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Chapter 12.2

Others (Part 2)

Translated by AmaLynne


Luo Ningmeng quickly adjusted her mood and smiled at Song Nanqiao.

If Song Nanqiao didn’t help her, likely, she can’t go back before class.


“What about you You haven’t told me your name yet.”


“Song Nanqiao.”


“Very nice name.”


The girl smiled at her.

The bright smile was very pleasant.


This made Song Nanqiao even more curious.

It was not easy to show such a bright smile when she was bullied.


Suddenly, the bell rang for class.

Both of them smiled, said goodbye to each other, and then returned to their respective classes.


During the break, Song Nanqiao thought of having lunch with Luo Ningmeng, so she sent a message to Wen Wenyao first.


“I have something to do this noon, so I can’t go with you.”


Wen Wenyao only saw this message when it was almost noon, but she had already prepared the meal and was waiting for Song Nanqiao, and after discretion, she still replied to Song Nanqiao.


“It’s okay, you’re busy with your work, I’m okay, call me if something happens.”


That said, Wen Wenyao is still a little frustrated.

Looking at the desk full of food, it seems that she needs to eat it all today.


Song Nanqiao felt a little awkward after seeing the message.





How to say it, there is an inexplicable sense of guilt.


It’s all an illusion……It’s all an illusion……


“What’s wrong” Luo Ningmeng looked at Song Nanqiao’s squirming eyes and asked.




Two people took two boxes of nice meals in the canteen, of course, these were paid for by Luo Ningmeng.


“Can you tell me why they are bullying you”


Song Nanqiao asked the question she wanted to know the most.


A big part of the reason she agreed to have dinner with this girl was that she wanted to know some information about the school, and it looked like that pile of girls was dragging.


The family background should be good too.


“They are a year older than me, I met by chance with a boy in their class when I entered the school in the first year of high school, that boy was very popular, and soon after confessed his love to me, I refused him, and then it became what it is now.”


“Why did you refuse”


Song Nanqiao asked a very strange question after listening to it once.


System: Your focus is really peculiar.


“I like girls.”


“Cough cough cough!”


Song Nanqiao suddenly choked, what a very unexpected answer for her.


System: The lilies are blooming again.


Song Nanqiao: Stop…


“It’s okay, those girls are bad, right What’s the family background”


This time, she got to the point.


“Most of them are children of rich people.

The leader is one of the directors of the school, but they are not the most powerful.”


Luo Ningmeng seemed to think of something and touched her chin.


“Who is the most”


Song Nanqiao asked curiously.


The school director is already very good.


“Wen Wenyao ah, the eldest Miss of the Wen family, the president of the student council.

The Wen family is the biggest investor in this school, and the Wen family is not just rich…”




The atmosphere suddenly became awkward.


Sure enough, the heroine is the heroine, comes with a golden finger.


At this point, the food was almost cold, so the two people stopped discussing and picked up the food in their bowls.


Luo Ningmeng is generous.

She buys the most expensive ones in the canteen.


Hmm…It smells good


“Let’s go back to the dormitory together.”


Song Nanqiao nodded when they were almost done eating.

She was the second friend she had made.


After leaving the canteen, Song Nanqiao’s meal card fell on the ground, she bent down to pick it up, and then a familiar smell floated over.

Song Nanqiao immediately recognise it, it was Wen Wenyao’s body odor.


Looking up, Wen Wenyao was standing in front of her.


Wen Wenyao was holding a folder in her hand, and after seeing Song Nanqiao, she was also surprised, and then looked at the girl next to Song Nanqiao again.


Wen Wenyao saw with her own eyes that the two people were walking out from inside the canteen.


This is what Song Nanqiao said about having something


Eating with girls


“Wen Wenyao”


Luo Ningmeng covered her mouth in surprise and stared at Song Nanqiao.

They know each other


And it seems that the relationship is not ordinary.


This delicate atmosphere


As soon as Song Nanqiao wanted to speak, Wen Wenyao smiled and said, “I’m fine.

You don’t have to worry.” and waved her hand.


It looks a bit aggravated.


“Next time, I’ll join you.”


Song Nanqiao looks away with guilt.


“Okay, I’ll go back to the office first.” Wen Wenyao nodded, generously not asking any follow-up questions.


After saying these words, Wen Wenyao walked toward the teaching building.

Leaving Song Nanqiao.


When Song Nanqiao walked away, Wen Wenyao was still standing on the stairs, looking at Song Nanqiao and the girl.


Watching them disappear from her sight


“Do you know her”


Luo Ningmeng is still very surprised, in school, to be able to make friends with Wen Wenyao is a very bragging matter.


How many people wanted to befriend Wen Wenyao, but in the end, they all fail.


Song Nanqiao didn’t even respond when she told her about Wen Wenyao.


“It’s kind of a friend.”


“But…I feel that she is not a normal friend to you.”


Luo Ningmeng recalled that atmosphere just now.


“Don’t say that.

It’s really just a friend.”


The more she said it, the more embarrassed she became.


“Fine, I won’t tease you.

Let’s exchange your contact information.”


Luo Ningmeng opened her phone.

The lovely cheeks puffed up.


Song Nanqiao swept the code and added Luo Ningmeng, the other party’s avatar is a cute little lemon.


Well…the characteristics of this girl.



System: eh eh eh, you really won’t coax the heroine


Song Nanqiao: Remind me to apologize later.


System: That’s too cold, do not know to coax people


Song Nanqiao: No, just a straight apology.


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