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Chapter 1.2

Wen Wenyao (Part 2)

Translated by AmaLynne


Wen Wenyao slowly walked out from the background, and at that moment, the host felt as if time had slowed down…


When he realized that Wen Wenyao had already arrived in front of him, the host had to quickly retreat in a panic.


As expected of Wen Wenyao.

Even though the two people have talked countless times because of work, the face has been seen many times, this face is the kind that allows picky eaters to eat a few more bowls of rice.


“Tsk tsk, face licker.” The host silently chanted in his heart.


Wen Wenyao is facing the podium, facing the whole school, the light hit her face, making her close her eyes, but unintentionally, accentuating her features.


The face in full and the appearance are noble.

It also has a bit of maturity, but does not hide her girlishness.


The students on the stage were surprised at Wen Wenyao’s appearance, they has seen many skins, but this one, it’s really great, to exaggerate, it’s even better than many actresses in the entertainment industry.


“So good looking……”


“Pretty sister I love it!”


A burst of chatter from the freshmen on the stage, this is the biggest surprise brought to them today on the freshmen welcome day.


The new boy just now could not help but be attracted.

His eyes showed a sense of surprise.

What he saw was not the strong impact of Wen Wenyao’s facial features.


Rather, a spotless temperament, too clean……


No matter how mature the makeup is drawn, it can’t hide this inner beauty.


Did not fail to live up to the expectations…


The boy began to lower his head, seeming to be contemplating something, not a moment later, he slowly raised his head, and again put his eyes on Wen Wenyao, and slowly, a smile appeared on his face.


Some teachers watched from the side, then they all sighed and looked at Wen Wenyao on the stage, with an expression that said, “I know this going to happen.”


This is the biggest attraction of the whole new students’ welcome ceremony, and this group of students is expecting to look at Wen Wenyao after entering the school, except for studying.


When Wen Wenyao just entered the school, there was this situation, many teachers love and hate Wen Wenyao.


The reason for the love is the good grades, know how to be polite, and hate is, because of the existence of Wen Wenyao, resulting in many students being addicted to Wen Wenyao and do not care about learning, many people have some thoughts about Wen Wenyao.


Wen Wenyao looked at the stage and coughed slightly twice, signaling that her speech was about to begin.


The students and teachers on the stage naturally understood Wen Wenyao’s meaning, closed their mouths, and restrained the excitement in their hearts, ready to listen to Wen Wenyao’s speech to me.


Wen Wenyao smiled faintly at everyone, then with her lily white fingers, she flipped the speech.


“Dear leaders and teachers, dear students, good evening to all of you……”


Wen Yao read the speech slowly, from time to time looking up at the front, the new students also staring at her, listening to the speech fully.


A beautiful sister speaks on stage, who does not listen carefully.


Facing this kind of occasion, she has trained countless times.

Her original character of being afraid of strangers has been covered up at this moment.

In other people’s eyes, Wen Wenyao is very beautiful and generous, but she never cares about it.


The speech was only a few minutes long, but Wen Wenyao’s beauty was also fully reflected in these minutes, enough to leave a years-long impression in front of all the new students.


“This is the end of my speech, thank you all for your support.” Wen Wenyao smiled faintly at the stage, then bowed to everyone, moving generously and without delay.


Wen Wenyao slightly lifted her skirt and prepared to leave the stage when she suddenly heard a roar.


“Wen Wenyao! I love you!!!”


The deafening voice echoed throughout the entire assembly hall.


The crowd: “ ”


Wen Wenyao froze, and the foot that was raised out slowly retracted, looking in the direction of the voice.


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