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Chapter 10.2

Maintenance (Part 2)

Translated by AmaLynne


“You said today that the money was taken away by someone else, what’s going on, is someone bullying you” Wen Wenyao looked at Song Nanqiao’s eyes full of worry, she would not let the other party be bullied in school.


“It’s okay, I got a demerit, I have to give twenty dollars to the class teacher.”




She took a look at Song Nanqiao, dressing standards and makeup is very acceptable, why would she be written down


“Is it someone from the student council”


Wen Wenyao’s eyes suddenly became serious, thinking that Song Nanqiao was from class F, she was a bit worried again, there was that small group of people in the student council that was prejudiced against people from class F, she was afraid that Song Nanqiao would be mistreated by the student council.


“It’s okay, I’ll take care of my things myself.”


Song Nanqiao: I will definitely get my 20 dollars back


“If you have any difficulties, be sure to tell me, okay I’m worried.”


Wen Wenyao reached out and stroked Song Nanqiao’s face, her gentle eyes made Song Nanqiao even more flustered.

She moved Wen Wenyao’s hand away.


“It’s okay, I’ll take care of my things by myself, and it’s not a big deal.” She preferred to solve her things by herself and try not to bother others, and relying on Wen Wenyao always gave her a feeling of being near the rich woman.


She prefers to work on her affairs.


Seeing Song Nanqiao so persistent, Wen Wenyao doesn’t continue to ask further questions.


But the matter will not be settled in this way.

She plans to come down and investigate.


“Thank you for your hospitality.

I’ll take the lunch box and wash it for you.”


Song Nanqiao looks at his mobile phone.

It’s getting late.

He’s a little embarrassed to eat people’s food for free.

She can at least wash the dishes.


“No, there will be servants coming to clean up.”


How could she let Song Nanqiao wash the dishes


“Good afternoon, then.

See you later”


“Yes, see you next time.”


Wen Wenyao softly replied, then waved at her and watched the other party leave.


After the person left, she began to organize these meals.


This is a school, where there is no maid.

She said that just to let Song Nanqiao have peace of mind, Wen Wenyao has to wash the dishes herself.


However, Song Nanqiao ate really clean.


After the meal was cleaned up, Wen Wenyao took out the phone and called her classmate.


She can ask her classmate for something.


“Ah Yao What can I do for you” The other party is still eating.


“When you were on patrol today, did you have any problems” Wen Wenyao asked about it.


The other party was silent for a while, and it sounded as if she was thinking about something.


Not answering her questions means something did happen.


“I’ll come to your office right away and tell you about it.

I originally intended to tell you.”


After seeing Qin Ruixi’s behavior today, the classmate wanted to report to Wen Wenyao, but the three are in the same class, she also struggled all morning.


“Is it about class F”






After the classmate, Wen Wenyao brought her a glass of water, picked up a pen, and prepared to make a record.


“Let’s talk about it.

What’s the matter” Wen Wenyao’s expression is very serious.


“This morning, Qin Ruixi led a team to inspect class F.

without any basis, he recorded a student from class F.

It was obvious that he deliberately targeted the other party and said some high-sounding reasons.

He deducted 20 yuan from the other party.”


The more she talked about the back, the classmate’s face was getting worse and worse.

She didn’t want to offend anyone, but Wen Wenyao came to ask her directly, and she didn’t dare to act as if nothing had happened.


“What high-sounding reasons were used”


Wen Wenyao’s strength to hold the pen gets stronger.


“That is…the girl has bangs over her eyebrows.

Originally, the girl had no bangs…only a little hair over her eyebrows.”


Hearing this, Wen Wenyao’s become worse, but she tries to keep calm.


She should not have left Qin Ruixi in the student council, she knew what kind of purpose Qin Ruixi was holding to the student council, but at that time there was a shortage of manpower, and she had no choice but to hire Qin Ruixi.


The notebook was closed and the evidence of Qin Ruixi’s abuse of power was recorded on it.


“Okay, I will report this matter to the committee.

Don’t tell Qin Ruixi about it.

In addition, notify the department heads to hold a regular meeting this Friday.”




The classmate was so miserable that she said to Qin Ruixi in silence, “Don’t blame me.

If you blame me, you won’t live.”


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