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"What exactly was Wyatt talking about? I couldn get my mind around what He had just said. Soulacri was a Demon? Like what kind of Demon.

I looked at Wyatt Who was already fast asleep, I had an urge to wake Him up and make Him complete what His was saying.

The room became so dark and cold, I could barely get any rest due to the thoughts of Soulacri and the cold.

Wyatt cuddled Himself. I felt Pity for Him, He looked very weak and cold.

I got up from the bed and reached for my box, I opened it and brought out my old blanket. I went back to bed and covered Wyatt, He grabbed the blanket in His sleep like He was expecting it. I laid down and managed to put myself under the blanket.

I closed my eyes trying to get some rest. Then I heard a very loud scary noise and immediately opened my eyes.

I wanted to ignore it but the noise was way too close to the room.

I got up and went to the door, I took a deep breath before opening the door.

Outside the room was empty and dark I couldn see a thing or something that would ve caused the noise.

I closed the door and went back to bed, I heard the loud scary sound again. It sounded more like it was inside the room.

I saw Wyatts phone on the table and took it, I put on the flash light and opened the door again.

I looked around the pathway from my room, but there was no sign of anything that could have caused the noise. I was very sure of what I had heard so I decided to leave my room and check around properly.

The pathway scared me but I didn mind it for long. After a while of search, I began to feel sleepy and decided to go back to my room.

There was no way around, I think I had forgotten the way back to my room. I tried not to panic, but Wyatts low battery really bothered me, the whole place would be completely dark without His flashlight and anytime from now it would go off.

I ran but it seemed that I kept running and never stopped. I heard the loud scary sound again. It really scared me but I decided to use it as an aid to get back to my room.

I tried to trace the short sound. But it was useless I was still lost.

The librarys underground was bigger than I thought, I felt so tired and frustrated.

As I walked aimlessly I saw a door, I entered anxiously thinking it led to my room.

I saw a big machine that was large enough to swallow ten of me. Its size really freaked the Hell out of me. I gasped on sight of it and fell to the ground.

I got up gawking at the machine that seemed old and abandoned. I slowly walked towards it facing my flashlight nervously at the machine. I managed to see an inscriped word on it. "RETURN MY BOOK". It made a cracking sound that sounded exactly like the scary sound Ive been hearing.

That was definitely the height of everything, I couldn just believe my eyes. I heard my heart race without beats.

Those were the exact words on the piece of paper in the book from Jerichos reading table.

I quickly turned around to leave before I heard a faint feminine voice.

"Wheres my book?".

I stood still in shock for a moment, I didn bother turning back, I screamed and ran out of the room. I ran till I was out of breath. I stopped running and tried catching my breath.

My ears were working fine, I definitely had heard someone strange.

All I wanted was to find my way back to my room. Wyatts battery was going to die anytime soon.

I looked around where I was. I suddenly heard approaching footsteps.

"Wh...os the..re?" I asked anxiously, wishing I could disappear at that moment.

I was the most frightened human on Earth, the only thing that rang continuously on my mind was "Sheila, Sheila, I can die now I still love Sheila". Exactly I was a fool a total fool in love since that was the reason I didn want to die.

"Whos there?" I asked again firmly.

My flashlight exposed a scary looking face.

just as I was about screaming again a rough palm covered my mouth preventing me from screaming and drew me away to hid.

We hid in silence I saw the scary looking faced figure walk away searching for me.

I removed the hand covering my mouth and turned around in fear.

I looked up to see Wyatt.

I felt relieved and surprised at the same time.

"Wyatt?, What are you doing here?". I asked, my voice still sounded shaky.

There was no response from Him, He took his phone from me and came out of the hiding spot and left. I quickly followed Him behind checking around making sure the scary figure wasn coming for us.

We got back to my room in silence and Wyatt went back to bed immediately. There was something definitely odd about Wyatt that moment, from the little time I spent with Him earlier today, He was definitely not somebody that would keep silent that way, He always had something to say. And besides all that, How in the world did He know were I was or perhaps He was familiar with the place. Everything wasn just fixing right, I wanted to blame it all on sleep walking but nahh! He wasn . He was clearly in His right mind.

I forced myself to sleep even though I feared that the scary figure might come in to meet us.

From the little I had seen that figure was a womans. And rather than being called a scary face on a closer look it was an unkempt face. There were no blood or whatsoever that would make Her look scary. Except from the fact that she came onto my face unexpectedly.

My last prayer before I finally dozed off was hoping that the Underground wasn Haunted...

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