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Chapter 11.2

Company (Part 2)

Translated by AmaLynne


TN: Another sweet chapter~


“Why are you here”


Song Nanqiao took Wen Wenyao’s hand on her initiative this time.

She kept saying in her heart: don’t be seen by others…heroine’s face is really dangerous.


Wen Wenyao, on the other hand, obediently squeezed her hand into Song Nanqiao’s palm.

Today Song Nanqiao took the initiative to pull her hand.

It was really rare.


“Let’s go for a stroll around the playground, shall we” Wen Wenyao wants to become closer to Song Nanqiao.

She takes the initiative to hold Song Nanqiao’s hand.

Song Nanqiao is a little taller than her.


When Wen Wenyao leaned over, Song Nanqiao again felt the peculiar fragrance.

Then a soft touch came from her arm, which scared Song Nanqiao to pull her hand back.


When she pulled her hand back, Song Nanqiao’s report card fell to the ground.


Wen Wenyao bent down to help Song Nanqiao pick it up.


“Your report card”




“May I have a look”


When Wen Wenyao got the report card, she flipped it to the back and didn’t check it, but asked Song Nanqiao first.


This kind of gesture was very relaxing and polite.




Song Nanqiao doesn’t care, but Wen Wenyao wants to see it.


After receiving Song Nanqiao’s permission, Wen Wenyao carefully turned the report card over and at first glance saw a total score of 642.


Wen Wenyao was surprised.


Song Nanqiao is from class F.

She thought her grades were not so good, but unexpectedly, she got such a high score.

This is simply incredible.

This score, placed in class B, is absolutely no problem.


“Why are you in class F”


Even if she’s not lucky enough to get into class B, she should at least be in class C.

How can she be in class F


“Poor performance in the midterm, now my goal is class A.”


“You want to be in class A” Wen Wenyao’s pupils lit up for a moment, if Song Nanqiao came to class A, then they could stay together a lot.


“I can help you write a recommendation letter.” Wen Wenyao had a bold idea in her heart.


“No, I’ll get in by myself.” She politely declined Wen Wenyao’s kind offer.

She can’t guarantee that she can keep up with the progress in class A for now.


“All right.”


Knowing that Song Nanqiao has high self-esteem, Wen Wenyao chooses to respect her decision.

If Song Nanqiao really enters class A, she will be happier.


“If you don’t mind, I can help you with the questions.”


She hoped that she could help Song Nanqiao.




After the two reached an agreement, Wen Wenyao took her hand and led her to the playground for a walk.

The school playground is quite large.

Song Nanqiao has not been here much except for the break.

The moon is very beautiful, and the two people went out early.

There are no people on the playground.

Just the two of them enjoying a moment of peace.


By the moonlight, Song Nanqiao can see Wen Wenyao’s delicate face, her face is very small, and her jawline is also very nice.

The smile was gentle and beautiful.


In her last life, in upper-class society, she had seen all the faces, but the face she saw now shocked her even more.


It’s too beautiful……


Wen Wenyao seems to have noticed Song Nanqiao’s sight.

She is a little shy and doesn’t look back, but her mood is getting better and better.

She felt that they were getting close to each other.


So happy……


Suddenly, the class bell rang, and Wen Wenyao’s cell phone also rang.


Wen Wenyao took it out and saw that it was the driver calling, now that class was over.


“Miss, I’m waiting for you at the gate.”




She hung up the phone and reluctantly glanced at Song Nanqiao.


“Did someone come to pick you up”




Wen Wenyao suddenly buried her head in Song Nanqiao’s arms, wrapped her hand around Song Nanqiao’s neck, and rubbed herself in the other party’s arms.


“I can’t bear to part with you…”


“We can still see each other tomorrow.” Song Nanqiao helplessly touched Wen Wenyao’s hair, and it’s not like they can’t see each other, just a short separation for a day.


“Then……you have to wait for me tomorrow evening as well……”


Wen Wenyao raised her head with a pair of watery eyes and said in a spoiled tone.


“Okay, I will come out early and wait for you.”


“See you then.”


Wen Wenyao let go of her arms, carries her schoolbag, and waves to Song Nanqiao.

Her face is full of happiness.


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