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I stared blankly at Wyatt, His expression had suddenly changed again. He had a tender smile on His face.

The old man got up to leave, He gave Wyatt a stern look before finally leaving.

I wondered what truth He was asking the old man to tell me. Why did they both look like they hard a beef with each other.

"Want some?". Wyatt asked putting a plastic bag He had brought in with Him full of stuffs to my face.

Was He going to Just act like nothing had happened, what was that akward tension between Him and the old man just now about.

We started eating the breakfast Wyatt had brought, even though I wasn so interested in it anymore.

Admist the thoughts, I suddenly remembered something, I said I going ask Wyatt about.

I wasn sure at all if the moment was right for the question, but I gave it a try.

"You were going to tell me a story..." I said squinting my eyes, they ached. Its been a while I had my glasses on though it was broken. it got broken when Simon hit me once.

"Not when youve heard it already, its of no use". Wyatt replied without taking His eyes away from His meal.

"You mean the story the old man told me?" I asked subconsciously.

"Yeah". He nodded.

I honestly would confess that I had started to feel very uncomfortable about Wyatt, I wasn sure about who He was anymore. Things felt so fishy.

We continued the meal in silence, although I still had alot of questions I wanted to ask Him, but his cold expression didn encourage me to.


I took a long nap and when I woke up Wyatt was no longer in the room. I immediately thought He might had gone home, cause come to think of it He would have a family that would definitely worry about His whereabout unlike mine.

I stretched my limbs and decided to go up to the library to get myself some work to do.

I got to the pathway just before the the counter. I heard Ruths voice, She sounded a bit aggressive. I hid behind the wall and peeked out, then I saw Wyatt. It looked like they were having an argument but Wyatt was trying to maintain a low tone.

From where I stood I could hear them clearly.

"We can do that to Him, Wyatt you are taking it too far". Ruth brawled.

"Im not taking anything too far Ruth, think about it why is He so interested in Soulacri?, Just tell me Why?, if He finds out everything We are done! We never existed! Don you get it". Wyatt calmly roared.

I adjusted on my spot, I didn need a soothsayer to tell me I was the one they were talking about. I leaned on closer to the wall to hear them better.

"So what are we going to do?" Ruth tensely asked Wyatt.

"kill Him..." Wyatt boomed.

I gasped. thank goodness they didn hear me, I could feel my legs wobbling and my heart beating faster.

"It has not gotten to that, We are not even sure". Ruth retorted.

"You know how we do this things, nobody knows about Soulacri, Ive always pulled that trick to telling people my name was Soulacri to know if they knew about Soulacri but no one has ever said they heard of the name. JACK was the first person to know that somebody else was Soulacri and not me". Wyatt boomed again violently.

If I was a candle I would have melted on the wall, what was all these things I was listening to, Who really were these people, Ruth and Wyatt?

"We are not going to kill Him". Ruth firmly stated.

Wyatt ran His fingers through His hair, "look Ruth, Nobody knows about Soulacri except You, Me and that crazy woman locked down there with that machine, So how in Gods name did Jack find out? And His curiosity about Soulacri is threatening, I feel Soulacris allies are gradually coming back, I can even believe that old plumber knew too, but I know He intentionally lied to jack. Everything is not just in place like it used to be can you see that?! ". Wyatt said panting about the place.

"You really need to calm down Wyatt, please". Ruth cautioned.

I managed to silently tiptoe back to my room, the last thing I wanted to happen was being caught eavesdropping, from the looks of things they might want to end my life the moment Im caught.

I got back to my room and tried to bring meaning into everything I had just heard but I wasn thinking straight.

First of all were they going to kill me?. If that was their plan, I had to quickly find my way out of the library soon.

I didn bother packing anything, I didn want it to look suspicious. I adjusted the clothes I had on and the expression on my face I tried not to look scared and most especially suspicious.

I went back to the librarys pathway, Ruth and Wyatt were still at the counter but they had stopped the argument with each other.

I took a very deep breath before coming out through the pathway to meet them.

"Hey guys". I greeted trying to hid my nervousness.

Wyatt turned His face to the other side without any response.

"Hey Jack". Ruth greeted back also trying to hid Wyatts awkwardness.

If only she knew that she didn have to, cause I understood the whole situation.

"I want to stretch a little outside and get some fresh air, Ill be back in a moment" I lied without hesitation, reaching for the door.

"Why don we go together and grab some coffee too". Ruth suggested looking at Wyatt who didn seem interested.

"of course not Ruth, please". I cried in my mind.

I shook my head and insisted on going alone, it was pretty obvious Wyatt didn want to come along too.

I did not even bother asking why He was Mad, on a good day I would have done that, but besides that, first I knew the reason, He wanted my head on a pallet, then secondly I was in a haste to quickly leave that premises.

I heaved, a sigh of relieve immediately I came out of the library.i walked a few distance so they don see me running, then when I was sure they were out of sight I ran so fast towards Jerichos house. I just kept on running without stopping or looking back.

I finally got to Jerichos house I fell down at the sight of Jerichos house gate and breathed profusely hitting my chest and trying to catch my breath. It wasn easy at all trying to act all cool and normal in front of Wyatt and Ruth.

I thanked my stars for bringing me out of that library that already felt like Hell for me.

I dusted myself and passed through the gate into Jerichos house. I rang the door bell but there was no response. Then I knocked on the door.

"Hold on Im coming". A voice announced.

It was Jerichos voice, I felt so relieved and very excited only hearing His voice.

The door opened.

"Who are you...?". He asked.

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