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Chapter 14.2

Heartbreak (Part 2)

Translated by AmaLynne


“Sit down.”


Of course, Wen Guangquan noticed Wen Wenyao.

When he was drinking just now, he glanced at Wen Wenyao with his spare light.


Very good, the etiquette is in place, the posture is elegant and generous, and it is not in vain to be my daughter.


“How are your grades at school”


The man’s calm voice echoed throughout the hall.

“I have always remembered my father’s teachings, and I have never failed in my studies.

I have always been the first in my grade.” Wen Wenyao pinched the corner of his coat and kept cheering himself up to try to be calmer.




After saying a word, he turned his head and took a look at Wen Jiayao


“Learn more from your sister.

Next time I come back, I don’t want to see a paper without full marks.”


“Okay, I will definitely double my efforts.”


Wen Jiayao, who is active and mischievous by nature, now completely covers up her nature and becomes a good girl.


“You can stay here for dinner.

Wen Wenyao comes to my room.”


When Wen Guangquan stood up, the servants around hurriedly lowered their heads, and when Wen Wenyao stood up, she realized that her feet seemed to be a little numb and she couldn’t stand up steadily.


Wen Guangquan’s room, like him, only had seriousness and rules.


The room was decorated in all gray and black, and when Wen Wenyao came in, she felt that the visibility had become much worse.

Wen Guangquan sat on the only stool in the room.


Wen Wenyao seems to be used to standing beside him.


“You have always been very knowledgeable and smart, and very obedient.”


“Everything was well educated by my father.”


“You’re in your second year of high school now, right”




Wen Wenyao did not dare to look at his expression, and could only ask a question from the man, and she answered one.


“The rest of the year, less contact with men, after graduating from college, the family will introduce you to a suitable romantic partner.”


She shook her head unconsciously, and her eyes suddenly felt painful and dry.




It is said that it is to introduce a romantic partner.

In fact, it is to let her go for business marriage.


“I don’t agree.” She did not want to, Wen Wenyao fostered a very strong sense of resistance in her heart.


“Father, I want to make my own decision on my marriage.”


“You have not seen each other, how do you know not to like it, meet first, just on a weekend, prepare well.”


Wen Guangquan also did not rush to refute Wen Wenyao.


In his eyes, the daughter is still young, and the feelings about this kind of thing have been cultivated slowly.

In addition, he went to see that child especially, and he is a handsome and talented boy.


Wen Wenyao should like it.


“I don’t…” Wen Wenyao stubbornly shook her head, as if she would have a slight effect by protesting in this way.


“Well, stop talking and go back first.” He waved his hand to let Wen Wenyao return to his room.


Today’s event is an unsolvable knot for Wen Wenyao.


When she walked out of the room, her whole legs were trembling.

Although her feet were solid, she could not stand steadily.


“Sister Are you all right” Wen Jiayao trotted over and quickly helped Wen Wenyao.


She was really scared.

She became like this when she came out.


“What did father tell you”


Wen Jiayao asked anxiously, holding Wen Wenyao’s hand and refusing to let go.




“I want to rest.”


She ignored Wen Jiayao, who called after her, and went to her room and locked the door.


What is shouting outside, she does not want to hear anymore.

Now her world, like a gray-black, nothing can be seen, and nothing can be felt.


Although this is not the second time she was asked to do something she didn’t like, in the past, she had settled for her father, settled for her family.


In the eyes of outsiders, she is from a rich family, powerful, and has her own glamorous life as a young lady, but in reality, she is still a person who can’t help herself.


But this time, her heart feel hurt


It hurts so much.


Feel powerless for your own birth.


She wanted to have someone to be with her, to make her feel at ease, to be with her all the time, no matter how happy or sad, old or sick, always by each other’s side, never leaving, this is the thing she longed for the most since 17 years.


But she could not meet, there are too many people around her close to her, she is not happy, but more afraid.


She had thought that she might not meet them.




She collapsed on the bed.


Thinking back to that girl’s name.


Song Nanqiao.


Thinking of this name, for a moment, she felt her heart ache even more.


When Song Nanqiao holds her, she feels most secure.

Her arms are really warm.


Wen Wenyao couldn’t let go.


It is not easy for her to get what she wants and wants, but will she be deprived in the end…She doesn’t want this.


Picking up her phone, Wen Wenyao red eyes, clicked on the chat with Song Nanqiao.


Tears blurred her vision, and she gradually couldn’t see her message records with Song Nanqiao.


She wanted to send a message to Song Nanqiao, wanted to call her, and asked her to accompany her, but she didn’t know what to say.


Countless emotions rushed to her mind, and after a long time, she dialed Song Nanqiao’s phone number, hesitated, and finally call her.


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