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Three days later.

Li Xiang used a fortress to surround the two teleportation arrays.

Countless pieces of information were sent back from the Eye Demon.

After a few days of observation, Li Xiang classified the lords who had submitted to him.

Those who were good at leading troops and fighting were classified as generals.

Those who were good at internal affairs left their troops behind.

The lords were sent back to Region 0042 to handle internal affairs.

As for those who were quick-witted, they would be assigned to the Eye Demon to help him analyze all sorts of information.

Just like that, a simple empire was born after a war.

Li Xiang, who had saved a lot of energy, placed all his energy into the various soldier types.

The first battle had shown him many flaws.

The various soldier types fought on their own, and there was no cooperation at all.

He believed that the overall strength of the army would increase by at least 30%.

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“Country Lord, this is the investigation data.”

The Eye Demon handed over a thick stack of data.

Li Xiang put down his work and started to read the data.

The Eye Demon explained from the side.

The introduction of the lord of Region 0043 and the current distribution of the army was very simple.

There were only a dozen pages.

The rest was all about investigating the appearance of the undead on the battlefield.

“Other than having a large number of soldiers, Region 0043 doesnt have anything outstanding about it.

Their organization is quite scattered and doesnt pose much of a threat to us.”

“And the intelligence reports indicate that only Region 0044 produces undead in the nearby area servers.

Moreover, the intelligence reports indicate that there are no large-scale troops stationed at the border between Region 0043 and Region 0044.”

“Oh” Li Xiang let out a soft gasp of surprise and guessed, “Youre saying that its very likely that the two regions have already joined forces”

“Yes, otherwise, it would be hard to explain why there would be an undead legion within the territory of Region 0043.

Moreover, the people of Region 0044 seem to be very low-key and have almost no contact with the outside world.

The only information they have is useless information that they spent a lot of money to buy.”

Seeing that Li Xiang was deep in thought, the Eye Demon slowly retreated, leaving Li Xiang to think alone.

“Eye Demon, how do you think they managed to sneak into the border without being noticed”

After pondering for a long time, Li Xiang finally asked the question in his heart.

However, when he looked up, he realized that the Eye Demon had already left.

With a bitter smile, Li Xiang opened the auction platform.

He casually picked up a teapot beside him to edit the transaction information.

[Listing: Exquisite Teapot]

[Grade: None]

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[Starting Price: 1,000,000 gold soli]

[Fixed Price: 3,000,000 gold soli]

[Auctioneer: Li Xiang]

As soon as the goods were listed, the trading chat channel became lively again.

“A big shot is indeed a big shot.

When you become famous, it feels like a robbery when youre selling something.”

“Maybe this teapot is an antique used by the imperial family of some empire 10,000 years ago!”

“Hehe… are antiques valuable in the Myriad World Several old monsters have lived for thousands of years.

Who knows if theyve lived for 10,000 years”

“Are you serious You must be lying!”

“Hmph, I can only say that your realm is too low, and you are not qualified to come into contact with that level.”

“Keep bragging.

You can keep bragging.

The ox in the sky is flying!”

“Darn it, are you courting death If you have the guts to send out the coordinates, see how I will destroy you!”

“Region 0178, Gulf State, come!”

“F*ck, you are still a newbie.

When you leave the newbie village, I will destroy you at the first moment!”

Li Xiang was speechless and filled with admiration towards those who mingled on the chat channel.

At any time, the keyboard warrior was an existence that would challenge anyone the moment they disagreed.


[A message from Jian Suyan, please check.]

Li Xiang smiled slightly.

The “know-it-all” person had sent a message.

“Have you prepared the gold soli needed for theReligion information”

“No, I already have some preliminary clues regarding religion.

After I try it out, Ill look for you to buy follow-up clues if I cant make it through.”

“Oh Do you already have an idea Not bad! Then why did you look for me this time”

“I want to buy information about the undead race in Region 0044.”

“Im sorry, we cant do business with each other this time!”

“Dont tell me you dont have any news about them No wonder my intelligence says theyre very mysterious.”

“No, I have a certain understanding of them.

But in order not to cause unnecessary trouble for me, I cant sell you their information.

But I can tell you for free that Region 0044 has a very strong background.”

“Okay, thank you!”

After ending the call, Li Xiang became even more frustrated.

However, he had no choice but to shoot the arrow.

Since the war had already started, there was no room for retreat.

Thinking up to this point, Li Xiang found the lords to arrange the next battle.

Half a day later, Li Xiangs army split into three groups and headed straight for the three strongest territories in Region 0044.

It was as if they had been stunned by the terrifying status of the Li Xiang Alliance Army during the battle at the border, so they did not have much strength to fight back.

Hence, the Li Xiang Alliance Army quickly reached its predetermined location.

During this period of time, they did not see any traces of the undead.

It was as if they had once again disappeared from Region 0043.

Through interrogating the captured lords, they only knew that on the eve of the war, there was a small group of skeleton soldiers wandering around the frontlines.

As for where they came from, they did not know.

However, Li Xiang firmly believed that that strange undead must be hiding somewhere, preparing to give him a fatal blow.

“Haha, Im very lucky.

I didnt expect my opponent to be you.

Dont think that just because you won the battle at the border, it means that you will win for sure.”

“Mad Lion Country Lord, I have heard of you.

You are a very powerful lord.

You have about five million soldiers under your command.

Among them, the Three-Headed Fire Lion is very powerful.”

“Youre not bad either! Your snake demon soldiers move like the wind.

They are able to sneak attacks without fail.

Moreover, their combat strength is already very powerful.

If we join forces, we can definitely make the Demon Country suffer a great loss.”

In a luxurious palace, more than ten country lords of different strengths gathered together.

Their expressions were filled with excitement.

To them, being able to defeat the Demon Country was a victory.

Moreover, with the help of the undead race, victory was within reach.

However, in another secret and spacious room, only four or five people were chatting.

Two of them who were wearing hoods had already taken off their hoods, revealing their true appearances.

One of them was tall and handsome, but his face was pale and without any color.

His eyes did not have sclera, and they were pitch-black.

He looked very strange.

However, the most eye-catching thing was the two sharp teeth on the corner of his mouth.

From this, one could tell that this person was a vampire, and they called themselves vampires.

The other one looked like a pretty little boy.

He had white hair, but his eyes were blood-red.

As for the three people on the other side, one was a feminine man.

The charming man was Miyamoto Sakuragi, the country lord of the Cherry Blossom Country, and the handsome blonde man was John, the country lord of the Divine Hawk Kingdom, the last burly man with a big beard was Joseph of the War Bear Country.

Miyamoto Sakuragi was the first to speak.

He smiled sweetly and asked, “I am the country lord of the Cherry Blossom Country, Miyamoto Sakuragi.

May I know your names, My Lords”

The vampire man revealed an elegant smile, but there was disdain in his eyes.

These humans had always been food in their eyes.

They were no different from animals like chickens, ducks, pigs, and dogs in the eyes of humans.

Yet, Miyamoto Sakuragi looked very feminine.

His every move carried a disgusting charm.

Even though he had lived for a long time and was used to seeing all kinds of people, he still felt nauseous.

However, the temperament and habits that he had developed over the years made him restrain his emotions.

He said indifferently, “You can call me Baron Victor!”

The pretty little boy said in a serious tone, “You can call me Lord Tiancheng!”



Such a pretty little boy said that he was a lord in a serious tone

A strange look flashed across the eyes of the three human country lords, including Miyamoto Sakuragi.


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