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In reality, the people who were paying attention to this battle werent just from Region 0044, 0043, and 0042.

Many people from the whole region and the entire world were paying attention.

After all, whether it was the powerful undead race or the Demon Country that was a frequent visitor to the system announcement, they were still fresh in many peoples memories.

Especially those countries that were adjacent to these three regions were even more nervous.

“Should we send troops to support Region 0043 Without lips, the teeth will be cold!”

“How do we support them Support them like the undead race Im afraid that theyll treat us as enemies as soon as we go over.”

“The undead race is too despicable.

They actually used the opportunity of assistance to take over the magpies nest.

If thats the case, who would dare to trust the undead race in the future”

“Thats right.

This time, the undead race didnt keep their word first.

Its no problem for the Demon Country to make a move.”

“Keep their word In this place where the strong prey on the weak, whats trust and justice Can it be eaten In the end, it still depends on strength.

if one is strong, the so-called trust and justice is bull**!”

“The one from above, Ill remember you.

I really want to see how much strength you have!”

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The region was abuzz with discussion, and the world channel was even more turbulent.

“I give the Demon Country full marks for this operation! Not only did they take the moral high ground by retreating, but they also let the undead reveal their strength in advance, greatly increasing their chances of victory.”

“You cant say that! The undead race had made light of the Demon Country, to begin with.

They have already occupied quite a few regions and are extremely powerful.

With the current strength of the Demon Country, they might not be able to last long.”

“The position of the Demon Country is very awkward! Look at the map.

If the Demon Country is unable to take down Region 0043, then they will almost be sealed between two huge mountain ranges.

Their future development space is extremely limited.”

“Thats right.

No wonder the Demon Country didnt attack the territories in the other three directions.

Instead, they went straight for Region 0043.

So thats how it is.”

“Looks like the undead race has seen through this.

They are trying to nip this threat in the bud!”

From the map, Region 0042s location was right in the middle of two mountain ranges.

Regardless of which territory to attack in the other three directions, they would need to cross the mountain range before they could attack.

The difficulty was quite high.

These two mountain ranges could be used as a barrier as well as a cage.

The only exit was the location of Region 0043.

Previously, the Red Flame Nation was located in this location, but it was still within the area of Region 0042.

Now that the Red Flame Nation had been destroyed, it had become a piece of territory of the Demon Country.

The cross-region teleportation array was also built in a place that was once outside the borders of the Red Flame Nation.

Li Xiang browsed through the various channels, but he did not obtain any useful information.

The undead race did not even react to this, and he could not help but feel a little disappointed.

“Looks like the undead were already planning to deal with themselves before the war in the region.

They are really scheming.”

“Ding ding ding…”

A series of system notification sounds rang out.

Li Xiang opened the system interface and saw that in a short span of ten minutes, seven or eight more country lords had applied for allegiance.

At the same time, five or six country lords had sent letters requesting help.

The situation seemed to be very urgent.

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Naturally, he could not watch these countries fall.

He pulled out a map and looked at it for a while before drawing a line.

Not only did he connect these five or six countries, but at the same time, there were four or five countries that had already declared their loyalty to the undead races country lord.

“Yes, this should be enough!”


“Your subordinate is here!”

“Prepare the army to teleport.

Then, follow the route map that I gave you and march.

At the same time, send out the Eye Demon and Vine Whisker Demon.

The Black Wing Demon will scout the route and send out hidden dangers to ensure the safety of the armys route.”


Not long after, the demon army used the teleportation array to teleport directly to a huge square.

At this moment, there were already dozens of people waiting in the square.

“Greetings, Country Lord! Im Zhao Qi, Qingfeng Territorys lord!”

This was a scholarly man who looked to be in his thirties and was wearing glasses.

He was also the former country lord of the Qingfeng Nation.

This country was quite outstanding in terms of agriculture, but in terms of combat strength and specialty products, they were not bad.

They were also one of the first country lords to pledge loyalty to the Demon Country.

Li Xiangs attitude towards these country lords who had given up on competing for hegemony and had no ambitions was friendly, and he did not really think of enslaving anyone.

“Lord Zhao, the Demon Country is still small at the moment, so I wont give you a title for the time being.

When this war is over, with the size of your territory, youll be at least a baron.

From now on, as long as you pay enough taxes and dont have more than a certain number of troops, you can temporarily manage yourself before the countrys system is complete.”


Zhao Qi had no other choice.

Otherwise, no one would be willing to submit to others.

He was extremely opposed to becoming an undead.

His own strength was insufficient, so he naturally could only rely on the Demon Country.

“Country Lord, the undead army is already less than eighty miles away from here.

There are already more than ten small countries that have been destroyed by the undead.”

Li Xiang nodded and said, “You can just do the logistics for this battle.

Theres no need for you to fight.”

It wasnt that he was arrogant or foolish, but the strength of these country lords who had pledged their allegiance would immediately appear in front of him in the form of data.

They couldnt hide it even if they wanted to.

Therefore, he was naturally very clear about the strength of Zhao Qis Qingfeng Nation.

However, the most important thing now was to investigate the situation on the battlefield before deciding where to launch the attack.

Very soon, the information obtained by the Black Wing Demon, the Eye Demon, and the Vine Whisker Demon was transmitted back.

As the chief butler of the current Demon Country, Alice immediately reported the information.

“Country Lord, the demon army is divided into multiple paths, and they are adopting a lightning battle tactic.

After destroying a country, they will not be reluctant.

They will immediately think of the next target to attack and advance.

Currently, they are less than fifty kilometers away from Qingfeng Nation, and the furthest distance from the other countries is less than a hundred kilometers.

The closest ones are only sixty to seventy kilometers.”

“The undead have a big appetite! This is good too.

They are spreading out their attack and pursuing speed.

Then I will advance step by step and attack them one by one! Lets go!”

The demon army moved again.

Moreover, the moment it moved, it was like thunder, directly charging toward the approaching undead army.

In fact, Li Xiang was constantly paying attention to the movements of the undead army.

The undead army was also paying attention to the movements of the Demon Country.

As soon as the Demon Country arrived at Qingfeng Nation, the undead race received the news.

As the commander-in-chief of the regional war in Region 0043, when Lord Tiancheng saw the position of the Demon Country, he immediately gave the order, “Order the army that is attacking Qingfeng Nation to retreat to Red Leaf Ridge! Mobilize the zombie commander, Hao Meng, to lead an army of 300,000 zombies to fight against the Demon Country.

There is no need to win; they only need to hold the enemy there!”

Previously, when Vampire Victor failed to pin down the enemy, Lord Tiancheng already knew that the Demon Countrys combat strength was extraordinary.

However, the strongest strength of the zombie army was their defense.

Although their movements were slow, they should be able to delay the demon army for quite some time because they mainly focused on defense.


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