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Princess Mia gives a desperate presentation


How did it come to this!

Mia was in despair at the reality in front of her.

Why Why Why

The whole world seemed to darken before her eyes as she desperately looked for a solution to her current situation.


Turning back time a little…

Mia left the rest to Ludwig.

She then joined Bel and Lynsha, and the merry company returned to St.

Noel’s Academy.

“Now I can finally relax!”

The smiling Mia appeared in the student council room for the first time in a while.

“It’s been a long time, everyone.

After bowing to everyone gathered in the student council room, Mia started cleaning up the work that had accumulated.

But it’s mostly paperwork.

I don’t need to say anything about what Rafina has finished so far…

Expecting to cruise through the paperworks, Mia’s eyes almost popped out when she looked over one of the papers that had come to her from Rafina.

On it was a very serious problem that the Academy City hasn’t faced since its construction.

“Huh Huh Why, why Why is the cafeteria’s sweets menu decreasing”

The document handed over from Rafina contained a renovation plan that reduced the menu of sweets in the cafeteria.

By the way, Mia’s favorite fruit tart was also gone…

Wh-why is this happening What does this mean

Mia was completely teary-eyed.

“Fufu, while Mia was away, the three of us did a thorough research.

Dietetics is fun, isn’t it”

Rafina, Tiona, and even Chloe exchanged smiles.

Eh, what What in the moons is that

Mia, on the other hand, was thoroughly confused.

She didn’t know what dietetics was.

But if it is something that took away her sweets, then it is something that she surely will not like.

Still, Mia regained her composure.

“I see… Die- Dietete… So you researched about it, huh”

“Yes, I was also blind.

The relationship between food and health… I never thought there was such an academic field… So, as Mia-san suggested, I thought about the health of the students and considered various nutritional balances.

I thought it would be better to reduce the number of sweets and instead increase the menu with more vegetables.”

Well, I did not suggest that at all.

I never said a word like that!

Swallowing her words of protest, Mia tries hard to come up with a solution.

The Wisdom of the Empire roared to protect the sweets!

“However, no matter how good it is for the body, if we reduce the number of sweets and increase the amount of vegetable dishes… we will probably have complaints.

That is the problem.” Rafina frowned.

Mia found a way out in those words.

That’s right! That’s it!

Mia makes a bold face and takes advantage of it.


That is a very serious problem.

We might consider keeping things the way they are for now…”

“No, it’s a policy that Mia-san came up with.

I want to make it happen somehow.”

Rafina said with an enthusiastic face.

In line with that, Chloe and Tiona also nodded.

What is this Since when have you three became besties


The friendship of the three friends drives Mia into a corner.

“I see.

It is really important for those who rule to take care of their health.

It is my first time to hear about dietetics as well… I must confess.

Hmm… Ah! So that was why you were always interested in mushrooms! Once again, your foresight is amazing, Mia.” Sion nodded with admiration.

Both Abel and Sapphias nodded, and they didn’t seem to have any objections.

No one seems to want to object the motion to Mia’s dismay.

Uh, uh… somehow, I have to do something…

In a situation where the majority is almost decided, Mia works hard for a plan to save her beloved sweets.

She was alone in this battle and there was no one who could support her.

I need a clever idea for my sweets to survive… I need something… something… Ahah!

In this moment of inspiration, the face of the head chef came to mind.

|I devised this for Her Highness.

It’s a vegetable cake.


“That’s right! A vegetable cake!”

An inspiration came to her to turn the tides of battle to her favor.

Her mind usually needs sweets to function fully.

Now it is functioning fully to protect its fuel.

After a long quiet moment, Mia speaks out.

“Whether to include more vegetables in the student diet… or to preserve the quality of the sweets menu… in my opinion, we should do both.

To that end, Rafina-sama, I propose an addition to the meal schedule in the form of cakes that are good to your health.”

“A healthy cake Is there such a thing”

Surprised, Rafina asks back.

The rest of the room share the same surprise as her.

Mia explained…

“In Tearmoon, we have collected the best of the empire’s technological prowess… there is something called a vegetable cake!”

“A vegetable cake!”

Mia enthusiastically preaches its advantages.

“First of all, regarding the renewal of the menu, you can leave the sweets as they are.

Instead, cut this less popular vegetable salad and rich green soup.

“B-but, Miss Mia! If we don’t reduce the number of sweets on the menu, we won’t be able to solve the problem of eating too many sweets…”

Mia quietly shook her head at Chloe who questioned her.

“Don’t worry Chloe.

Because the vegetable cake is so good, you won’t be able to resist it.”

To those words, Rafina shows a convincing nod.

“I see.

In other words, Mia-san’s proposal is like this.

Instead of removing delicious things from the menu and making them eat less delicious but healthy things; we add healthy and delicious things to the menu.”

“That’s exactly right, Lady Rafina.”

Rafina quietly nodded back to Mia, who nodded confidently.

“As expected of Mia-san… I didn’t have a perspective to associate the cafeteria menu with the health of the students.

Moreover, I didn’t even know the existence of such recipe…”

“I’ve also been to the Imperial City, but I didn’t know there was such a cake.”

“Neither have I read that in any book before… as expected.

Mia-sama is amazing.”

Mia received respectful looks from the three girls.

“If you accept my proposal, I will write a letter to the imperial capital as soon as possible.

SO what shall it be”

Mia said with a smug


Immediately after the meeting ended, Mia wrote a letter to the imperial capital.

It was asking his loyal head chef for the recipe of the beloved vegetable cake.

The healthy vegetable cake devised by Mia soon became a specialty menu item at St.

Noel Academy’s cafeteria.

After graduating from the academy, Mia recognized the achievements of her head chef.

She presented him with the Mia Medal of Freedom.

Not that it would matter in any way, anyway.


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