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Chapter 5.3

Meeting Each Other (Part 3)

Translated by AmaLynne


Since then, the school forum discussion instantly exploded, Qin Ruixi’s minions began to spread the news in the school forum discussion madly.

After the mid-term examination three months later, they will directly watch Song Nanqiao licking his shoes.

It will be very gratifying to think about it.

Three months will soon come.


The news spread so quickly that in less than a day, the whole school knew the news, and everyone was waiting to see it.


Some people even attempted to take pictures of Song Nanqiao and upload them, but they were all dodged by Song Nanqiao.


Wen Wenyao was sitting in the classroom of class A when such a message popped up on her phone and saw it.


Qin Ruixi and the one who confessed her love to her that day seemed to be in great conflict.


Wen Wenyao only felt a headache.


Qin Ruixi has no relationship with her, she did not even dwell on this matter, but Qin Ruixi continues.


If the remarks are left to go on like this, it will place them in a very awkward situation, and besides, that classmate will not fare well either.


When Qin Ruixi returned to the classroom, Wen Wenyao was standing in front of him.


He was just about to open his mouth when Wen Wenyao said, “Can I have a moment of your time”


Wen Wenyao’s face did not have any expression.

But because Wen Wenyao was standing in front of him, Qin Rui Xi only felt that a beauty named “Wen Wenyao” was tempting him.




In front of this beautiful face, Qin Ruixi directly raised a white flag.


Wen Wenyao took him to a place where there was no one at school and said.


“Why do this kind of thing, it will bring a lot of trouble to this classmate.” Wen Wenyao asked with the phone in her hand, her tone trying to remain gentle and polite, but the expression on her face carried undeniable warm anger, she did not want to start any conflict with this person in front of him.


“I can’t hold it.

She confessed to you.

You didn’t directly refuse her.

Why did you so ruthlessly refuse me when I confessed to you”


Qin Ruixi’s tone is resignation.


That night, after he heard Song Nanqiao’s confession, he thought Wen Wenyao would directly reject her viciously, but did not expect that Wen Wenyao not only did not reject, but also looked at the woman twice when she was about to leave the stage.


She saw in Wen Wenyao’s eyes.


Did not reject……


Did not reject……


Thinking of this, he took another step toward Wen Wenyao, and he smelled the faint body fragrance of Wen Wenyao.




Wen Wenyao has a faint body fragrance, a fragrance that can soothe all his anger and uneasiness.


“Don’t come closer, stay a meter away from me.”


Wen Wenyao took several steps back directly.

At this moment, she was really angry.

She hated this kind of oppression, which made her feel afraid.


“Hmph, no matter what, she’s dead, and you don’t plead her, as for the school’s post, I’ll shout at them to delete it.”


Seeing this, Qin Ruixi didn’t dare to say anything to Wen Wenyao.

After all, she was the eldest miss of the Wen family, but it was impossible to take back what he said.

He was upset at Song Nanqiao, and anyone he didn’t like should get out of this school.


It was not until Qin Ruixi was far from her that Wen Wenyao breathed.


She was really afraid that the other party would do something out of the ordinary, after all, there was no one around.


Dragging her tired body, Wen Wenyao walked to the corner of a staircase, and unexpectedly, she saw a figure running towards the supermarket.


It was the girl she was looking at that day……


Wen Wenyao’s heart began to beat violently, her eyes glued to Song Nanqiao, she simply could not move her eyes, she unconsciously moved her feet and followed the girl.


“Host, someone is following you.” The system sensed it and hinted for Song Nanqiao to look back.


Song Nanqiao was about to go buy two exercise books, but she didn’t expect someone else to follow, another troublesome thing.


“Wen Wenyao” Song Nanqiao exclaimed.


As soon as she turned her head, she saw Wen Wenyao hiding behind the guardrail, and Wen Wenyao’s bright and clear eyes were just staring at her.


Staring straight at her, she looked strangely embarrassed.


“You……good……” Wen Wenyao walked out cautiously after she knew she was discovered, her whole eyes were glued to Song Nanqiao, her face still flushed.


“How lovely.” The system couldn’t help praising.


“Do need something” Song Nanqiao opened her mouth awkwardly and looked away.

She didn’t dare to look at Wen Wenyao.

This heroine is poisonous.


Seeing that Song Nanqiao’s eyes are not on her, Wen Wenyao is a little disappointed.

She wants to speak to Song Nanqiao, but she doesn’t know where to start.


She is a young lady who has been trained in etiquette.

When talking to others, she will never drag herself.

But today, she doesn’t know what’s going on, she feels very shy.


Looking silly…


“Then I’m leaving……” Song Nanqiao tried to run.


“Wait a minute.”


Wen Wenyao involuntarily stopped her.

The moment Song Nanqiao looked at her, she immediately changed her words and said, “classmate, can you give me your contact information…” Wen Wenyao used a soft voice as if she were pleading.

She added a harmless face to make Song Nanqiao agree.


“No, we don’t know each other well.

I don’t like to give strangers contact information.” Song Nanqiao tried to refuse.


“Then……we can be friends first, can you tell me your class name”


Wen Wenyao realized that she had just been rude.

She almost forgot that she didn’t know Song Nanqiao at all.


“Next time, I’ll give it to you if you meet me again.”


After Song Nanqiao said that, she run away leaving Wen Wenyao on the spot.


“Why do you refuse! ! ! ! Such good opportunity!”


The system directly went crazy.

Seeing Wen Wenyao was direct, her thoughts about Song Nanqiao were definitely not so simple.


“There’s an important reason why I don’t give her my contact information.”


“What reason”


“I don’t know the original owner’s phone number, QQ, and WeChat.”


After Wen Wenyao returned to the classroom, she covered her forehead and felt lost.


She didn’t get the contact information, or phone number and scared the person.


How she…


Suddenly it became so panicked…


All the etiquette lessons she learned were in vain.


But then again.


The girl promised her.


Next time she meets, she’ll give her the contact information.


Thinking of this, Wen Wenyao’s mouth showed a smile.

It was the kind of smile from the heart that could not be hidden.


The student next to her saw Wen Wenyao’s smile and thought it was unbelievable, what could make the goddess smile so happily.


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