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Chapter 15.1

Protection (Part 1)

Translated by AmaLynne




Song Nanqiao picks up the phone, and the familiar voice comes into Wen Wenyao’s ear.

Wen Wenyao listened to her voice, and his throat suddenly choked up.

Ten seconds later, she didn’t say a word.


“What’s the matter with you What happened”


“I just miss you a little.”


Wen Wenyao’s voice is not smooth.


A little choked, Song Nanqiao felt that the other party seemed to be crying.


“Tell me if there’s something.”


“It’s okay…”


The girl could not cover up her unstable tone, so she took her mobile phone to a distance to cover up the fact that she was crying.


“Really” Song Nanqiao didn’t believe it, and she was even a little worried.


It is very late now.

Wen Wenyao suddenly calls her.

She doesn’t know what happened.


“It’s okay, tell me what’s wrong with you.” Song Nanqiao softened her voice and spoke to Wen Wenyao gently.


Only after listening to this, did Wen Wenyao’s emotions slowly ease down.


“I want to see you.”


She didn’t want to just tell her what happened today, Wen Wenyao still wanted to see her.


Want to now.


“Okay, send me your home address and I’ll come over.”




Wen Wenyao got up from the bed and sent the address, and washed his face in the small bathroom of his room.


Looking at herself in the mirror, her eyes were a little red, and her hair was still a little messy.

After washing her face, she quickly cleaned herself.


Song Nanqiao called the class teacher and made an excuse, saying that she was ill and wanted to go home to get medicine.

She would rest at home tonight.


The class teacher thought for a while and finally agreed.


At eleven o’clock in the evening, Song Nanqiao stood at the school gate and stopped a taxi.


“Little sister, where are you going”


“To here.”


Song Nanqiao got in the car and passed her phone over, the driver just took a glance and a surprised expression appeared on his face.


“Little friend, you’re from the Wen family”


The driver saw that this was the address of the Wen family.


This kid was from the Wen family




“Then you shouldn’t be able to go there now, the Wen family mansion closes at 10:30.”


“I know, just drive.”


Since I promised to go there.


The driver struggled for a while, but still stepped on the accelerator.


On the other hand, Wen Wenyao was standing on the windowsill of her room, with her hands holding her cheeks and her eyes staring blankly out the window at the backyard.


Suddenly, a figure came into her sight.


Song Nanqiao has arrived.


Wen Wenyao was a little excited.

She took her hand off the windowsill and went back to the bedside to pick up her mobile phone.


The mobile phone lights up, and Song Nanqiao calls her.


“I’m coming in, so get ready.”


Just a word, Song Nanqiao hung up the phone, Wen Wenyao had no time to say anything.


It’s really…so exciting


Although it is late at night and few people are coming to the backyard, it is still possible that someone will see her.

Besides, the backyard wall is high and there are spikes around.


She was tempted to shout at Song Nanqiao to stop, but in the blink of an eye, Song Nanqiao flipped over, perfectly avoiding the obstacles.


Wen Wenyao: How did you get in…


“Thank you, system.”


Song Nanqiao did not rely on herself to climb, the system just brought her a pair of wall climbing equipment from other systems.

Song Nanqiao leaned on it and came up easily.


“See, I’m also very useful.”


Above the backyard is the window of Wen Wenyao’s bedroom, higher from the wall, next to a tree.


The tree looked relatively solid, able to withstand the mass of Song Nanqiao, and there were many branches.


In this way, she easily climbed up, and her hand successfully grabbed Wen Wenyao’s window.


Wen Wenyao was very afraid that she would fall.

It was too dangerous


After Song Nanqiao’s hand grabbed the window, grabbed it with her hand force.

Wanted to pull her up.


“It’s okay.

Let me go first.”


Hearing the other party’s words, Wen Wenyao slowly let go of her hand.


But her eyes were always on Song Nanqiao.


Afraid that she would fall if she was not careful.


After seeing Wen Wenyao release her hand, Song Nanqiao put her hands together and stepped on the window quickly.

Finally, under Wen Wenyao’s gaze, she landed slowly.


A set of operations flow smoothly, well…credit to the system.


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