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In the temporary command center, Li Xiang frowned.

At this moment, he was very conflicted.

He did not want to give up on the teleportation array that he had taken down with great casualties.

But if he did not give up, he would immediately be surrounded by a sea of undead.

It was up to him to decide whether he should fight to the death or retreat and regroup.

Crack… crack…


On the battlefield, the corpses that were lying on the ground that had not been stabbed suddenly changed.

Some of the corpses twisted their bodies and opened their pale eyes while cracking sounds were coming out of their mouths.

Some of the corpses muscles rotted and fell off.

Revealing the white bones that were stained with blood.

What was even more terrifying was the illusory shadow that slowly rose from the corpses.

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“Oh my God! The corpse has transformed.


“Ugh! So disgusting… ugh…”

“I dont want to die.

I dont want to become such a terrifying monster!”

“Lord, please let us retreat!”

The warriors of Region 0042 who had never seen the birth of undead creatures quickly lost their high fighting spirit in a short period of time.

The Demon Legion that Li Xiang had summoned was slightly better.

They were still carrying out the mission of finding the necromancer and stabbing the corpses.

However, it could be felt that their movements were no longer fast.

Their bodies were subconsciously moving away from the mutated corpse.

“Damn it, where is it Its impossible for the necromancer to control the summoning array remotely.”

Li Xiang raised his head and looked at the sky.

In the sky, there was only the Black Wing Demon Legion that was constantly circling.

“Theres nothing in the sky, theres nothing on the battlefield, could it be…”

Li Xiang, who was mumbling, suddenly looked down at the ground.

The excitement in his eyes flashed before it turned into ruthlessness.

He roared and issued another order.

“Everyone, listen up.

Quickly destroy the mutated corpses around you.

The rest of you, attack the ground with all your might!”

The soldiers were stunned at first when they heard the confusing order, but then they suddenly understood.

They raised the weapons in their hands one after another.

After they jumped up high, the weapons that contained all kinds of power heavily hit the ground.

The messy attack made Li Xiang frown.

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“Listen to my order, attack collectively… three… two… one… Attack!”


With a huge rumble, the ground at the border sunk by a few centimeters.

“Three… two… one… Attack!”


After several attacks, the ground cracked like a spider web.

Woo… woo…

The moment the crack appeared, an even denser cold wind gushed out from the crack.

“Hmph, its indeed a group of gophers!” Li Xiang snorted.

Attack after attack, the entire area sank down to nearly a meter.


Finally, an area collapsed, revealing a large pit that was several meters deep.

In the cracks at the bottom of the pit, black blood seeped out, and the violent cold wind in that region dissipated.

“Huzzah… Huzzah… Long live the Lord!”

The warriors in the collapsed area cheered, praising the great lord.

The other regions bombarded the ground with even more strength after seeing this scene.

Half an hour later, the huge summoning array on the map completely disappeared.

Other than the pungent smell of blood and residual stench, there was no other repulsive smell in the air.

A group of mysterious people in black cloaks were standing on a hill that was dozens of kilometers away from the battlefield.

Not far from them, the big shots of Region 0043 pointed at the mysterious person.

“Pat, when you set the plan, you said it would be foolproof.

What do you have to say now”

The one who spoke was a burly man from Region 0043.

“Oh What do you want me to say” A cold voice came from the mysterious persons cloak.

“Hmph, the cooperation was initiated by your Region 0044.

Now that our region has suffered heavy losses, shouldnt you give us an explanation” The burly mans tone was full of anger.

“Nonsense!” A slightly immature voice could be heard among the mysterious people.

He walked forward and pointed in the direction of the border, shouting angrily, “Do you know how many resources are needed for such a large array Im afraid that even if you sell your entire Region 0043, you wont be able to exchange for that array!”

“Alright, Chen Ming, theres no need to say this to them.”

The mysterious person who had spoken earlier stopped his companion, turned to the burly man, and said, “Its either we start the war or listen to my command.

If it wasnt for the idiots on your side this time, the war wouldnt have ended so quickly.”

He paused for a moment, and his tone became even colder as he said, “I believe that you have some understanding of our strength.

If it were a normal district war, we wouldnt think it would be very difficult to take you down.

As for what to do next, its entirely up to you.”

The burly man fell silent.

While he was dissatisfied with the unyielding attitude of these undead lords, he was also secretly wary of the other party and the forces behind them.

Seeing the burly man fall silent, the mysterious person nodded.

“Lets go back and defend.

The game has just started.

No wonder the empire wanted me to test out Li Xiang from Region 0042.

He is indeed a formidable opponent.

Hmph, but he will definitely be my stepping stone to success!”

As the mysterious person finished speaking, the sound of bones breaking could be heard from within the cloak.

Just like that, a group of cloaked men collapsed in front of the big shots from Region 0043.

The burly man stepped forward in surprise and lifted the black cloaks that were scattered on the ground.

What entered their eyes was not a single human figure but broken bones.


The big shots sucked in a breath of cold air, their faces filled with disbelief.

They had never expected that the people who had been working with them were actually bone substitutes.

Just as they gained a firm foothold at the border, thousands of the Eye Demons clones spread out to scout and infiltrate.

In the temporary command center, Li Xiang and many of his subordinates summarized the gains and losses of their first battle.

“According to our preliminary statistics, 1.6 million of our various soldiers died in this battle, and 2.4 million were heavily injured and lost their combat strength.

There are a remaining 13 million soldiers.

“After investigation, the majority of the casualties were caused by the chaos after the undead summoning array was activated.”

Succubus Lilith gave a brief report on the battle losses.

Li Xiang, on the other hand, was sitting on the main seat and knocking on the table with a gloomy expression.

The subordinates under Li Xiangs command were ashamed.

If they had carried out the country lords orders meticulously, the battle losses would not have been so great.

As for those lords who did not submit to Li Xiang, they avoided his gaze and did not dare to look directly at Li Xiang.

Most of these soldiers were their own.

In the beginning, they were in charge of support, but after the enemy was defeated, they charged to the front.

On one hand, they faced the desperate battle of the defeated enemy.

On the other hand, they fought against the summoned undead creatures.

When they could not hold off the sea of undead soldiers, they led the undead to charge into the frontline that they had just occupied and did not have time to reorganize.

“This is our first time fighting together.

We all know whats good and whats bad.

I dont want to pursue whos responsible.

If we commit another crime, well kill them in front of us!”

Li Xiangs words were filled with killing intent, and his gaze was fixed on the unspecialized lords.


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