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I begged the taxi man to offer me a ride home. He was reluctant for a moment but offered to Help me cause It looked a like I was going to die any second. He asked me tones of questions.

I knew He was just trying to be careful and didn want to get Himself in trouble. So I managed to answer few of them.

"Are you sure you don need to go to the hospital?". The old taxi driver asked me full of concern.

I shook my head in disapproval and alighted from His taxi.

He drove away after looking at me for a while.

I stood in front of my house big gate, my stuffs were at the corner of the gate thrown out of the house.

My parents were just so mean to me, they didn even care about me the slightest bit. Didn they even wonder why Id be. I guess they are fine as long as Marcel is with them.

I sighed and Sat close to my belongings. I reached for my box and brought out a shirt, I ripped it apart and used it to stop my bleeding.

Jerichos house was an estate away, I knew He would be wondering why I left and especially were I was, I didn have a cellphone to call Him and I didn have the strength to walk to His house and even If I could His parents would wonder why I was looking unkempt and bloody so I just couldn go there.

I laid on the ground and used my old school bag to support my head. I planned to pass the night outside and quickly leave the following morning before anyone sees me.

But where exactly was I even going to?

I got up at five oclock very early in the morning, my whole body felt sour, for a moment I couldn move I laid still.

The day became brighter, I was able to sit up but I couldn still move properly without feeling sever pain.

The gate opened and my mums car drove out, I got up immediately not minding the pain, I was shocked to see Her out so early.

Her car stopped, surely at the sight of me, the window of the back sit went down exposing my mothers face.

"What are you doing Here?". She queried looking very disgusted and displeased.

"I don have anywhere to go". I replied downcasted.

"You are so shameless Jack, don be like your father who was completely useless and worthless, get something for yourself, have an impact on the world, positive or even negative and make me proud then I can ever call you son, unless that, I don want to ever see you near my life". She said with a rash faint tone and Instructed the driver to drive away.

"Make sure Hes no where around the house when I return". Mrs Dew Instructed somebody over a call.

I picked up my bag and my box and looked at the three bodyguards that ordered me to leave the premises.

I slowly leaped away looking back at the house, my mothers words had pierced deep into my heart. Who was I?, was I really my parents son? She said I shouldn be like my father and she was definitely not referring to Her husband.

If my mother would love Me when I become great, Im willing to do anything to make that happen and come back to Her.

I needed to prove to My Mother and Sheila that I could be somebody great and control the world and especially being worthy of their love.

I went to the library and begged the librarian to let me stay there for a few days and I promised to work without any payment all I needed was food and shelter.

She explained to me that there was no place for me to stay except and old attic in the underground that was old and everything in it was bad.

It wasn my first time leaving in such place, So I quickly accepted to stay there.

The room was indeed very old and dilapidated. I gasped when a rat ran pass my feet. It was so big and black.

I saw a lot of books on the floor, I dropped my bag and box at the front of the door and reached for the books.

I packed them together and noticed a similarity between all of them, they all had the same authors, SOULACRI !.

It was the same authors from the books Jericho and this library had.

I had kept the book I took from Jericho in my bag. I reached for it and brought it out to confirm the name of the author and indeed I was right.

"Who was SOULACRI?" I thought, Why did I ever have the book as Jericho had claimed.

I dropped all the books at a corner and tried to arrange the rest of the room. I was weak and hungry.

I went to to the librarian to ask for food and water.

She gave me a pathetic look and took me out of the library to get some good food.

She happens to be a very nice person, I didn think she would assist me so much.

I pounced on the meal immediately it was served.

"Why are you not home?" She asked me.

I immediately stopped eating and looked at Her, I didn have an answer to that, yeah I did but it wasn something I wanted to say.

"I don have a family". I lied.

I prayed in my heart that She believed me cause I didn have any other lies to tell.

She happens to be a naive lady and I think she bought that lie, so I could proceed in building it.

"My parents are lost and Im all alone". I lied further. I watched as Her eyes widened with sympathy.

"I really wish I could take you home for better treatment or help, but I live with my step mum and Her daughter, so things aren really nice there". She explained.

"Im cool, Im really grateful for the library anyways".

There was a short sad silence.

"Whats your name?" I asked Her.

"Ruth" She replied.

"Jack right?".

"Yeah" I replied back nodding.

I kinda felt bad that I had to lie to her but that was the only thing I could do.

We got back to the library and I went back to arranging the room. I felt more relieved and happier. I think I was happy to be away from my family especially the mean treatments. But I still missed them all the same.

I opened another door in the room, it was the restroom. I shut the door almost immediately after opening. It was a very disturbing sight. Many insects were dead or alive inside, it was dark and covered with cobwebs.

I sighed.

I sat down on the wooden bed and thought of Jericho. I knew I had to reach out to Him soon. He would be very worried about me by now. His house wasn too far from the library but I just wasn ready to go see Him.

The next day came, I realized I had slept on my thoughts.

I quickly went down to the library to work as promised. I met a boy that was obviously older than me probably with a year or two. He stood at the counter were Ruth often stays. He appeared very busy.

He was not so surprised to see me even if it was too early for anyone to be at the library at that time to read.

"Had a good night rest?" He asked.

I was still wondering who the guy was when Ruth walked in holding at lot of big grocery bags in Her hands.

"Hey there!" She greeted us.

But neither of us replied Her.

The guy quickly moves to Ruth and helps Her bring the bags down.

I stared as both of them as they talked happily.

"Jack". Ruth called me.

"This is my friend Danny".

"Friend?". The guy asked looking a bit disappointed.

"Im Her boyfriend". He corrected.

Ruth laughed at Him and Hit His chest jokingly.

I suddenly felt uncomfortable, like why was this guy here all of a sudden. Did He know about me now?

I think He heard my thoughts.

"Relax dude, Im harmless. Ruth just asked me to join Her arrange that room She gave you, Im a painter you know". He smiled broadly and raised up the bucket of pain He was holding.

Ruth looked at me and smiled

"I hope you two get along". She said.

I felt kind of relieved, He didn seem like a bad guy or someone that was going to bully me.

We went to my room at the underground, leaving Ruth behind even though She wanted to join us, but somebody needed to stay at the counter.

"Whats your name?" I asked the guy.

He dropped all the grocery bags He had insisted on carrying alone and took a deep breath.

"Im... SOULACRI". He answered scanning the whole room.

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