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I looked up to see a tall guy standing in the way, it wasn Jericho.

I Sighed.

"Who are you?" He asked again.

"Oh Im Jack, Jerichos friend". I forced a smile.

He gave me a very not so good look and slammed the door in my face.


I cried and wondered what I did to deserve the horrible gesture. Maybe my size had sold me out again.

I slowly opened the door and walked it praying that unknown bully wasn hiding somewhere to attack me again.

"Heyyyo kiddo!" Jericho exclaimed running down as fast as He could when He saw me.

We hugged.

"Sorry I couldn get the door, I asked Kelvin to, I was busy... How have you been man?".

Jericho was super excited to see me after a while and so was I, but I still wondered who that guys was.

"His Kelvin ?" I asked releasing myself from the hug.

"Yeah, my friend". He replied casually.

"He didn need to slam the door in my face..." I said looking away.

"He did that?" Jericho asked and chuckled.

I nodded not understanding what was funny.

Jericho held my hand and pulled me to a corner.

"That guy is crazy I swear, He wants me to date Him..."He whispered.

I had to bite my lower lips to hold in the "LOL" that got stuck in my throat. My cheek had turned red already.

"Don even think about it!". Jericho warned me noticing my soon outburst.

But really coming to think of it, Jericho never had a girlfriend or even a crush on any girl. its a good reason to suspect that He might be gay.

I kept on rolling on the floor and holding my stomach, I needed and extra mouth to complete the laughter cause I was choking already.

I finished my hysterically laughter and looked up to angry frustrated Jerichos face.

"You done?" He bluntly asked and it made me giggle.

"Yh.." I muttered.

"Good!". He said between Clenched teeth.

Kelvin came down and shot me a nasty look, I really had enough of it. But now I understood His predicament. Even if I was gay Jericho was honestly not my style and I presume He feels the same way about me. So someone needed to take a chill pill here.

"Hey Kelvin". I greeted not expecting a good reply, I just wanted to clear His mind. I didn like His crush or "boyfriend" that way.

He rolled His eyes and ignored me as expected.

"Im going home JERRY BABY". He informed emphasising on the "baby" eyeing me.

I smacked my forehead, sighed and shook my head.

Jerry saw the white gay out and hurriedly came back to me.

"Hows your sisi?" I teased.

Jericho wasn even taking on my maybe lame jokes.

"Where have you been?" He asked me picking up His phone.

I was quiet.

I didn want to lie to Jericho.

I took a deep breath and spat out everything that had happened. Within a few minutes I was done.

"You don know what you are talking about". Jericho hissed and laughed at my story that sounded like fairytale to Him.

"Believe me Jericho". I urged Him

"Urghhhhh! Fine I do". Jericho exclaimed.

"Really?" I asked with an excited pitch noted in my voice.

He nodded.

We went to His room and played games. Jericho excused himself to get us something to eat.

Sadly had to pause the game.

While He was away I got up and went around His room going through anything that was interesting enough to keep me busy till He got back.

I glance sharply at His reading table and looked away.

I saw something.

I looked again and found the book, Yes! the same book He said I gave to Him just before our graduation.

Jericho came in holding a bag of chips and soft drinks.

He looked at my hand.

"Whats this?" I asked and raised up the book.

He gave me no replies.

"The book?" I asked again getting impatient.

He dropped the bag of chips and drinks on the bed and moved closer to me.

He took the book from me and put it down on the table.

"Lets go back to the game". He leaned close to my ears and whispered.

That gesture really made me cringe.

"Jericho!" I yelped.

"How did you get the book?".

"Was I right the other time, did you play games with me?" I could hear the annoyance in my tone. Now I was sure Jericho was definitely hiding something from me.

"If you are not going to talk to me then Im leaving". I threatened.

He scoffed.

I left His room to leave His home even if I didn have anywhere in mind to go. I guess I just got carried away in wanting to prove my threat of leaving.

"Where are you going?" He bellowed behind me.

"Its not your problem Jericho". I bellowed back.

He ran after me and held my hand wrongly from Behind.

I groaned.

"Has it gotten to that?" He asked still unknowingly twisting my hands.

I pushed Him away and headed for the door.

"Alright fine Ill tell you everything".

I paused immediately I heard Him say that.

I turned around and faced Jericho. "Say it". I commanded.

We went back to His room and I could see the reluctancy written on Him.

"I know I might sound sort of stupid right now but, its been happening even before you got to notice the book, I don know why its always there". He said with a sad grimace.

"No matter how many times I remove or burn it whatsoever, its always comes back".

I examined His expressions and He was definitely telling the truth.

Everything was becoming more and more strange everyday. But good thing I didn have to experience it alone.

"So what do you think is wrong?" I asked Him concerned.

"I don know if I should call it witchcraft or I dunno". He said hitting His head.

"I think everything is related to Soulacri..." I pointed out.

"But how?" Jericho inquired with a perpetually tired voice.

"I don know, but Hes the author so yeah...".

There was reflective silence between us. I didn know what else to say. It was strange. From Wyatt and Ruth argument to this new discovery with Jericho was just so unbelievable.

I looked at Jericho fiddling with His fingers nervously. I felt like I had reminded Him of one of His nightmares. So I tried to sound better than earlier.

"I want us to pretend like non of this ever happened, lets imagine it was all a dream". I suggested hoping it would make Jericho feel less anxious.

"Just get ready for College and leave all this in the past". I added and sniffed.

"Who ever is behind this or what it means we are not going to look into it, we don care". I concluded even if I was not totally buying my own ideas.

Jerichos nervousness suddenly disappeared He got up and smiled at me.

"And Who said we are going to do that?". He asked.

I stared at Him in bewilderment. "Of course I did Jericho". I replied.

His sudden change in mood was just so unbelievable, but I was happy that He was awfully excited anyways.

To my amusement He announced.

" We are goin to find out whoever Soulacri is and why Hes playing rough games with us, I mean whatever this is didn come to us to let it slide.".

"Are you serious right now Jericho?" I asked. My inner jaw agape. Even if I was so curious about Soulacri it wasn to the point of lossing my head and definitely not my Bestfriends.

"Aren you scared, Why would you do that?

"Maybe cause I love UNRAVELING MYSTERIES JACK...".

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