041, it seems that they are not preparing to invade.”

Li Xiang nodded his head and could not help but frown deeply.

Although it was only a panoramic map, it was enough to see the fortress defense.

If they wanted to break through, they could only rely on cannon fodder to fill in the gaps.

Fortunately, the other party did not plan to attack.

As long as they confront the other side in front of the fortress, their side would be relatively safe.

After a quick set-up, the Eye Demon split out a clone and carried out the order.

The map changed, and they arrived at the border of Region 0043.

What they saw was a vast plain.

Without thinking, it was obvious that the two regions were connected by a huge meat grinder.

From the image, they could feel that on both sides of the border, countless people were confronting each other.

“Region 0043 has Berserkers as the main force.

The early investigation is still alright.

They have entered about 100 kilometers into the enemys territory.

Just yesterday, the enemy began to gather their forces on a large scale.

There are about 10 million different types of soldiers.

Among them, there are 3 million A-Rank Berserkers.”


After pausing for a moment, the Eye Demon took out a panel and began a detailed introduction of the enemys soldiers.

[Berserker] (Elite-Rank Unit)

Quality: A

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Race: Orc

Growth Rate: 7

Level: 1

Attack: 100-300

Defense: 50

HP: 1,500

Skills: [Frenzy] , [Mountain Split] , [Bloodthirst] , [Death Strike]

[Orc Warrior] (Elite-Rank Unit)

Quality: S

Race: Orc

Growth Rate: 8

Level: 1

Attack: 200-400

Defense: 200

HP: 3,000

Skills: [Strong Strike], [Muscle Strengthening]

“Country Lord, this Orc Warrior is a target.

Not only is his speed slow, but his attack rate is also ridiculously slow.

Other than his high HP and defense, he has no other advantages.”

“We need to pay attention to this Berserker.

Although his attack is not very high, he can activate all of his skills at the same time.

Take Level 1 as an example.

If he uses all of his skills, his attack power can be increased by 10 times, and his maximum attack power can reach 3,000 points.”

Seeing Li Xiang frown, the Eye Demon comforted him, “Although this type of soldier has strong explosive power, it doesnt last very long.

It can only last for about a minute.

Once their skills are on cooldown, their attributes will be greatly reduced.

Even the cat-eared ladies might be able to kill them easily.”

Li Xiang nodded, and his finger slowly slid across the map.

Suddenly, he stopped moving, pointed at a corner of the map, and asked, “What is this Skeleton frame”

The Eye Demon looked at it and said nonchalantly, “Oh, cannon fodder soldiers, F-Rank skeleton soldiers, scum on the battlefield.”

However, Li Xiang shook his head, and his mind could not help but recall the game he had played on Earth.

The term “skeleton sea tactic” suddenly appeared in his mind.

Tapping the map with his finger, Li Xiang muttered, “The undead are very powerful.

For such a large-scale war, the undead will have an endless number of soldiers.”

Suddenly raising his head, Li Xiang looked at the countdown of the war.

There were less than ten hours left.

With a solemn expression, he said seriously, “Mobilize all our forces and do whatever it takes to investigate Region 0043!”

The Eye Demons expression became solemn as if he was infected.

After replying, he quickly turned around and left to arrange the investigation.

Li Xiang, who was deep in thought, kept imagining the unexpected situation that would happen next.




The sound of mail from time to time interrupted Li Xiangs thoughts.

He returned to his senses and started to read the mail.

It was still the city lords who had pledged allegiance to him.

After doing the same action for a long time, a persons body would form a conditioned reflex.

He mechanically agreed to the information of ownership one by one.

Suddenly, a region-wide broadcast completely made him stop what he was doing.

[Region-wide Broadcast: Congratulations to Region 0042, Lord Li Xiangs personal territory has reached 75% of Region 0042.]

[Congratulations to Lord Li Xiang for obtaining the title “Conqueror of a Region”.

SS-Rank Grand Lord Medal is rewarded.]

[Lord Li Xiang has been rewarded with a wonder: 1 Low-Rank Magic Tower.]

[Lord Li Xiang has been rewarded with an SS-Rank Water Curtain Great Array.]

[Lord Li Xiang from Region 0042 has been rewarded with 5 level, and all population under him 2]

[All lords under Lord Li Xiangs command from Region 0042 have been rewarded with the title: “Unity”, and one A-Rank medal]

The region-wide broadcast was different from common regional broadcasting.

It was aimed at the entire Myriad World.

Li Xiang, who was stunned by the series of rewards, did not know that the title “Conqueror of a Region” not only had extremely powerful additional attributes, but the difficulty of obtaining it was also daunting.

In the tens of millions of years since the birth of the Myriad World, there were less than a hundred people who could obtain the title “Conqueror of a Region”.

The reason why this title was rare was because it was only prepared for novice lords.

In the region of Noda, only lords who had 75% of the territory within a month of the birth of a new region could obtain it.

Countless ancient countries and unions had tried to nurture a lord who could obtain the title of “Conqueror of a Region”, but they all failed for various reasons.

One could imagine how great Li Xiangs potential would be in the future.


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