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I woke up to meet Wyatt setting somethings in the room. I looked at the wall clock it was eight oclock. I got up immediately. I had slept way too long, maybe cause of last nights drama.

"Hey, you up?". Wyatt asked me.

"Yeah Im". I replied Him as I walked into the bathroom.

That sounded more like Wyatt unlike last night, When He seemed cold and rude.

I came out of the bathroom remembering there was no water in it, maybe I was under a curse of never getting water whenever I needed it even though I was Cancer sign.

Wyatt gave me a smug smile and shrugged as I came out of the bathroom disappointed.

"I called a plumber already He would be Here anytime soon". Wyatt informed me.

I went back to the bed and sat down, I admired Wyatt as He tried to fix a bulb, He always looked so devoted in whatever He was doing.

"Why are you putting in so much effort for me?". I asked.

He paused and dropped the bulb.

"Not for you dude, its all for Ruth". He let out a tender smile and picked up the bulb.

He did love Her so much then, I was touched by His words. He was putting in so much work to impress Her, but here I was wasting my lifetime not doing anything to impress Sheila or anyone.

"Yeah, Im done!" Wyatt joyously announced and jumped off the chair He stood on to fix the bulb.

"Let me tell you a story". He said dusting His palms.

"A story?" I asked.


I stared at him for a moment then asked, "How did you know I was there last night?"

"Where?" Wyatt stood confused.

"last night, when we hid from some strange woman".

Wyatt laughed so hard at me.

"W...hat woman bro?" This underground is beginning to give you wild dreams I guess". He said and held my shoulders massaging them.

I was very sure it wasn a dream that was clearly reality, what exactly was happening, I reached for His phone that laid on the table and checked its battery, it was on a good percentage seventy five but it read two percent last night and there wasn any electrical connection yet, even if there was, I was sure Wyatt didn bring His phone charger along.

Everything was beginning to look strange and mysterious, it wasn a dream I was very sure of everything that happened last night.

"Are you sure of what you are saying Wyatt, you honestly can remember anything from last night?". I asked, my voice trembling with eagerness.

But Wyatt just kept on laughing. If only He knew that I was telling the truth and it wasn a dream.

Now I was certain that something was definitely wrong. I wasn even suppose to be too shocked that He didn remember especially because of the odd behavior He displayed last night.

We went up to the library to meet Ruth. We saw Her talking to an old man. They chatted like they were very familiar with each other.

"Thats the plumber". Wyatt informed me.

"Oh!" I realized.

We got closer to them and greeted each other.

"Jack, why don you take Him down and I go get breakfast and somethings you might need there". Wyatt suggested.

I nodded agreeing to whatever as long as food was in involved.

Wyatt left.

I led the old man downstairs, but it seemed that He knew the way more than I did.

"Looks like youve been here before?" I asked Him.

"Ha! you grew up well, very observant little boy". The old man smiled exposing His brown ugly decaded set of teeth.

I wasn a little boy, my height just sold me off all the time.

So did His answer mean He had really been here before.

And it was quiet strange that He was the only worker that was allowed into the underground, the rest stopped by the entrance of the library, although they were all deliveries.

We finally got to my room, the old man was also mesmerised by the look of the room, from the surprise look on His face I could concluded that He had been here before.

The room was a total transformation in His eyes.

"You kids really put in some good work Here". The old man finally commended.

He went to the bathroom and the same shock took over His face. Although He looked very impressed.

"I thought it would fall forever..." The old man muttered under His breath but I was close enough to hear Him.

"What would fall forever?". I quickly asked Him.

But He said nothing I entered into the bathroom to work.

The old man fixed everything in a short while and got out set to leave. He looked around the whole room with an impressive look resting on His face again.

"Soulacri did a lot of damages, foolish being". The old man said aloud to Himself.

That rang a big bell in my head, Soulacri? It seemed that everyone knew about that man except me.

"Soulacri?" I asked the old man, not knowing how to start the millon questions that almost ran out of my mouth the same time.

"Can you tell me about Him?" I asked again not minding if I was going to sound pushy. I was definitely not going to miss this chance.

The old man was silent, He sat on the reading chair and dropped His bag of tools. I think He noticed my curiosity. He looked at me for a while then asked,

"You don know about Soulacri?".

I shook my head roughly.

He took a very deep breath and crossed His leg over the other.

"Soulacri was a very powerful sorcerer and a Science lover, He was one of the most important men of all time about 200years ago before I was even born. He had so much power and fame that everyone knew Him and they all wanted to met Him. He helped solve many problems, different kind of problems. He helped the poor become rich and barren women He turned fertile and many other good works you can ever think of. His doom started when He fell in love, too sad it was an unrequited love. He vowed to do everything in His power to have the woman of His dreams. But He failed in every attempt He made. Suddenly Soulacri stopped helping people and started asking for payments before rending any of His services. It was believed that Soulacri was out of all His money because He had foolishly spent all of it on His love and Her family, but still She kept on asking for more without loving Him back. Soon nobody heard from Soulacri again". The old man ended and looked at me.

My eyes Shone brightly filled with curiosity as I listened attentively, I was grateful to the old mans short story about Soulacri but I wasn totally satisfied. It had no connections to the books.

"Was He a writer?" I asked still curious.


"You just told the story of Santinus, not Soulacri." Wyatt cut in as He walked into the room a cold expression rested on His face just like the one from the previous night.

"Tell the TRUTH..." Wyatt added.

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