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I stared at Him with my mouth agape, . Was He really the SOULACRI author or He just had the same name. That name was just too outlandish for more than one person to bear, it sounded more like a nickname or something else. I doubt it even has an actual meaning.

"Ar..e you Sou..lacri... Lik.e So..ulacri the author?" I stammered.

But He laughed so hard at my question.

"Of course not! How the Hell would I be Soulacri?".


I blinked severally at Him.

" Im not and can never be that dumbass Author, I just used His name to be silly most times, not many people know Him though, surprise you do". He said still laughing between His words.

"Im Wyatt". He proudly said.

"Oh Wyatt... nice name". I lilted.

I grew more curious about Soulacri, but I didn want to start being pushy about it".

Wyatt happily painted my room and did some other stuffs, He didn seem to get tired, maybe cause He had His headset on atleast something to boost His Spirit.

"Wyatt!". I had to raise my voice and gesture before He could Hear me calling Him.

"Yeah!" He answered taking off His headset.

"I want to take a break". I informed Him.

"Really? You looked more agile than that but I guess I was wrong". He chuckled.

Of course He was wrong , I wasn agile one bit.

As a matter of fact I was a bullied kid.

"I guess". I scoffed and dropped the cleaning materials I was using.

"Ill join you then". Wyatt said jumping off His painting stool.

We sat on a piece of wood, He passed me some snacks and we ate in silence.

"I usually don do this kind of stuffs". Ruben mubbled like He was being forced to eat breaking the silence.

"What stuffs?" I asked.

He looked at me with bewildered eyes, His face shot red.

"You like Ruth?". He asked. His voice growing more intense.

Absolutely not I didn like Ruth, I barely even knew her so why was He asking me such question.

"No.. I mean I like Her, cause shes a nice person but definitely not the way your eyes reads it." I replied groggily.

"Really?". He sounded super excited.

Now I couldn even hold myself back I really needed to make things straight if He was ever having such thoughts.

"I just met Her few days back". I said.

He looked at me with a disappointing look on His face.

"But She told me She met you a month ago, Ill really understand if you like Her its cool you could also try your luck, like I did for 5years". He looked very downcast.

I giggled, I couldn even believe what He was saying but all the same it sounded funny to me.

"Dude! Ruth is definitely mistaking me for somebody else, She told me that too okay? I have a girl I like, Honestly". I concluded trying not to laugh again.

He didn look convinced but I think He felt kind of relieved. I didn need anyone to tell Me He had a crush on Ruth. I honestly understood How He felt especially being rejected.

He seemed like a really good guy and way more handsome than I was.

I wonder why Ruth isn interested in Him.

"Whos Soulacri?" I asked trying to change the subject and mood and especially because I wanted to know who that author really was.

"You really want us to talk about Him now?". Wyatts deep voice questioned me.

"If you don mind". I shrugged.

He smiled at me weirdly.

"What exactly do you want to know about Him?".

"Everything". I replied becoming impatient.

"Ok...but I won do that with our work Half done". He scanned the room with His eyes and smirked.

"Oh my GOD!" I exclaimed slamming my forehead.

"That was bad Wyatt". I cried.

He got up and pulled me up. "We would get back to Soulacri once We are done with cleaning your room". He assured me.

" Its really funny you know Soulacris, but you don know about Soulacri". He teased.

"Thats a very rare case you know". He added again and chuckled.

We got back to cleaning in silence and humming sounds from Wyatt, He still had His headset on and I felt really grateful to the headset. cause it would have really been awkward if we both worked in total silence without having anything to say to each other unless He was going to tell me about Soulacri.

I was totally exhausted. We were done with everything including the **ty bathroom, Wyatt had offered to do it alone. But I joined Him later on as it got less **ter.

The room Had totally transformed. I noticed it on realisation. I was so thankful to Wyatt, He wasn just a good guy, He was also very hard-working and Helpful. I loved the color He chose for the room.

I had never lived in a nice teen room like the one Wyatt had just made me, the furnitures He ordered while we were working were incredible, The mattress seemed so comfy I could stay on it all day.

Wyatt was either a rich guy or was from a rich family. I was hardly somebody He knew and He had spent such an obvious huge amount of money on me and His precious time too. I suddenly became very curious about Him.

He sat on the reading chair and rested. He also looked very famished.

I didn want to ask Him about Soulacri again even though I was dying from curiosity.

I couldn stop thinking about It while we were working.

He braced himself and sat up straight. He looked at his wrist watch to check the time.

"Looks like Im going to pass the night Here". He announced unperturbed.

"Here?". I sounded astonished.


"But wh..y?". I didn know if I wanted Him there, cause we had not gotten to close to do that especially for an introvert like me. The only person I could ever spend a night with or share a bed with was Jericho.

Just then Ruth opens the door and walks in.

"Hey guy..s, WOW! this is beautiful, Wow!". She stood dazzled, admiring the room.

"I knew I could count on you Wyatt". She said smiling looking very impressed.

"We should get going Ruth". Wyatt announced trying to Hide His red cheeks caused by the flattery words He received from Her.

I chuckled, He looked really cute that moment. Just before you ask Im not bisexual *Winks*. I just admired His cuteness.

Even though Wyatt insisted on taking Ruth home, She refused. He had changed His mind immediately on wanting to pass the night with Me just to take Ruth Home.

They spent a while arguing before Ruth bid us farewell and left.

"Ill get the shower fixed by tomorrow, just use the water in that bucket". Wyatt pointed to a small black bucket close to the bathroom door and He collapsed on the bed. He was looked really tired.

It happens that Wyatt seems to be one of those guys that really worked themselves to their bone marrows.

I quickly had my bath and came out of the bathroom.i wasn totally comfortable with the bathroom even if I had completely transformed from what u saw earlier, I still felt something could creep out or show up like the rat.

I changed into newer clothes and dumped my work clothes in a small bin.

Wyatt did the same and continued His rest.

"Wyatt?" I softly called Him. We laid so that our backs faced each other, I didn feel uncomfortable like I thought I would.

"Mmm..." He answered with a sleepy tone.

"Whos Soulacri?". I asked amidst doubt of getting any response from Him.

There was brief silence...

"He was a Demon..."Wyatt replied with a very faint sleepy voice.

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