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Li Xiang did not expect that his arrow would be able to shoot the bone dragon down.

Actually, he did not have much confidence in his archery skills.

The main reason was that these enemies bodies were very big.

There was no need for him to use any exceptional archery skills.

With his current body attributes and equipment bonuses, it would be difficult for him to miss even if he wanted to.

However, shooting accurately into the bone dragons mouth was not easy at all.

However, this arrow had an automatic tracking function.

That was the real reason why he was able to shoot accurately.

On the other side, Lord Tiancheng, who was waiting for the bone dragon to show its might and sweep the battlefield, was even more stunned.

When the lord handed him the Inferno Bone Dragon Card, he solemnly warned him that the bone dragon was extremely powerful and should not be used unless he encountered a strong enemy.

This was to avoid being unable to control the bone dragon from the backlash, resulting in both sides suffering heavy losses.

However, this bone dragon was simply too disappointing.

An arrow had shot it down just like that.

Its reputation as a mighty Inferno Bone Dragon was truly undeserved.

Lord Tianchengs expression was a little stiff.

For a moment, he did not know how to react.

At this moment, the demon army once again erupted with furious roars.

Their morale soared, and their charge became even stronger.

The undead army was thrown into chaos.

“Roar! Roar!”

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Suddenly, two deep dragon roars could be heard from the place where the bone dragon had fallen.

Following that, a body that was more than a hundred feet long struggled up from the ground.

The eyes of the dragons head were filled with scarlet flames.

The dragons body was originally covered in black undead power.

However, at this moment, strands of scarlet flames began to spread and burn all over its body.

However, these flames did not cause any damage to the bone dragon.

Instead, it made the bone dragon even more terrifying.

At the same time, the aura on the bone dragons body also began to soar.

If the bone dragons aura before was only the aura of a common dragon, then the aura on the bone dragons body now was like the aura of a top-tier dragon.

The difference between the two was like heaven and earth.


The bone dragon once again let out an angry roar.

Its body suddenly shook on the ground.

It flapped its wings, and with a boom, it flew up.

When Lord Tiancheng saw this scene, his eyes finally lit up.

“Fortunately, this bone dragon is not a piece of trash after all.

The Inferno Bone Dragons all live in purgatory, and they are extremely powerful.

Maybe its because it just came here, and it couldnt adapt to the environment here for a while”

Some imaginary scenes appeared in Lord Tianchengs mind, and for a moment, he actually felt that it made sense.

Li Xiangs heart instantly sank when he saw the bone dragon flying up again, its body burning with hellfire.

“Country Lord, this is an Inferno Bone Dragon.

Unless its dragon crystal is shattered, its extremely difficult to kill.”

Succubus Alice said with some difficulty.

Although she was an SSS-Rank hero, her level was too low, and she was helpless against a level 30 Inferno Bone Dragon.

It was only now that Li Xiang felt that his time had been too smooth.

He had defeated all the country lords and bosses along the way, and he did not encounter any opponents.

He felt that he was invincible.

However, now that he thought about it carefully, most of the country lords on the Myriad World Continent only occupied a square area of 100 square kilometers, and they dared to call themselves country lords.

In fact, if one were to really count, they would at most be a low-rank lord.

The country lord was just a function given by the system.

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However, some people fell for this trick.

They felt that the country lords title really meant that they were the country lord.

Their mentality instantly swelled and exploded.

They indulged themselves in all sorts of luxuries and fell into decadence without realizing it.

Although he was still self-disciplined, after experiencing so many battles and victories, he also unconsciously thought that he was very powerful.

Now, it seemed that the country lord of another region had only sent a subordinate over, and he was almost killed.

What was there to be proud of

Looking at the Inferno Bone Dragon that flew up again, he took a deep breath and raised the Dragon Slaying Battle Bow again.

This time, he pulled the battle bow to its limit.

Golden flames rose from the golden arrow, and there was a faint dragon-shaped shadow on it, and it was roaring.


The golden light flashed and disappeared in an instant.

The Inferno Bone Dragon roared in anger, and a streak of flame was instantly spat out.

However, the golden arrow directly cut open the flame from the middle and went against the current, shooting into the dragons mouth again.

The Inferno Bone Dragon did not expect that its dragon breath would not affect this attack at all.

When it wanted to turn its head to dodge, it was too late.

It could only shut its mouth.


A strange muffled sound came from the sky.

The army that was fighting fiercely below was shaken by this muffled sound.

At the same time, a ray of golden light suddenly erupted with the Inferno Bone Dragon as the center and spread out.


The Inferno Bone Dragon faced the sky and let out a roar.

Its roar was filled with extreme pain and anger, and the hellfire around its body suddenly increased by a large circle.

However, before it could roar again, another ray of golden light shot over.


The angle of this arrow light suddenly changed slightly and directly shot into the bone dragons eye socket from the side.


This time, the arrows random ability was violent, and it exploded from the brain.

It was even more powerful than the first time it exploded from the mouth.

And the other arrow just now didnt seem to have any reaction.

It seemed that the random ability didnt have much effect on the bone dragon.

The bone dragons figure in the sky froze again, and then it fell from the sky again.

But this time, Li Xiang no longer had any hope.

The third arrow was aimed based on him locking on to his target, the arrows tracking function, and was shot into the bone dragons brain the moment it fell.

Then the fourth arrow, the fifth arrow.

When the fifth arrow fell, the falling bone dragons body suddenly burst into a ball of fire.

The dragon bones all over its body instantly disintegrated, scattered on the ground with scarlet flames.


Li Xiang let out a long breath, turned his head, and said to Alice, “Everyone shall attack together and annihilate the undead army here.

Leave Lord Tiancheng to me!”

After saying that, he raised his bow again to look at Lord Tiancheng in the air, but his eyes suddenly widened.

“Huh Where is he”

The crystal skeleton throne that was originally standing in the void and Lord Tiancheng who was sitting on it had disappeared without anyone noticing.

Li Xiang turned his gaze and looked behind the undead army, but he did not see Lord Tiancheng.

“As the armys commander-in-chief, Lord Tiancheng wont run away when things get bad, right”

“I dont think so.

There are still hundreds of thousands of undead soldiers left.

How is he going to explain when he returns”

However, no matter how hard he searched, even when he sent out the Black Wing Demon and the Eye Demon to search everywhere, he did not see any trace of Lord Tiancheng.

He even accidentally discovered that more than half of the most elite undead soldiers had disappeared.

At this point, Li Xiang had no choice but to accept the fact that the enemy had really escaped.


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