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I raced down to Jerichos house to get the book I found on His desk.

I didn bother knocking and bashed into His house, good thing the door wasn locked.

I went straight to His room and hurriedly searched His reading table. But I didn find it.

"Woah! What the heck Jack?" Jericho came in surprised at my unruly behavior. I froze the moment I saw Him and came back to my right senses.

"I didn hear you come in..." I said.

"Maybe cause you left the door wide opened". He blurted out.

I hiccuped.

"Whats wrong with you? Have you suddenly gone mad, why are you doing this to my room..." Jericho inquired with a little bit of rage in His voice.

"Where did you get this?". I held out the book I was searching for. I had found it right before He came into His room.

He looked at the book and sighed.

"You should have just told me you wanted that back, I could have easily given it to you instead of all these". He pointed out to the disarray I had caused.

"Back? I don own it". I asked confused.

"Dude you gave that book to me A month ago, I didn just return it since you never asked but here you are searching my room like I stole something from you." He blurted.

I honestly couldn understand what Jericho was saying, what did He mean by I owned the book. I suddenly remembered the small piece of paper that was inside the book and I anxiously flipped over pages searching for it and found it.

"Then explain this". I pointed out the tiny paper that Held an instruction written on it.

"Dude!" Jericho sighed again.

"Stop playing games with me okay?, I know you are really hurt about Sheilas rejection but Please stop". Jericho demanded.

"You wrote that and put it in there, you literally do for all your books you lend out". He added Angrily.

I was the most confused Human on Earth that moment. I didn own the book, What the heck was Jericho talking about.

I went back to the library with the book I took from Jericho and found the other book at the library, they had the same author; SOULACRI. I wondered what that name actually meant.

I went up to the librarian to ask a few questions about the book.

"Good day Miss". I greeted Her politely.

"Good day lad, its been a while since you came here". She replied smiling.

"I was Here this afternoon". I tried to remind Her.

"Yeah, saw you but Why did you leave in such hurry, couldn even get to thank you enough for the last time".

I didn know for sure what this woman was talking about, but I was more curious about something else.

I brought up the book from the shelf to Her and asked;

"What year did this get Here?".

She gave me a questioning look. "You brought this to me a month ago. Give me a minute I guess Ill check the record book". I stood mouth agape I watched as she brought out a big record book.

"Jack Dew right?" She Inquired.

"Yes!" I answered with a firm tone nodding.

What exactly was happening? The last I checked I didn loose my memories and today was going to be the first time I ever entered this library. I thought for a moment that Jericho might be pulling a prank on me but it didn seem so. Jericho hardly or never plays any kind of pranks.

I left the library troubled, I didn just understand what was going on.

Was I dreaming?

No! I was wide awake.


Graduation had come and finally the preparatory noise from students would end.

Everyone was excited about it except Me. I didn even have a good dress to wear to prom.

Jericho had offered me a Suit but I reject it, I just wanted that day to pass on like every other day. It was literally the saddest day of my life, I was leaving my family.

I peeked out of my window and saw my parents swimming joyfully over Marcel. He wasn even the one graduating.

He was just going a grade up.

I dropped the blinds and looked around my room I had packed all my stuffs together so my room looked empty. Although my room was not the best of teen rooms, I was still going to miss it anyways, it was like my comfort Zone and peace of mind.

I had no actual place I was moving to, the only place I had in mind was Jerichos house but I didn want all the drama.

His parents might want to report my parents and I honestly did not want any of that.

I changed my mind again I wanted to go for my graduation, at least to see Sheila one last time. I went to Jerichos house, He was surprised to see me and to hear that I had changed my mind on attending graduation.

I didn tell Him the reason I had changed my mind even though He kept asking.

We both got dressed and He drove us to prom.

"You drive pretty well dude, never knew you could". I commended on arrival.

"Well thanks to you, who taught me well". He winked and alighted.

I couldn put what He had just said together. I couldn even drive, So how did I teach Him how to drive? Perhaps He was joking.

Jericho looked so good In His Blue tuxedo. He stood brightly with His blond shiny Hair. He was the Valedictorian of the year and Best graduating student.

I shed tears of Joy as He read His speech. I remembered the long way we have both come through and His big supports for me all these years.

I was alive thanks to GOD, Jericho and His ever loving parents. I knew they were also very proud of Him from wherever they were listening to Him.

I had no one to give me flowers and sweet congratulatory messages.

I saw other kids jubilate with their parents or guardian. I intentionally excused myself from Jericho and His parents I wanted Him to have a good time with them, I didn want to intrude or make them feel uncomfortable having me around.

I found somewhere to sit away from the gathering. I could still hear the sound of jubilation and cheering.

I saw Sheila and my brother hug, I got up immediately I couldn believe my eyes. It was no surprise my brother was at the graduation He always attends every years graduation ceremony claiming to have a friend in each set.

It sent chills down my spine, I tried to hold myself in but I couldn , I felt my blood boil and my heart beat faster.

What the hell what He doing with Her? My own brother, Knowing fully well I had feelings for Sheila.

"Sheila!" I called out and ran towards them.

I grabbed Her hands from Marcels and started walking away with Her. She pulled back and slapped me.

Marcel threw me death glares.

"Lets go Sheila, Hes no go for you". I cautioned Her and tried to take Her hand again.

Marcel angrily hits me and overpowers me with His bigger figure.

I landed to the ground and crushed my shoulders very hard.

He took Sheila and started walking away.

"Sheila! Please don do this to me, I love you so much". I said still groaning in pain.

She ran back to me and screamed.

"Don ever tell me you love me ever!" She yelled.

"Why can you love me Sheila?" I asked rashly.

"You want to know why? You are poor and useless, you are a pathetic loser. But Marcel has a car and alot more to offer me". She bellowed.

Marcel chuckled and came to stay beside Her looking down at me like dirt as I laid on the ground still in pains.

"Have the whole world in your hands then Ill be yours!". She concluded and left Marcel and I behind.

My heart bleed, I dusted myself up and was about leaving the place. When Marcel pushed me against the wall and hit my face.

Few second later His gang arrived.


I couldn feel my body, I laid helpless on the ground half dead. Every part of my body was in dilemma. Marcel and His gang Had beaten the hell out of me and made ridicules of me. I tried to move but I couldn . I needed to get up or I was going to bleed to death.

I had lost track of time, but the day had grown old and silence consumed the air.

Everyone had gone home. I tried to get up again and this time I was successful.

I held unto a pillar to support my weak body then I suddenly remembered,


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