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Chapter 7.1

Warmth (Part 1)

Translated by AmaLynne


After taking a shower, Song Nanqiao ate some bread again inside the dormitory, she was too busy this morning and hadn’t eaten breakfast.

After eating hastily, she prepared to sleep, conserve her energy and wait for the afternoon to find another way to make money.


While sleeping, she looked at other people in the bedroom, all of whom were playing mobile phones or reading comics.

Song Nanqiao vaguely remembers that it seems that they play very late every night.


“Wake me up at 1 p.m.” Song Nanqiao said to the system, it was now 11 o’clock, she can still sleep for two hours.




Two hours later, the system followed Song Nanqiao’s instructions and woke her up, only to find that it was now raining outside. 


“It’s still raining outside, why don’t you stop for now You already earned 2,000 yuan.”


Outside is pouring rain and because it is now September, the sky is gray and looks little depressing, many stalls outside have closed.


“No, I can only go out once a week, the interval is too big.” Song Nanqiao refused.


2,000 yuan is too little for her, she set herself the goal of earning 100,000 yuan within this semester, so that she can cover her future life needs.


After washing her face, Song Nanqiao only took a jacket and went out, because the original owner did not have an umbrella, Song Nanqiao also had to go to the school supermarket to spend a few dozen yuan to buy an umbrella.


Walking with an umbrella on the street, Song Nanqiao saw some job ads posted on a wall.


“Looking for a salesman……interested parties contact: xxxx.”


Song Nanqiao’s eyes lit up.


Promoting this kind of thing, she had done it before, and the results, naturally, were all extremely good.


Following the instructions, Song Nanqiao found the address of this company, a toy sales company.


“Are you sure”


The system looked around, there was not only Song Nanqiao alone to interview for this position, there were other applicants.




Of course, with more than 10 years of sales experience, how can she not understand, although sales are not her strongest point, at least it is much better than those youngsters in the workplace.


Song Nanqiao was not the first to come, so she was at the back of the line and waited until all the people in front of her had finished their interviews before her turn arrived.


“Hello.” Song Nanqiao first knocked on the door and asked if she could enter.


“Please come in.”


This time it was the sales manager who did the interview, the first few applicants were all youngsters with no sales experience, which did not satisfy him much, Song Nanqiao was the last one today.


“Long story short, two weeks later, our city will hold the annual lantern and flower temple festival, your task is to sell our products at the festival, do you have any good ideas”


To the point, without any theoretical knowledge, what should be done to make money.


“You can bundle sales.

When the temple fair festival is hot, you can bundle two or three products of your company and sell them together.

The price will be slightly lower.

When people are happy or drunk, they will be more likely to buy things, and……”


Song Nanqiao speaks eloquently, the other party’s manager’s eyes began to brighten, and only then did he start gauging the young girl again.


It sounds like the other party is really good at sales skills.


“Good point, how much you can guarantee to sell”


Going back to the root of the problem, how much money can be made.


“500 is no problem.”


500 is just a basic number for her in the last world.


“OK! If you sell a 50 yuan toy, I’ll give you 5 yuan of employment expenses.

If you sell 500, you’ll get 2,500.”




The two signed the contract.

When Song Nanqiao was leaving, she also gave their company a suggestion that products of completely different characteristics could be bundled together, such as a cup and a painting, which would be a bit unnecessary if they were of the same characteristics.


After Song Nanqiao left, the other manager slowly spoke “From the person’s ID card, she just turned 18, if she can sell that much, it is a rare talent.”


“Indeed.” The manager’s secretary brought over a cup of coffee and could see that the manager admired the young child.


“If she can earn that much money, the time you give her the checkout, ask her if she would like to come and work in our company and give her a high-paying position.”


The manager slowly drank a cup of coffee, the most scarce thing in this market is talent, the company has just been established, and urgently needs this kind of talent.


“This is a bit far from the school, take the bus back.”


From the school to here is about 3 or 4 kilometers, although it is not far, but it is also laborious to walk.


“I suddenly want to ride a bike.”


Looking at the shared bicycle next to her, Song Nanqiao spoke up, now that the rain was very light, it would not hinder her.


“Hey hey hey, be careful of catching a cold!”


Before the system finished, Song Nanqiao had already unlocked the bike.


“Careful of what.”


Song Nanqiao rides the bike for the ultimate thrill.


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